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How to Create A Dating App? – Benefits, Features, Processes, And Cost

Dating apps have become one of the most lucrative app categories on the market in recent years. Due to this reason, app development services to create a dating app can be profitable for you as well as a fantastic option for individuals looking for their soulmate. If you also want to try your hands in this business, you can consider opting for the assistance of the best dating app development company.

So read on to learn how to create your dating app. We’ll go through the overall dating app development process in this article.

Also, you will get to know about the must-have features for this app and an estimate of development costs.

How To Create A Dating App?

Follow the steps below to get an idea about how to create a dating app:

• Step 1: Effectively Study The Functionality Principle Of The Dating Application

If you wish to enter into a new market, you must first understand how the product you intend to develop should work.

• Step 2: Make A List Of All The Advantages Before Developing A Dating App

Discover all of the benefits of the app type you’ve selected to get a better idea of what your users will get.

 • Step 3: Decide On A Monetization Strategy

To generate income, you need to learn about popular monetization techniques and carefully apply them to your app.

 • Step 4: Create The Design And Structure Of A Dating Application

This is generally your plan sketch, in which you’ll explain the app’s name, your marketing approach as well as your target audience.

 • Step 5: Create A Dating App With The Help Of Appropriate Tech Stack

You should choose the appropriate tools that will assist you in bringing all of your ideas to reality.

 • Step 6: Enhance Your Dating App With MVP Features

Only the most necessary elements that guarantee the app’s basic functioning are included in the Minimal Viable Product.

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What are the Advantages Of Dating Apps?

In this regard, you should focus on identifying five key advantages that allow such applications to thrive and become popular.

  • Quick and effective
  • Ideal for introverts as well as busy individuals
  • Discover a soulmate nearby
  • No undesirable connections

MVP For A Dating Application

Although you want your future dating app to be a one-of-a-kind product that is unlike any other, several elements must be included to make a functional or working app. So, if you want to learn how to build a dating app, pay attention to the features mentioned below:

  • Social Sign-In

Extended registration procedures already seem to be a relic of the past that can no longer be maintained. So, sign-in is considered to be a must-have feature.

Allow people to sign up using their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts and begin searching for their soulmate. Furthermore, social sign-in allows users to share your service on social media.

  • User Profile

Every user should have their profile, which includes information about his or her hobbies as well as interests.

In most cases, all important information is extracted from social media, so users don’t have to waste their time there. Users can browse one other’s profiles to learn more about what individuals like as well as dislike.

  • Geolocation

People will be able to select the region in which they wish to locate a soulmate, as well as neighboring places.

It is made possible with the help of this geolocation feature. Users from various parts of the country are unlikely to meet, therefore this function should be incorporated in your app.

  • Matching

There is no way to create a dating app without this particular feature. Developers can now integrate AI-based algorithms to trigger smarter matches, which include all locations, hobbies, age, and other factors.

Users will be able to discover the potential candidates they can meet more quickly as searching for ideal soulmates becomes easier and more flexible.

  • Chatting

Without the chatting system, how will they be able to interact with one another? When users find someone they like, they will begin chatting. So, they can get to know each other in a much better way.

Additionally, stickers, as well as GIFs, can be used to make messages more vibrant.

  • Push Notifications

When users are not using the app, they will get crucial reminders as well as notifications about matches. So, users will not waste their precious time and can instead focus on talking with their potential soulmate.

  • Swiping

In case you want the best dating app development company that follows the conventional matching model, you’ll need a swiping feature.

When browsing photos of women or men, a swipe to the right side indicates that you like the individual, while a swipe to the left indicates that you want to skip that photo. So, you will find everything easy.

  • Settings

You will find the inclusion of major functions such as on/off the sound, select by categories, tailoring various filters, and so on in the settings.

With settings, you can easily customize your preferences in the dating app.

  • Admin Panel

You should possess your admin panel, which you can access from any computer. Also, you’ll be able to block users, resolve major problems, as well as give them complete control.

  • User Data Security

Data security is critical when developing your dating app. Users entrust you with their data, and you must protect it from hackers as well as malware. So, your application must comply with modern security standards such as PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001, and others.

More Features to Consider for Dating Application Development

It’s time to consider implementing new features that can expand functionality boundaries and offer a new user experience.

  • Video calls
  • AI-Powered Chatbots
  • Profile Verification

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Cost of Developing a Dating App

Of course, you’ll want to know how much money you’ll need to invest in your dating app’s development. This section will go through everything that has to do with the pricing.

For a rough estimate, we’ll use the iOS as well as Android versions of the dating app as well as include every MVP feature development time along with backend work.

As for platform type, the cost of an iOS, as well as an Android app, is almost the same. So, initially, we’ll show you how long it takes to build each of the platform’s fundamental features (Android or iOS).

FeatureBackend (in hrs)Android (in hrs)iOS (in hrs)
Social sign in30-3750-6250-62
User profile90-112140-175140-175
Push notifications20-2529-2529-25
Admin panel200-25000

We can estimate that the development cost of the dating app for the two platforms will be $160,000 if we use the average European hourly rate of $50.

However, since development time usually involves DevOps, meetings, QA, designer services, Team Lead, release sequence, and so on, it’s just an estimate.

So, the exact price will be known only once the Requirement Analysts have gathered all relevant information as well as prepared the final estimate.

Final Thoughts

Of course, nowadays there are a plethora of dating apps to suit every taste, but creativity has no limits. If you are looking for an effective app, consider hiring the best dating app development company.

They will help you to come up with the best applications. With the information provided above, you can join the competition with your product, creating a high-level dating app.

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