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How to Begin With a Matrimonial Mobile App Development?

Remember those days, when friends, parents, or relatives take the responsibility of finding the ideal match for the eligible bachelor. Well, that thing no longer exists. With the help of Matrimonial Mobile Apps like, people can easily find the ideal match for them according to their preferences.

These apps have profiles of thousands or lakhs of eligible bachelors along with a lot of information such as educational qualification, age, caste, location, and so much other information. By evaluating this information, anyone can find a suitable life partner for themselves.

The huge popularity of matrimonial apps has inspired many startups to come forward to build their own matrimonial website to help people find their life partners online. If you are also willing to invest in matrimony app development, then this blog post is aimed to help you.

Here in this blog post, I will help you learn how to start a matrimonial business with php matrimonial software script. But before that shall we discuss the essential features of the matrimonial mobile app.

Basic Features of Matrimonial Mobile App

Features are what make a matrimonial mobile app highly usable. Below we have noted a few of the basic features that you need to incorporate with your matrimonial app to provide a safe, convenient and reliable experience to users.

  • Registration through the email, mobile number, or social media account.
  • Create an attractive profile.
  • Set preferences for the partners.
  • Facility to upload profile pictures.
  • Add or remove user information such as age, caste, education, professional and other required information at any time.
  • Search appropriate profiles with the help of available search filters.
  • Go through the desired profiles.
  • Add an appropriate profile to the favourite list.
  • Check the astrology compatibility if you want.
  • Download the horoscope of the interested profile.
  • Share, report or block the users if they behave appropriately.
  • Accept or deny user connect requests.
  • Request for the photo or horoscope of the interested person.
  • Establish communication with the selected users.
  • Save Search.
  • Effective customer support services.
  • Provide packages of paid membership.
  • Notification regards the new match.
  • Update privacy and visibility settings
  • The daily recommendation of new suitable profiles.
  • In-app voice and video call functionality.
  • View the last active time of the user.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Social sharing.

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The Process of Matrimonial Mobile App Development

There are many stages involved in the development of the matrimonial mobile app. Below we have discussed all of these stages in detail just to give you a clear understanding of the matrimonial mobile app development.

1. Choose the Mobile App Development Platform

This is the first and foremost important thing that you need to do while developing a matrimony app. You need to choose a solid mobile app development platform to ensure your reach to a wider and targeted audience. You can opt for the iOS or Android matrimonial mobile app development, you can also opt for hybrid mobile apps.    Hybrid applications are applications that can work on both Android and iOS. You might be surprised to know that the cost of developing an iOS mobile app is much cheaper than the Android mobile app development cost. The reason behind this is that iOS mobile apps require a few devices to be tested for, while Android requires hundreds or thousands of devices to be tested for.

2. Designing the Matrimonial Website

Matchmaking is a tedious process and does not prove to be fruitful on the first attempt. Hence, the app needs to be attractive to motivate the potential bride and groom to keep visiting the website. Therefore, mobile app developers need to focus on the design to make the matrimonial mobile app more fruitful.

3. Deciding the Size of Matrimonial App

The matrimonial app consists of certain features, and functionalities that increase the app size. This is a very crucial step, you need to keep the app size balanced.

4. Choose Matrimonial Mobile App Developers

You need to choose a highly skilled and experienced team of matrimonial app developers to ensure the deployment of high-quality matrimonial mobile applications. You may ask your friend or close ones for the recommendation of the matrimonial app developers. You can also see the companies’ reviews on third-party sites to see how proficient they are in matrimony app development.

Final Word

A matrimonial mobile app for Android and iOS can help people find the perfect life partner for themselves without leaving the comfort of home. Here, the list of top ten best matrimonial sites Matrimony app, you can check out to take inspiration for your business. It is an easy way to set up your business worldwide. Developing a matrimonial app is an easy process as long as you work with a renowned mobile app development company. So choose reliable matrimonial mobile app development and jump into the world of online matrimonial mobile apps.

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