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The Top 10 Taxi App Development Companies in 2021

Before the establishment of the taxi booking app like Ola, Uber, and Lyft, traveling has never been so easy and cheaper. Those days are obsolete when people have to wait for the autorickshaw and yellow color private cabs. But now digitalization has changed the face of taxi booking, and you need the best Taxi App Development company. With just a few clicks. Now, with just a few clicks on the online taxi booking app, people can easily book an online taxi to reach their preferred location without seeing any hassle.

Since the introduction of the online taxi booking app, Ola and Uber have converted the transportation world into a whole new look. All credit goes to the online taxi booking app development company.

Now the transportation industry has reached unforeseen heights. Traditional taxi booking businesses are adopting the concept of online taxi booking. The demand for these apps becomes obvious and inspires a lot of companies to invest in them.

As per the latest report of Statista, today Uber alone has a market capitalization of around 72 billion. While some other popular taxi booking apps such as Ola and Lyft have 3.8 billion and 11.5 billion respectively.

If you are a traditional taxi booking business that is planning to step online. Taxi app development is a great way to join the bandwagon of this lucrative industry. For this reason, the utmost thing you need to do is hiring a taxi app development company.

This blog post will give you a glimpse of the world’s top 10 taxi app development companies to help you choose the right company to accomplish your app development goals.

Top 10 Taxi App Development Companies 2021

Here is our list of the top 10 taxi app development companies. These companies can help you build your taxi booking app with the latest and innovative technologies.

1. BR Softech

Needless to say, BR Softech has truly been one of the top names in our list of top 10 taxi app development companies in India and across the borders. All thanks go to its highly skilled team of developers at BR Softech. Meanwhile, BR Softech offers services such as Uber clone, Lyft Clone, Ola Clone, 99 taxi clone and so many other clone app development services to name.

BR Softech is one of the few companies that provide cryptocurrency wallet integration with the taxi booking app. For more than one decade, BR Softech has been recognized as the market leader for its high-quality ready-made solutions for Android, iPhone, and Web apps.

BR Softech app development company either can develop your Taxi booking app from scratch or you can opt for the readymade taxi booking app clone script. Taxi clone script is easily editable as per the user preferences. All it needs is a helping hand of an expert programmer who holds ample technical knowledge to handle it.

The company can customize the color scheme and theme as per the client’s desire. The company can also add some advanced features to make your application highly functional. To make your application stand out in the market, the company can incorporate some unique features like a smart analytics system, in-app payment, advanced tracking features, and so on with your app. BR Softech is focusing on fulfilling the clients and strengthening their presence in the market.

2. Mobisoft

Mobisoft is a well-celebrated mobile app development company that has expertise in developing apps for Android, iOS, and web app development. The company has a track record of producing more than 240 apps that are doing well in the market.

The company also offers fully customizable white label taxi app solutions. These solutions will match your business logo and branding. You can also consider more features and integration to give you a shout in a competitive market. The pre-built solution of Mobisoft will allow you to launch your taxi booking business for a faster time to market and goes a long way to save valuable time and money. Besides this, all the solutions are deployed on the company’s private server to securely deal with the valuable user data generated.

3. FATbit

FATbit being the most renowned mobile app development company that works with the promise to provide top-notch taxi app development solutions. With more than one decade of mobile app development experience, the company has a team of over 150 app designers and developers who specialize in developing mobile apps for a variety of industries, including education, transportation, travel and healthcare, and so many others.

FATbit’s white label taxi app development solutions are fully customizable and come with multiple payment gateways and SOS features to assist the passengers in hours of an emergency. You can opt for the white label taxi app development solutions from FATbit at a very competitive price.

4. Space O Technologies

Space O Technologies was founded in the year 2010 with the ultimate goal to allow the client from all around the world to expand their business boundaries. The company can develop a taxi booking app with unique features such as preferred drivers, emergency contacts, generating the trip invoice, wide location coverage, and so many other features.

The company believes in developing apps from scratch by considering all the client’s requirements and allowing the rider to make a booking with just a few clicks.

5. Enuke Software

Enuke Software gained worldwide acceptance for offering mind-blowing taxi booking solutions. The company can develop a taxi booking business by considering the market requirement. They also ensure that their solutions fit specifically with the customer’s business process and other essentials of running a ride-hailing business.

The company is truly devoted to the best price structure and timely delivery. The company begins the development process by understanding the business requirements and later analyzes the client requirement and comes with the right skills to craft your app.

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6. Uplogic Technologies

Whether you want to build a taxi app like Uber, Ola, Lyft, or any taxi booking app or you want to from scratch. Uplogic Technologies can help you. Taxi app development solution is the primary service offered by the company that begins by developing a deep understanding of the client’s requirements. The company built an application using the features such as pre-scheduling, smart profile creation, ride tracking features.

7. Bacancy Technology

Bacancy Technology is an India-based app development company that provides a variety of app development solutions suitable for the transportation, medical, and entertainment industry. The company also has deep down experience in providing customizable Uber clone mobile apps. They are developing a taxi booking application with unique features like real-time tracking, car selection, fare estimation, driver preferences, and so many other features.

8. AppDupe

AppDupe is another name in our list of the top 10 taxi app development companies that are starving hard to fulfill the bridge between the drivers and the potential riders. The company was established in the year 2013 and gained worldwide acceptance for offering the taxi booking app clone script, customized mobile apps, web apps, and many more.

The company also offers Bitcoin wallet integration as a standard feature to make you unique and secure in the market. The company also has experience in developing apps incorporating the latest safety measures.

9. Coruscate Solutions

Coruscate technology is a taxi booking app development company with a headquarter situated in Surat, India. The company was established with a single motive of allowing the customers to transform people’s brilliant ideas into reality and allowing them to make a huge profit from them. By utilizing their years of experience, the company has developed and designed mobile apps from scratch.

The company divided the app development into a variety of features such as fair split, vehicle & driver selection, intercity & our city rides, inbuilt messenger and so many others.

10. Codiant

Last but not least, Codiant has made its name in taxi app development by offering exclusive taxi app development solutions. The company is driven by a highly skilled team of developers who believe in developing the app using advanced features to give their client’s a shout-out in the market.

Concluding Thoughts

It is really important to hire the right team of developers to fruitfully meet your expectations. A reputable taxi app development company will help you build the stardom of your business. Above, we have concluded a list of the 10 taxi app development companies that have been recognized for developing mind-blowing solutions for their customers.

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