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Top .NET Libraries to Leverage Your Web App Development!

Web frameworks perform an important role in creating sturdy and interactive web applications for the frontend as well as backend. Big brand names such as Netflix, Facebook, Linked In, and YouTube have been remodeling the web app experience for their consumers (with Top .NET Libraries). What has supported these brands so far, is their delivery of high-performance apps that are reliable on the web app framework. And to grow your business as rich as theirs, you can use the same robust web app development solution that uses such frameworks.

With the newest launch of ASP.NET Core, Microsoft too led the way for Windows to give users the choice of web app development on other platforms. With various framework features such as high-performance, cross-platform, and open-source cutting-edge functionality that helps with developing cloud-based web applications.

.NET framework intends to render an object-oriented programming setting that is very compatible. The most influential and game-changing factor in making the choice is the advantages that the framework is able to provide.

For instance, TatvaSoft has written various informative blogs on the .NET framework as well as other tech stacks, and I think reading and understanding their post regarding the advantages of the .net framework for your business will help you to determine whether dot net is the best technology platform for you or not.

Also, determining the right .NET development company helps you to reduce time to market, increases productivity and raises business performance.

However, another aspect that backs up the credibility of the .NET framework is its libraries that every web developer must be aware of. As open-source libraries are known for subduing developers’ work and enabling them to build and maintain their applications efficiently.

In this post, we will discuss some of the most useful .NET libraries that every developer must know before implementing this framework.

Top 10 .Net Libraries For Web Developers In 2021!

1 AutoMapper

AutoMapper is known as a custom-made object-object mapper in a.NET. It is an uncomplicated little library created to resolve a deceptively difficult difficulty such as getting discarded code that mapped one object to others. This kind of code is rather dull to write.

2 CacheManager

CacheManager is an open-source caching absorption sheet for .NET composed in C#. It helps different cache providers and executes various exceptional features.

CacheManager helps the developers by managing very complicated cache situations. It also gives the implementation of many sheets of caching in just some series of code, for instance, in-process caching in presence of a distributed cache.

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3 AspNetCore.Diagnostics.HealthChecks

This library is a BeatPulse liveness controller and UI gate for the latest feature added in the ASP.NET Core 2.2 variant of Microsoft Health Checks.

Practicing this library, we can watch health checks for every application, database, APIs, and Azure service. Also, this library can build excellent UIs to represent health checks.

4 Swashbuckle

Swashbuckle is a library that enables you to create the most refined API documentation. With the aid of Swagger UI, it lets you explore and experiment with various API operations.

Additional features of this sturdy library involve automatic creation of swagger 2.0, effortless combination with Swagger UI, define API standards to perceive reflection-based schema formation.

Moreover, the library also allows swagger UI extensibility tools, has help for XML comments, and also helps authentication certain OAuth2. Swashbuckle has a rating of 4k+ stars on GitHub.

5 SaaSKit

SaaSKit is a library that supports .Net web developers to create SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) apps. The library is intended to be platform skeptics and start creating SaaS apps as it is simple, even when you’re just a beginner. 

Utilizing the OWIN interface of the library, you can create multi-tenant applications. And while browsing through GitHub you will find that the SaaSKit library has almost 1K stars.

6 LiteDB

LiteDB is lightweight, designed with the help of a NoSQL short & quick database library. It is an open-source MongoDB database with nearly no form.

The best point of this library is that it is equivalent to being mobile-friendly. The project has almost 5.8k stars on GitHub. And these are some of the features that the library provides:

  • Proffers NoSQL serverless document shop
  • MongoDB-like single API
  • The ACID begins with complete transaction help
  • Data restoration after a crash
  • Datafile encryption utilising DES

7 Dapper

Dapper is a plain object mapper for the .NET. This high standard micro-ORM helps SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, as well as Firebird.

It can be utilised by easily establishing the NuGet package, which increases the IDbConnection interface functions. The simple Stack Overflow section is utilising this library.

8 NLog

NLog is an open-source logging device for usage in apps for .NET and Xamarin. It’s available, cross-platform, and simple to set up and develop.

NLog is a comprehensive easy-to-use logging app with the best log routing and control features, making it a great choice when choosing a high-performance logging platform.

9 nopCommerce

nopCommerce is the most reliable open-source e-commerce shopping gig. nopCommerce is open for free. It is a completely customizable purchasing place. It’s a well-built and extremely usable cart. It is an open-source eCommerce platform.

nopCommerce can work with just some clicks. For that, you need to download and understand the uncomplicated instructions. This library is also best for search engines & has beneficial URLs.

10 Ocelot

Ocelot is an open-source API gateway that is known best for managing microservices as well as service-oriented architecture. This platform is intended for people utilizing .Net and requires a singular point of the gate to the system.

The library would work on every ASP.Net-supported program as well as with platforms that articulate HTTP. There are several elements that Ocelot can make. These are some of its features:

  • Request Aggregation
  • WebSockets
  • Service Fabric
  • Authentication
  • Kubernetes
  • Authorization
  • Routing


So far, we have covered and discussed some of the best open-source libraries (Top .NET Libraries) designed through .Net frameworks that developers need to understand and use. These libraries facilitate your task of producing high-performing web and mobile apps as per your requirements. Moreover, most of the above-mentioned libraries have their mark of endorsement from GitHub users.

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