best reselling apps in India

Choose from the 7 best reselling apps in India

If you are looking for another source of income besides your main income or you want to start your own business from home, then the best reselling apps in India are the best platforms.

Reselling is one of the best productive paths to make extra money by selling off unused products with just a few clicks. These best reseller apps in India are best for homemakers and students to strengthen their wallets. 

Working from home has now a new trend in the market! The reseller apps in India have many categories that the user can select from. The reseller needs to post a perfect image, write the correct description, and assign a variety to the ad. 

List of Best Reselling Apps in India

Here we present 7 Best reselling Apps in India:

1 Shop 101:

Shop 101 is one of the leading and consider as best reselling apps in India that boosts the small home-based business visionaries to set up online businesses. Shop 101 has achieved a massive amount of popularity in a short period of time and currently, it is used by 10 million people. It is the best reselling app in India to become self-independent. The unique thing about this app it is available in multiple languages, easy to operate and understand.

Shop 101


  • Resellers can start selling with zero investment.
  • High–quality products with the lowest price.
  • Timely payments
  • Hassle-free return policy
  • Cash on delivery available.
  • Amazing customer support

Creating an account on Shop 101 is easy; you need to fill in basic information about yourself like name, age, contact number, email address, etc.

2. Meesho Ranks as Best reselling App in India

As for resellers, Meesho is the best appand approximately crores users in India use that. It is the very first app in India that enhanced the concept of reselling in India. At present, Meesho is valued at $2.1 billion, and it got backed by Facebook. If you are a currently reseller or want to become a reseller, then Meesho is the best platform to start with, and it is presently the best reselling app in India.

Meesho app platform has a wide variety of products, including men, women, kids, apparel, kitchen accessories, footwear, fashion bags, home décor & other products, pet products, stationery, and many more. 

Meesho platform


  • Easy return and refund policy
  • Cash on delivery is available.
  • Simple formalities to start a business.
  • Products are available at a lower cost.
  • Earn commission on every product you sell.

After becoming a reseller, you can browse through all the products and share them with your WhatsApp and telegram group in search of buyers with little knowledge of broadcasting your deal.

3. GlowRoad:

GlowRoad is considered the most trustworthy brand and it has 10 million-plus downloads. It is the first launched and counted as the best reselling app in India with reliable resellers. These portals have more than 1 lakh + high-quality products in over 300+ categories at discount costs. 

It is the first reseller app that allows you to set up your e-commerce store with easy steps. But before setting up your store, quality analyst groups ensure those users sell only quality products to clients.



  • Suitable price for the products
  • Get exclusive member-only deals with the GlowRoad membership program.
  • Simple interface that is easy to use.
  • Hassle-free returns policy.
  • Free shipping with COD option and timely delivery.

Here you can create a shop link to share with clients to make the direct purchase and that commission will be credited after completion of the order.

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4. Dukaan:

Dukaan is one of the best reseller apps that enable users to sell anything through WhatsApp. You can sell from your Dukaan materials like clothes, furniture, grocery, real estate, and pharmacy; however, this reseller portal allows you to run your own online business efficiently. 

Its user–friendly business catalog will allow you to install online portals in seconds, and you will now easily share the digital catalogs through different social media platforms.

Dukaan app


  • You can check sales reports on a weekly, daily, or monthly basis.
  • Get your custom domain name and application.
  • Customizable social media story portals
  • Turn on and off product availability.

Dukaan app shares the platform to create your online store with listed products and share that with your customer and social media to increase your sales.

5. OfferUP:

OfferUp is another reseller app in India, where the resellers can sell their used clothes, accessories, furniture, cars, and home appliances. Additionally, the same reselling services as offered by a similar app; however, Offer Up rewards the resellers who continuously provide an excellent customer experience. 

If OfferUp app, the buyer and seller can leave their buying experience for completed deals. For ensuring security with confirmed identity, user can link their personal Facebook account.

OfferUp app


  • Quality service and authenticity.
  • Create product listing in few seconds with ease.
  • A buyer has the opportunity to explore thousands of new posts daily.
  • Personal app conversation between sellers and buyers.

The OfferUp is a direct C2C marketplace to start your reselling work which will help you get more customers and a chance to increase your earnings.

6. Cartlay:

In the Cartlay app, you only need to create your online store and add products to it. Additionally, you have the opportunity that you can share your store interface via online media. From that customers can see the products by visiting the store personally.

Cartlay has a vast collection of trendy items from all the reputed brands to resell at wholesale prices. The reseller needs to do is increase profit margins and sales. This application has already completed 50 lakh downloads from the Google Play store.

Cartlay app


  • Selling instruction is easy to understand.
  • The interface is attractive and impressive.
  • Customers get an extra discount on prepaid orders.
  • Resellers can start selling without having prior selling experience.

Cartlay is the largest online marketplace for resellers in India, and you can enhance your work with little effort of selling tricks.

7. 5miles:

5miles is another easy reseller app in India for selling used items, mainly if you live in an urban city. The 5miles app provides rich local listing, and users can easily detect what other sellers are listing.

It enables you to list anything from home improvement lit, antiques, furniture, auto parts, and more. Additionally, the buyers feel comfortable offering refund policies for products that do not meet their expectations.


  • Boost your listing to the top feed.
  • This reseller dashboard allows you to bid on new brand products.
  • Easy buying and selling on 5miles.
  • Active review for the posted feedbacks.
  • Verify all the identities of the user to minimize the risk of fraud.


These seven best reselling apps in India help allow you to make some extra money from home. Some online reselling apps have local listings, while others have global delivery facilities. Reselling the exceptional items which you longer want at the comfort of your house has become a truth with those online market platforms.

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