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A New Way to Generate Amazon Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing has become a promising business to generate income in today’s digital scenario and Amazon has become the biggest platform for this venture. But affiliates should know the possible ways to Generate Amazon Affiliate Links that would fetch a good amount of revenue for the affiliates as well as for website owners or blog holders.

Amazon has made it pretty simple to generate Amazon affiliate links that are also called Associate links.  Earlier, associate central was the gateway to generate links but now the SiteStripe toolbar has made the task much simpler.

Let’s check out the potential ways that help to build amazon affiliate links for the purpose of generating money.

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Ways to Generate Amazon Affiliate Links:

1. SiteStripe

The SiteStripe is the fastest and the easiest way to build associate’s links in Amazon instead of creating links through Associate central. It is a useful tool provided by Amazon itself which is displayed to you when you become its associate partner for selling products. It allows you to create HTML links that only need to be pasted on the website.

build amazon affiliate links

Furthermore, we can choose as per our requirements from the different link options available, viz; code for text links, links with image and text, or links with product images. Moreover, there is the ease of creating links directly on the shop page and sharing them on social media(Facebook or Twitter) without passing the gateway of Associate central.

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2. Amazon Associate Link Builder

Amazon associate link builder is a versatile tool provided to incorporate products from amazon into your personal blog or website intended to be monetized. This is the official WordPress plug-in that enables affiliates to find Amazon products and their respective links directly from the WordPress editor. Moreover, this plug-in facilitates access to information regarding the availability of the products and their current prices.

The incorporation between products and their affiliate links require templates for their working that can be customised also but for that, a programmer is needed. Actually, a template defines the product that consists of its images, price, and its details. It enables the affiliates to keep the details up to date automatically.

Additionally, this plug-in also offers services to your customers by intimating them about the availability of products at discounted prices or whether Amazon prime delivery is available or not.

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The registration with Amazon Associates Products API is mandatory to use the services of Amazon associate link builder.

Wrap Up

If you have a blog or website with WordPress CMS, you can freely paste the affiliate links that you can easily pass on to your readers. Even your YouTuber fans will not be deprived of these links that may be useful to them.

Moreover, Amazon Associate Link Builder doesn’t require any plug-in for its working that lays extra stress on your site. You can even create short links on your website with the help of Sitestripe.

I hope, you guys have learned about the keen ways to Generate Amazon Affiliate Links that help you to monetize your blogs or websites through advertising fees or commissions on the products.

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