Amazon Pay Later Process

Amazon Pay Later Process: A Unique Set Up

Digitalization has made our life simpler as with only one click, we can sort everything. Amazon is the best example to take pride in this arena. Amazon is a versatile platform to buy anything with just one click. To add to your ease, it has even offered you a credit system that enables you to purchase beyond your budget. The Amazon pay later process is pretty easy to lead and takes only two minutes for its completion. Thus. you are ensured of instant credit that you can pay later.

This process allows you to shop stress-free as you can pay the next month or with an EMI as you prefer. In fact, earlier it used to be termed as Amazon pay EMI that has now been renamed now with an easy activation process.

Moreover, this process has no hidden charges for joining that may bother you. In fact, it enables you to convert your virtual shopping into a real one with 0% EMI and that too with one touch.

So, to grab the extreme benefit of this system, you must acquaint yourself with the eligibility of amazon pay later set up.

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Eligibility Of Amazon Pay Later

Amazon is the leading e-commerce store that offers an array of services to its customers and amazon pay later is one of them. This will lead to increase buyers by using this service.

You must adhere to its eligibility criteria to avail the lucrative benefits of the Amazon pay later process.

  • You must have an account with a verified number attached to it.
  • An applicant must have completed 23 years of age and if not, he/she can take help from their elders.
  • PAN card is also mandatory to have coupled with the bank details of one of the selected banks.
  • An address proof is required and that too should be an official document such as adhar card, driving licence, passport, voter ID card, or even utility bills (not older than 60 days).
  • There are a few other factors also that affect the decision of a lending partner to consider amazon pay later limit for you.

Now, let’s quickly have a look at the steps to comply with the registration process that will enable you to acquire its extreme benefits.

Steps for Amazon Pay Later Process

To activate this service of buy now and pay later from Amazon, you need to login into your amazon account from your mobile and click on the amazon pay later option on the dashboard.

Now proceed further to complete the process.

>Complete your KYC

You will get 4 types of KYC options available, viz;

  1. Existing KYC
  2. 2.OTP based e-KYC
  3. 3.Existing customers with the lending partner
  4. 4.KYC as received from CKYCR under CERSAI

The first two types of KYC are common and the other two are rarely available.

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1. Existing KYC

If you already have an existing KYC, you can simply proceed by entering the missing 4 digit of your PAN card and complete the procedure by accepting certain things.

2. OTP based e-KYC

Now, if you don’t acquire an existing KYC, go for OTP-based e-KYC. You have to enter your complete PAN card number and proceed to continue. Now you also have to enter your Aadhaar card number and continue followed by entering the OTP received on your mobile number.

For both of the above options, after submission of details, the amazon pay later limit will be displayed on the next screen.

3. Existing customers with the lending partner

In this case, you will receive OTP on the registered mobile number with the lending partner. Now you have to enter the missing 4 digits of your PAN card and proceed.

After post submission OTP, your profile will be evaluated by the lender and you will be assigned amazon pay limits.

4. KYC as received from CKYCR under CERSAI

If this option is available to you, you need to answer a few questions relating to KYC information on which you have to give your approval. Basically, this information is resourced from CKYCR that needs your consent.

Finally, your profile will be evaluated by the lender for assigning the amazon pay later limits.

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>Identity verification

You can complete your registration by entering the missing 4 digits of your PAN card if you come under the category of existing KYC. After submitting the details, your profile will be evaluated for amazon pay later limits.

And if you are not under the existing KYC, you need to enter the PAN card details and proceed. This will again ask you to enter aadhaar card details and continue. You will get an OTP on the mobile number linked with your aadhaar card. Now enter and complete the identification.

After your profile has been evaluated, your amazon pay later limit will be displayed on the next screen.

>Accept terms and conditions

Lastly, you have to read the terms and conditions carefully to use this option wisely. Within a few seconds of completing the amazon pay later process, you will be assigned your monthly limits.

Enjoy your shopping without any hassle and use the amazon pay later option without any extra charges.

Wrap up

Amazon pay later process is pretty easy to proceed with and complete which enables you to buy now and pay for it later. This is a credit facility extended by amazon lending partner CapFloat financial services.

Thus, you can enjoy the extreme benefit of this setup just by adhering to the criteria for eligibility of Amazon pay later option.

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