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Optimize 3 Steps to Ensure Your Virtual Product Launch Has a Big Impact!

Product launching has taken to the virtual stage as it can be challenging to conduct such an event in an age where huge gatherings are restricted. In 2022 and the future, organizing a Virtual Product Launch will be most convenient, as it can be helpful for the brands to reach more potential customers across the world.

You will share all the merits, explain the problems and talk about the need for the products. But the difference is that you are in a different space. All the exhibitors look towards the screen instead of an auditorium full of people. On the other hand, the participants explore the event through their screens.

What most people fear is a success. Will a virtual event be able to succeed? Will people come to the virtual events? But soon, millions of people started responding to online events as COVID 19 has restricted the traveling world.

All an organizer needs to do is create a bridge between the attendees and themselves. For this connection, they need to follow and implement some aspects that you will know forward in this article.

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3 Stages to Ensure a Big Impact of Virtual Product Launch!

You need to follow and implement some aspects shared as follows:

  1. Set the Stage with Your Prelaunch

It is essential to prepare for the launch before the time. No matter if it is an online or offline event, you need to design with a complete plan and various strategies that can be helpful to conduct a successful event.

  • Plan Your Event & Sessions

You have to decide on what will be your event agenda. Know what your product will require that you are launching in this event. Moreover, come up with a complete plan that you will follow in your event. Hence, start with the sessions and activities you will include in your virtual product launch.

  • Discover Your Ideal Guest

You may like to add some special guest appearance or a small message from a famous celebrity. No matter who you want, finalize them and decide the sessions & the time duration. Moreover, you need to establish proper guest appearance sessions.

  • Promote Your Virtual Product Launch Online

You have to promote your virtual product launch in order to reach aware people and get registrations for the event. With a suitable virtual event platform, you can get small clips of the event that you can create as a teaser to promote online. Run ads on social media channels and google ads.

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  • Create a Step-By-Step Planning Checklist

You must have a checklist for your entire event so that you can recheck and ensure every element before your event goes live. It will help you share all your requirements with the virtual event platform expert. Hence, they will create every aspect as per your demands.

  • Ensure Your Launch Event Cuts the Bluster

You have to ensure that you provide the immersive tools and elements in your virtual product launch in order to give it a more real-life experience. Here are some features that you must add to your event for success:

  • Provide an Immersive Experience

You can get a 3D effect in your event by reaching the right virtual product launch platform. It will add a more in-person experience to your event. Moreover, the users will endure a more friendly experience.

  • Enable Attendees to Experience the Product

With a virtual product launch platform, you can add a 360° effect to your product. It will be helpful for the audience to experience and observe the product from every angle, just like they can do in a physical event. Moreover, it can provide a better product demonstration to the participants.

  • Encourage Engagement with Useful Tools

You can boost the audience experience by adding various tools to your events. Features like a live poll, Q&A sessions, live chat, audio & video call will be helpful to increase interaction between the attendees and exhibitors. Additionally, you can offer games in your event to keep the youth engaged.

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  • Experiment with Leaderboard or Freebies

You can conduct some contests with rewards and freebies that can be an easy way to attract users. Everyone loves free gifts; hence, you can offer some small brand vouchers to the winners and runner-ups.

  • Remain Top of Mind with Post-Launch Efforts

Your work is not complete as the event is over. Now, the time is to take feedback from the attendees. This way, you can know which session or part of your event attendees liked the most. Then you have to analyze the event data in order to make things better in your next virtual product launch.

  • Have a Post-Event Review Form

You must keep feedback ready in advance, which you can send as soon as the event is over. Email the review form to participants just after the event. This way, they can share the experience efficiently. Moreover, a feedback form can include questions of any type, like rate 1 to 10, or choose the one: good, excellent.

  • Follow Up on Social Media

You can also ask for followers on social media. So, the one who skipped the feedback after the event can provide their review now. Moreover, if you have live-streamed your event later on social media, you can also ask for follow-up of the live stream attendees.

  • Analyze the Event Data

If you pick the right virtual product launch platform, you can get complete analytics related to the events. It provides a footprint analysis that shares attendees’ count of who registered, who logged in to attend the event, sessions that get the most engagement, and various other activities performed by the participants.

So, these are the various steps that you must keep in mind & optimize in order to ensure your virtual product launch has a big impact. Moreover, picking the most trustable, suitable, and secure virtual event platform is the key to a successful event. I hope, you will find this article beneficial to have a better impact on your next virtual product launch event.

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