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Tips to Make Your Next Virtual Event More Engaging

With the outbreak of pandemic in 2020, we all are practicing social distancing. With this, physical events have been canceled worldwide. Thus more businesses are turning towards virtual events and all the same spreading the word and informing their customers. With a virtual event, you can still reach a large audience while following all the social distancing practices.

While virtual events are environment friendly and cost-effective, engaging the audience in a virtual event is no easy feat. The planners need to keep the audience engaged throughout the event otherwise they can simply log-off at any time. Thus in this article, we will help you with some ways to keep your audience engaged during a virtual event.

Lets First Know What Counts as a Virtual Event?

A virtual event can be anything from a conference to a live stream or any other type of event that is taking place online. A large number of people can attend these events online making them incredibly powerful. These events can range from small question and answer sessions to large scale conferences. Here thousands of audience can attend the events without any hassle.

Best Tips to Make Your Virtual Event More Engaging

There is a great rise in virtual events with current travel restrictions. However one can also achieve a similar experience in a virtual event as well as that of a physical event. Thus it requires a lot of effort to keep your online audience engaged.

Thus here are a few of the tips and techniques to keep your audience glued to your upcoming virtual event and offer networking opportunities.

Leverage Gamification Techniques

An important tip to make your event more engaging for the audience is to include the fun elements of the game in the event. Incorporate these elements in a non-gaming perspective throughout the event and make your audience more engaged. You can easily apply a gamification technique during your virtual event. There is a wide range of techniques such as puzzles, trivia, and quizzes.

Thus to encourage audience participation you can also include prizes for the competitions. You can share this idea with your audience during the planning period of your event to assure them the event will be interesting and exciting. Therefore, they will invite more of their contacts.

Virtual Event Bags

Who doesn’t get excited when a package arrives at their house? Thus it is a great way to ensure audience engagement during the event by filling the bag with something that they can use during the event.

Filling an event bag with quality stuff will grab your audience engagement. For instance, you can send audience wallets and fake credit cards with discussion statements printed on them which they can read loud during a roundtable discussion.

Run Social Media Contest

Use a particular hashtag for your event. Then your audience can use this hashtag while posting something related to your event on social media. You can then track this hashtag and run contests and analyses.

Thus the audience gets various possibilities at your event to post creative things to social media. people want to win in the contest held on social media for virtual events. Thus you can easily run some of the contests for your audience and engage them.

Have Thrilling and Inspiring Content

It may happen that during your virtual event, attendees have short attention time and a traditional PowerPoint slide can bore them. Thus you can turn your boring PowerPoint slides to interesting infographics or can also incorporate audio or video in it.

Also what you can do is split the event in short breaks. Doing this will give your virtual event audience time to take part in polls or take notes.

Ask For Feedback From Your Attendees

Get follow up from each of your participants if to know the event platform you chose worked for your audience or not. This can be simple as an email follow up a day or two after the event is over. However, do not wait any longer as you want their feedback when it’s fresh and clear in their mind.

Or you can poll the attendees throughout the event in this way you do not require to wait at all. By polling, throughout the event, you are able to gauge the audience’s experience of the event and essential data for the next event that you are planning.

Final Words

It makes companies have more options at their arrangement as virtual events are more extensively brought into play in the present times. Engagement is essential during a virtual event to upgrade your return on investment as well as help attendees to retain everything they learned. In addition, you do not require to extend your budget, simple ideas can make your next event amazing and interesting.

Therefore if you can’t wait to see your virtual event become the next success story then follow the tips discussed above. So now it’s time to step outside the box of comfort and try something new. Gathering experience for both live and virtual events gives you valuable perception to model your future event planning.

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