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Top picks on why people are high on E-commerce websites

In today’s hustling world, we expect things to get done quickly and efficiently. Ecommerce industries have changed our lifestyle by providing us with the best shopping experience at an unmatchable price. In the plight of the ongoing pandemic, users can avoid visiting shopping malls and cut long queues. 

You’d be quite impressed with the popular Ecommerce website like Flipkart and how they rule the ecommerce world.

Amazon Clone App Development has many customizable features. With the Amazon Clone Script and Flipkart Clone script, you can venture into the booming e-commerce world in a short period.

Why do these apps have their head held high in the Ecommerce industry?

A-Z categories- People always look for different varieties, as and when the trend evolves. Websites like Amazon/Flipkart have partnered with domestic and global manufacturers and make their products available for customers across the globe.

Unbeatable Price- These websites have price ranges that are comparatively lesser than the offline stores. Also, users can easily view price comparisons between different brands.

Easy search options- The users can enter the keywords in the search field, based on the products they require.

Filter options- Users don’t have to surf through the voluminous list of products.Instead, the users can select a particular product by using filter options like “price, size, brand, colour” and so on.

Lucid UI- These websites are developed with an easy-to-use UI, that can be used by anyone. This lucid UI guides the user to perform navigation between pages.

Easy return policy- If the users are not satisfied with the product received, they can always return the product/ request for refund. The customers no longer have to pay for damaged products. They can exchange the product by contacting the service provider.

Shipping to preferred location and time- Recently, the Amazon/Flipkart like apps have launched a new feature wherein the user can fix the time for delivery of the order. Be it morning or afternoon, the user has the complete choice to choose the timings and location.

Geo-Tracking- Once the user has booked the product, they can track the location of the product. For eg, phases such as the product has been sent from the warehouse, the product has been sent to the dispatch unit, the product has reached your location etc., will be displayed in the user panel.

Gift Voucher Option- The user can send gift vouchers to their friends/families, that can be claimed based on the voucher’s worth.

Social Media Login- The users can even register to the e-commerce websites with their social media handles. It’s a simple one and done process.

Speed up the product arrival- The Amazon/Flipkart clone apps have come up with another feature, in which the user can request for the speedy delivery of the product. Also, the user has to pay extra shipping charges to avail of this service.

Ecommerce industry

Dashing Dashboards:

Traits of the Admin Panel:

  1. The admin has full control over the product inventory. The admin updates the product availability and informs the providers.
  2. The customer management is one hectic process but that can be done with ease by resolving the customer queries and fulfilling their quests.
  3. The admin can employ features like referral bonus or coupon codes.
  4. Manage customer ratings and reviews and optimize the service accordingly.

Traits of User Profile:

  1. The user panel consists of their details required to purchase products like the “name, email ID, address” and payment details.
  2. The users can add the items to their cart if they wish to purchase.
  3. The users can avail of any of the secured payment options or even pay COD.
  4. The user can read the reviews and ratings of every product.
  5. With the inbuilt QR code tool, the users can scan the product and know its details and pay accordingly.

The actual business flow looks like this:

  1. The business starts with the vendor requests. If the vendor chooses to opt your e-commerce platform to sell their products, then the vendor will come in terms with your service.
  2. Once the vendor lists out the products, the admin will verify the items and upload them to the website.
  3. Now, the user signs in into the app, by filling out the mandatory details needed for making the purchase.
  4. Then the user surfs through their desired products against the list of products available. To simplify the search process, the user can use the filter option.
  5. Once the user wishes to purchase the product, the user will have to proceed to the checkout process.
  6. After this, the payment has to be done and the delivery address has to be confirmed.
  7. Now, the user side transaction is completed and waits for approval from the admin.
  8. The admin will check whether the payment is successful or not.
  9. If the payment is successful, the admin takes his share of commission and transfers the balance amount to the vendor.
  10. After all, the admin updates the inventory.

Perks of using Amazon/Flipkart clone apps:

  1. The clone apps are designed to provide some additional customizable features to its users. 
  2. The service providers who are looking to include additional features at a relatively low cost can go with the white-labelled clone apps.
  3. The clone app provider will propose a marketing strategy to help the business providers to reach the online presence efficiently.
  4. The clone app developers provide live demo services, upon which you can decide to partner with them.
  5. The app must be deployed in both IOS as well as android platforms.
  6. The app pricing comes in 2 schemes. One is the Premium plan which provides almost every service yet some services are restricted which are applicable for Enterprise schemes.
  7. Unlike the Premium plan, the Enterprise plan offers all the services with no restrictions.

Summing up, if you are awaiting to expand your business verticals in the E-commerce industry like the popular Amazon/Flipkart apps, then the above said Amazon /Flipkart Clone model is all you need. With these Amazon and Flipkart clone script, developing E-commerce businesses has now become even easier. 

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