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How to convert EML to PDF – A Complete Guidance?

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format introduced by Adobe. It can be easily transferred from one place to another and is a standard format for sharing Data. Thus, many users are looking for ways to convert EML to PDF. Are you searching for solutions for query- How to convert EML file into PDF online. Here, we will provide you with the complete guide to convert multiple EML files to PDF.

These methods include three manual processes and a professional Approach. In professional technique, we will use experts advised tool EML Converter. But before that, let’s discuss the importance of moving from EML format to PDF.

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Significance of Convert EML to PDF

There are various reasons users want to convert EML to PDF. Check some major reasons for conversion below:

  • PDF format is suitable to print and view file on any device.
  • You can share PDF files from any platform because it is easily shareable.
  • You can set the password on your PDF file to ensure the safety of your data.
  • You can arrange files in an organized order When converted to PDF.

Here, we discussed the importance or need to convert EML to PDF with attachments. Let us now jump to the manual procedures to convert EML  to PDF.

Save EML File as PDF Manually

Now we will learn three manual techniques to convert EML to PDF. The three effective manual approaches we will use for conversion are as follows:

  1. Using Thunderbird Application.
  2. Employing MS Outlook and MS Office.
  3. Using MS Word.

Let us discuss these methods one by one with a proper guide and easy steps. You can use any of these processes at your convenience. Let’s move towards manual ways in the below context.

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Method 1: Using Thunderbird Application

In the first method, you have to install the Thunderbird application to start the process. In this technique, you get two options-

  • Convert the whole file to PDF
  • Convert preferred files to PDF format

Users can go for any alternative as per their choice. Given below are the steps to convert EML data through Thunderbird Mail.

Part A. Convert the whole file to PDF

  1. Open Thunderbird mail on your PC or Laptop.
  2. Select any thunderbird folder, e.g., Inbox, sent, drafts, trash, etc. and right-click on the selected folder
  3. Now press on the ImportExportTools and pick Export all messages in the folder.
  4. Choose PDF format from the number of alternatives.
  5. Now tap on Ok in all the appeared windows and select the destination of the new PDF file.

Part B. Convert preferred files to PDF format

  1. To convert specific files, Right-click on the selected file and pick Save chosen messages.
  2. Now pick PDF Format from other options.
  3. At last, browse and set the location for the resultant PDF file.

You can follow the above steps of conversion. If you are not comfortable with the above method. Then try the second procedure given below.

Method 2- Employing MS Outlook and MS Office

In this method we will first use the Outlook app to convert the EML file to HTML, then with the help of MS Office, we will convert the HTML file to PDF. To convert EML to PDF using this method follow the below-given steps.

  1. Start by launching Microsoft Outlook on your system.
  2. Now find and choose the file you are willing to convert to PDF.
  3. After that, go to the File menu and tap on Save as.
  4. Opt for HTML format to convert the folder to HTML format.
  5. Now to further convert HTML files to PDF, open Microsoft Office and,
  6. Then open the HTML file in MS Office to proceed.
  7. Click the File tab, then select Save as and select PDF.
  8. It will convert the HTML file to PDF file format.

Follow the above steps to save the EML file as a PDF using Microsoft Outlook. To know about the third method check below.

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Method 3- Using MS Word

You can move from EML file to PDF using MS Word. Given below are steps to follow for converting EML files using this method.

  1. Open MS Word on your PC and open the EML file.
  2. Now go to the File option and then pick Save As to proceed further.
  3. After that, choose PDF from the option File Format and hit on Export.

The above manual methods are effective in moving from EML format to PDF. However, Manual methods have some limitations that users generally face implying these procedures. So let’s check out what are these shortcomings in the context below.

Barriers of Manual Methods:-

These manual approaches are not free from shortcomings. Given below are major weaknesses of converting EML emails manually:

  • Bulk conversion is not possible. Users have to convert files one by one in a manual approach.
  • There is no safety in the above methods. A single mistake may lead to data loss.
  • Requires user to install Thunderbird, MS Word, and Outlook Application.
  • Users get frustrated while repeating the same steps many times.
  • Manual methods are tedious and Complex.

Now the question arises is there a much better alternative to these manual techniques. The answer is Yes, We can quickly and Easily convert  EML  to PDF using Professional Method. Let’s learn about it in the below context.

Method 4. Convert Multiple EML files to PDF via Professional Technique

If you don’t want to try tedious manual methodology, then an easy choice is to use Professional methods. It involves opting for a reliable and safe tool for Conversion. Hence we will use here a professional software named EML to PDF Converter. It helps to export EML files to PDF without losing any data. It helps to move from EML format to PDF and other file formats. It also allows users to migrate EML data to various email clients like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Hotmail, etc. Moreover, it is a widely compatible tool and supports all versions of Windows OS.

Final Verdict

In this blog, we proposed four ways to convert EML  to PDF. This includes three manual processes and one professional technique. However, Manual Methods have some limitations that we also discussed here. I recommend you to use the Professional method to convert EML to PDF with attachments.

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