Post On Twitter to Drive Traffic

Best Ways to Post On Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Post On Twitter to Drive Traffic – Twitter is the most loved tool to every digital marketer, especially social media marketers these days. However, very few people are capable of reaping the maximum benefits of it. With a global user base of 320 million monthly active users, Twitter is a diamond mine for your blog if you imply strategies accurately.


Here are the top ways to do it in the right way. We will explore the deepest part of the ocean of Twitter Marketing. So stay tuned with us and read till the end.

Ways To Post On Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

A well-crafted, single tweet can drive millions of traffic to your blog. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds, and continue to process Post On Twitter to Drive Traffic. So you know how fruitless is tweeting one link after another of your blog posts.

1. Develop A Sound Follower Base

In my opinion, this should be the first and foremost importance to drive traffic to your blog. Increasing your follower base truly helps, and it makes sense, right? If you have more audience on social platforms, you’ll be able to send more people to your website. You can boost your follower numbers by sharing intriguing ideas, retweeting, using targeted hashtags, putting Twitter handles on business cards, etc. 

2. ADD URLs To The Profile

There is basically a cool method to include URLs of your blog posts on your Twitter profile. Firstly, use the “Website” field for directing people to your website homepage or a priority URL. Furthermore, you can also include the links to your Bio section so that people notice it more.

3. Pin A Tweet You Want To Get Attention

To get more organic traffic to your website, pinning Tweets at the top of your feed works well. This means that whenever audiences view your profile, they will see the pinned post first. Most essentially, pin those blog posts where you want the traffic to come. Not only does this increase clicks, but also it raises the impressions.

4. Use Twitter Cards

Tweets having engaging visual content get more retweets, likes, and clicks which may enhance your engagement rates on your blog. More clicks indicate more audiences on your site resulting in more followers and a sharp spike of traffic. Using Twitter cards than the images will give you an extra boost in this regard. To do this, you may now like to create a Website Card. 

5. Be A Human While You Are Tweeting

Twitter is all about generating value, and this is the only aspect that brings clicks. The harsh truth is nobody cares about your brand until and unless it’s providing value. Some good ideas might be boosting value to your blog content by using hashtags and using powerful call-to-action. However, write just kike you converse with you and make the things truly captivating.

6. Recycle The Tweets

According to Tweetstats, recycling tweets brings followers insanely. There is a thumb rule that if you tweet more, you will get overall traffic. Although some part of it is a myth, the rest actually works. Scheduling and recycling Tweets on Saturday and Sunday increased the average click per tweet exponentially. The best way to do this is using the “Re-Buffer” feature on the Buffer analytics.

7. Encourage Your Followers To Share Your Content

One of the crucial ways to drive website traffic from social media (Twitter) is by asking out your followers for help. Sharing your own blog content on Twitter is a good start. Furthermore, you can:

  • Add a Twitter share button to your site
  • Tell people to post images from your website
  • Use a highlighter tool to easily mark and share any text on your blog. 

8. You Can Pay For The Exposure

The key to becoming successful with promoted tweets is not selling products; it’s all about driving traffic. The most efficacious way of doing it is getting started with promoted tweets through Now, while doing this, be very specific to your industry and primarily narrow down the target audiences. Make sure you are setting reasonable budget limits and not some random skyrocketing amounts.

9. Automate Sharing Of The Old Posts

I know fresh posts are always cool to promote your blog, but automating your previous posts is an easily achievable goal. The wonderful thing is that there is a WordPress Plugin named Revive Old Post that can do it for you at specific intervals.

The Takeaway

Twitter believes in the motto of “It’s what’s happening now.” The beauty of Twitter lies in the fact that it extends the audience reach in your blog more than the people who actually follow you. But this happens only when you execute the Twitter marketing strategies effectively. I hope the ones we mentioned above will come to your use and show noteworthy results.

Need further tips on driving traffic to your blog after Post On Twitter to Drive Traffic? Let us know in the comment area below. Also, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and share the article with your social media followers.

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