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Top 6 Xbox Games 2020

With Microsoft’s Xbox series –X set to be launched, and hundreds of Xbox Games 2020. With one game being added every year, the excitement and enthusiasm for Xbox don’t seem to fade away. Whether it is an exclusive game or a multi-platform one, every week brings out new delights for Xbox lovers.

For all those with Xbox’s Live Gold subscription service, Game Pass, allows you to download and play hundreds of games for free for a limited period. While some games are not permanent additions to the library, they can be locked without renewal of subscriptions or don’t buy them separately.

While some games are available for free download, others are free for a particular period with the Gold subscription. So, here is a lowdown on six free Xbox games that you should grab before they are gone without further ado.

1. WRC FIA World Rally Championship-Xbox Games 2020

This game is for the adrenal pumping motor rally lovers.  Get hold of the WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship on Xbox One, and you’re your skills to command your rally car to victory in the most extreme conditions.

This game is available for free from July 1 to July 31 for Lie Gold Subscription users. The game includes enhanced background weather conditions, like snow and rainfall, as part of a dynamic weather system; you need not choose the best car setup and type of tires.

Featuring an extensive collection of 14 rallies and 50 teams, WRC FIA offers a memorable off-road racing adventure.

2. Dunk Lords

Dunk Lords is an excellent Xbox One game from best Xbox Games 2020, free for the second half of July (July 16 to August 15) for those gamers who have access to the Xbox Gold subscription. Dunk Lords is a two-on-two basketball game. You can get over-the-top special moves and devastating dunks in an exciting game of basketball.

With all kinds of game-changing equipment and the option to choose from above 20 of the best players, challenge yourself to exciting games on hazardous basketball courts. The available characters have a large cast and unique skills and attack abilities. 

Combining arcade basketball with combat, Dunk Lords is available in various modes: a story mode that can be played solo or in twos, a gauntlet mode that can be played by two players, and an arcade mode that supports up to four players.

3. Juju

Another fun-based game is Juju that stars a cute shaman panda and his lizard friend Peyo. You can embark on a journey to save the world inflicted by an ancient evil, with Juju and Peyo in this game with some awesome animations. Scale through Big-boss battles and intriguing challenge modes.

Juju is an excellent choice for both kids and families to play games together. An exciting combo of fun and skills, Juju is a popular free download for Xbox lovers. Make it a part of your download basket before the game vanishes.

4. AirMech Arena

AirMech Arena is a highly competitive fast-paced game available for free for Xbox One users. This is a multi-player game, where you can play in twos, fours, or even your players. Players can team up AirMechs to combat and destroy the enemy fortress.

Airtech is the ultimate warrior, and the last survivors of the Great War continue to fight with them. You can choose sides and gear up to combat in this real-time strategy game. Build armies and capture bases with giant robots. Packed with adventure and action, this game is free for Xbox Live Gold subscription users.

5. Dungeon Defenders 2

Dungeon Defenders II is an Action-packed Tower Defense game. It is packed with classic elements like loot, leveling, and pets. You can play it solo or with friends, with up to 2 local players and four players online. Dungeon Defenders involves role-playing as you go about hacking and slashing towers.

Real-time defenses are built against enemies as you gear up to battle forces. You get a chance to win level after level and earn money and skill points. These rewards can be invested in building up your character and equipment or using them to upgrade towers.

6. Path of Exile

Now, this one is a hardcore, online action game that has won awards. Set against the background of the dark continent Wraeclast, this game has some excellent characters playing in the hack and slash genre (Xbox Games 2020). Set on an exile in the Dark Continent to regain your powers to avenge the wrong-doers and the evil forces.

Change roles as the Duelist, Witch, Templar, or the Ranger. Uncover secrets, and indulge in brutal combats with Daily Leagues and Race events. You can also collect and trade items and get dressed to kill with arcane properties. Available for free, this game will win the heart of all action lovers.

These are the best free Xbox games that include action, racing, hunting, trapping, adventure, and more. Other popular games you can plan to download are Bless Unleashed and Call of duty: Warzone. You can even get set for Darwin Project with futuristic deathmatches if you are interested in this genre.

You can play these games either on disc or through download. If you encounter error 0x807a1007, check this link to solve it yourself. Skillfully designed with great avatars and crazy challenges and combat skills, each of these games (Xbox Games 2020) is a quick transfer to a world of action, power, and fancy. So, download them for free, enjoy your time, and relish moments of adventure, combat, and calls to victory.

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