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How to Write Social Media Copy for Maximum Shares and Reach?

In the past, companies had limited options when it came to marketing, and if they wanted to reach a bigger audience with unique Social Media Copy, it requires some serious cash. But now, due to the advent of social media, things have changed.

The social media platforms have provided the brands with new opportunities to market and advertise their products and services in a much cheaper way. Even the paid services are quite affordable when compared to conventional media.

If the copy is on point, social media can earn you some profound reach and conversions. Therefore, hiring professional copywriting services is necessary if you don’t have in-house writers.

A Brief Look At The Different Social Media Copy Platforms

Digital media has evolved, and in the past few years, many new social platforms have emerged and got popular among online users.

Every medium is different from the other because they attract different audiences. A social media copywriter needs to have a deep understanding of the content consumed on various platforms as it will help him/her come up with great copy ideas for ads.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the popular social media platforms used for marketing purpose with your unique social media copy:



Facebook is the largest social media platform, with over 2.7 billion active users worldwide. It was initially created for students to communicate, but now it has become popular among people from every walk of life.

According to the stats, Facebook generated a hefty amount of $69.66 billion in ad revenues in 2019. As the numbers suggest, it is an excellent platform for advertising your products.



Instagram has gained popularity among the younger generation in the past few years. Initially, it was just about visuals where users could only upload photos; now, it gives different options to its users like short videos, stories, and IGTV.

Instagram has dominated its big brother by generating 34.7%more reach on its 50 largest brand profiles than Facebook.



LinkedIn is one of the oldest social media platforms that was created to provide a medium to the professionals where they can connect. Since its creation, LinkedIn has become a crucial part of the hiring process; people looking for jobs can easily connect with the desired firms.

The tone of this is formal, and the ads are quite different from other platforms. It provides businesses with a fine opportunity to represent themselves in the best possible way through the content they post.



Twitter is a public platform that is a great option to connect with your target audience. It is the best medium to address current trends and hot topics.

In this platform, a consumer can directly contact a brand and give his/her feedback. Feedbacks might not always be positive, but they can help you improve the weak spots in your services.



Snapchat is a unique social network that allows users to share photos and videos for a limited period of time.

Just like Instagram, it is also a great medium to target the younger generation. It is an untapped market where there is a lot of room to explore.

7 Tips To Excel At Social Media Copywriting

Follow Brand Guidelines

It is important for a copywriter to be well-aware of brand guidelines.

The ad copies are messages that the brand wants to convey across the target audience, so it is necessary that the ad copy should adapt the brand’s voice and tone.

A copywriter needs to figure out which words he can use and which are the ones he/she can not. A perspective needs to be followed to keep the consistency of the brand message.

Set a Goal

Before creating an ad, always define the purpose of it.

The copy will differ depending on the goal you are looking to achieve through that ad. You need to define are you looking for public engagement, reach, or conversions; only after that you can write an effective ad copy.

Do A Market Survey

Having a bird’s-eye view of the trends of the market always helps coming up with great and fresh ideas. It is a fast-paced environment where taking inspiration will help a copywriter to come with more ad copies in a short time period.

Knowing your competition’s move can help you create ads that will keep your brand ahead.

Complement The Creatives

Ads are divided into two parts: creatives and ad copy.

Both elements should complement each other. You can come up with the best visuals possible, but still, without a hooking copy, it will look incomplete.

Social media managers might not be able to do justice at times; for all those moments, you can hire a freelance copywriting services.

Know Your Audience

There are billions of people on social media, coming from different walks of life.

To make your ad copy effective, you need to know about your audience. Write only for the people who are your target audience.

Less Is More

Unlike blog writing, social media ad copies are short. You need to have the quality of describing the services in fewer words possible.

People are scrolling at all times and only have seconds to view an ad; wordy ad copies are ineffective and can also hinder your reach.

Proofread Your work

Proofreading may seem insignificant, but trust us, spelling and grammar blunders can ruin a brand’s image.

The digital world is the place where such mistakes are not forgiven; ads with such blunders can go viral in seconds, and your brand will become the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons.

Therefore, we recommend proofreading your work after you are done. There are plenty of online applications that can help you with this.

Wrapping It Up

Social media marketing is the way forward into the future. Therefore, it is important for the copywriters to adopt the writing style.

We can assure you that if you implement the above-mentioned tips in your social media ad copies, you will definitely see a positive impact on your reach and conversions.

And remember one thing: if you think you are not doing justice to the ad copies, you can always take the help of copywriting services.


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