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Top 3 WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins for Online Businesses

The WordPress-enabled WooCommerce store is one of the most effective ways to set up your eCommerce store. The accessibility to the variety of plugins (WooCommerce Wholesale plugin) enables you to create high-grade e-stores in a jiffy. It contains setting up an integrated wholesale online store.

You have to install a specific WooCommerce Wholesale plugin to get accessibility to all the essential features and functionalities to help you receive and send wholesale requests.

Likewise, as observed, the market is surrounded by a tremendous amount of WooCommerce wholesale plugins. Alongside, we have enlisted the best plugin to set up your Wholesale WooCommerce store.

What Features Does a WooCommerce-based Wholesale Plugin Need?

The wholesale plugins marketplace for WooCommerce is tracked by plugins that provide various pricing packages for retail and trade consumers. Multiple wholesale plugins offer distinguishing features, costs, and packages.

Furthermore, the difference in prices is an integral element of a tremendous amount of wholesale stores.  It is considered an intermediary aspect of functionality required to transform WooCommerce into a complete wholesale store. 

If you want to build an all-inclusive wholesale store, you must adopt gradual alterations in pricing packages. You must also display your wholesale products in a frequent visual format that is well-suited for trading purposes.

The user possibly requires a password to protect or hide the store’s wholesale element, which is only authenticated by the distributors to access it.

Keeping in mind, we can distribute the WooCommerce wholesale plugins into the following categories:

  • WooCommerce-based pricing plugins charge different prices to retail and wholesale customers.
  • Plugins to create a private WooCommerce shop, protect or hide parts within WooCommerce.
  • Plugins that enables people to get registered to become a wholesale distributor.

1 Wholesale for WooCommerce

Wholesale for WooCommerce offers advanced wholesale eCommerce solutions to run a hybrid wholesale B2B and B2C store. It enables you to create a particular site for your wholesale customers.

You can use Wholesale for WooCommerce to sign-up the wholesalers in a specific wholesale area and assist your regular customers at the same time.

Wholesale for WooCommerce helps WooCommerce stores to build and manage the wholesale pricing packages into various levels – Simple, Easy, and Flexible.

The users can control everything that you want to sell to your wholesale customers using an extension that allows them to manage their online store’s wholesale pricing plans, several wholesale user roles, and many more.


The most advanced and powerful B2B eCommerce solution – Wholesale for WooCommerce, is meant to provide you the absolute control over the store’s functionality, but not restricted to the following:

  • Customized User Roles & Role-Based Pricing Packages
  • Tailormade Wholesale Registration Form
  • Tax, Shipping & Managing Payments
  • Hides Wholesale Products & Pricing Plans
  • Adjusts minimum order limits based on your needs
  • Minimum Quantity Limitation on Add-to-Cart
  • Adjusts minimum order quantity limits based on your needs

2 B2B Plugin for WooCommerce

B2B Plugin for WooCommerce is an all-inclusive Wholesale plugin for online stores, suited for B2B & B2C stores. It enables you to create a dedicated website for your potential customers.

B2B Plugin for WooCommerce enables you to handle all the required resources you want to sell to your B2B customers. The use of this extension enables you to manage your entire wooCommerce B2B online stores, pricing packages, multiple user roles, and many more.

It allows you to create a private wholesale area within an existing WooCommerce store using detailed pricing, payment rules, online visibility, and tax control.

It enables you to automate complicated processes such as custom user roles and role-based pricing packages to simultaneously manage B2B & B2C platforms.


  • Complete Registration Form for Wholesale customers
  • Modify User Roles & Pricing Plans
  • Tax, Shipment, & Payment Management 
  • Adjusts minimum order limitations based on your requirements
  • Add-to-cart minimum quantity restriction
  • Hides Wholesale Products & Pricing Plans

3 User Role Editor 

You would allow your wholesale customers to sign in to the website before placing an order. If you need to build a genuine user role for trade users, the User Role Editor Plugin enables you to quickly and intuitively change user roles and capabilities. 

Create a new user role named “Wholesale,” “Trade,” or relevant role, and choose the privileges you must have. You have a dedicated user role for your wholesale users or different roles.

After you have created a wholesale user role, you can add your trading customers as WooCommerce or WordPress users via this role. 

The usage solely depends on your concerns. For instance, you must use the dynamic pricing plugin to make different charges to a particular role.

Furthermore, you can also use the WooCommerce Password Protected Categories plugin to build private categories that wholesale users can only see.


  • Limits selected admin menu items as per the admin role.
  • Displays front end menu items for every user.
  • Restricts selected navigation menus from editing for the selected role
  • Limits selected widgets and sidebars on the “Appearance” menu as per user role.
  • Free Advertisements
  • Limited premium support

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, Online Businesses are moving towards new heights with the dominance of leading WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins in the marketplace.

Hence, the plugins mentioned above offer versatile ways to improve B2B & B2C customer experience to improve your brand identity and sales revenue to the next level. 

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