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Essential Tips to Play Epic Seven

There is no wonder that the android game is filled with less than stellar offerings, and the Epic Seven game is one of them. However, in the Epic Seven game, you can manage the cast of famous warriors who fights amazingly. The Epic seven-game is designed with powerful RPG gameplay elements like fun party composition mechanics, massive guild wars, and intense fighting battles. 

This android game looks like other games with attractive graphics and possibly an annoying microtransaction system. It maintains a level of quality besides those initial impressions, and it performs very well. Epic seven-game is not as everyday grind and boost-up type game as it comes with the familiar game and never seen before character and playing mechanics.

What is the Epic Seven game?

In the Epic Seven game, the leading Hero is Ras, the heir of the covenant, who has the responsibility of defeating the Archdemon, who threatens the world of Orbis. In the world of Orbis, it follows a never-ending cycle of destruction and rebirth. In this game, you select the heroes for your adventure and make your team fight against various enemies and another character. As the next round, you grow to take more challenges and make your heroes more robust to put an end to the Archdemon that frightens your real world as well. As you go inside and explore this Epic Seven, more game levels and features are available for you and your teams. 

Here are some fantastic tips for incoming players, and we will ensure that you have no problem after considering these tips, and you can braving many beasts and rivals that inhabit Epic Seven’s World.

1. Get Familiar with Every Character Class – Dealer, Tank, Supporter, and Healer

The most enjoyable thing in the Epic Seven game is you get a chance to experiment with the composition of your team. From the beginning of the game, the enemies will attack heroes at the front of your game, and they will attack at a higher frequency than others. So it is advisable to make Hero a tank (Knight/Warrior), dealers (Mage/Thief) as they are capable of fast and powerful attacks, and your supporters and healers are insecure zone.  

However, this is not possible team composition, as you can place Soul weavers in the front that they are capable of playing roles for both tank and healer, and the intense dealer will end the battle faster and efficiently. 

2. Know your Elemental Strengths and Weakness 

In the Epic Seven game, five elements – Fire, Ice, Dark, Light, and earth- complement each other. The fire element is super effective against the earth, the earth is against Ice, Ice is against fire, and last dark and light are super effective against each other. 

Elemental benefits are higher accuracy and increased damage, while a fundamental disadvantage is a higher probability that the attack will miss and decrease injury. It is the most helpful tip when fighting against other heroes in the Arena or other strong enemies.

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3. Combine each warrior class with the right equipment

This android game provides six different types of equipment: Helmets, Armor, Boots, weapons, necklace, and rings. You can combine these in two sets of four to provide an extra boost to character stats, and it will make your playing experience easier to handle.

Different combinations are advised for other heroes; you can select a health and defense set for knights and warriors to give more excellent HP. For rangers and soul weavers, you can combine speed set to increase healing and support abilities. For thieves and Mages, equip attack and critical set to enhance the damage. 

4. Fight alongside supporters and join a guild

During slide stories or adventures, there can be a situation when you are stuck with powerful enemies. You can overcome this hurdle by trying different combination team crushes earlier to level up your heroes or improve their equipment. Besides giving up, you can enlist the help of supporters to fight on your side’s behalf. You can tag them at any point or automatically replace the first of your heroes to die. This supporters list will present you when you enter the first stage of the game. 

By joining a guild in the Epic Seven games will enhance your life significantly. You can easily chat with other guild members to learn how to improve your heroes’ performance and ask for requests for the items you required. You will gain access to guild “Members Shop,” and from there, you can purchase MolaGora Seeds, Catalysts, and other things that are essentials for your Hero’s growth. 

5. Experts use Buffs and Debuffs

It is crucial to understand the use of buffs and debuffs for heroes and monster work. The buffs include the barriers that will protect the allies or increase stats such as attacks or defense.

However, debuffs ultimately decrease these stats or paralyze the enemies. By correctly using buffs and debuffs and quickly dispelling debuffs on your enemies or yourself will be an excellent benefit for your benefit. 


Playing the Epic Seven game requires a unique strategy to win in every battle because this game is a turn-based system. You need to prepare your heroes before fighting with healing and select the most robust character.

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