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Benefits of Embedding Pinterest Boards on a Website

In recent times, Pinterest has emerged as an influential social media network for the people. It brings such an impact that almost 9 out of 10 people use Pinterest for purchase inspiration. That’s not it, 98% of people polled said that they try new things based on what they find on the platform. So if you are thinking about using Pinterest to market your brands and products with Embedding Pinterest Boards on a website, then pat your back because you are moving in the right direction.

You can extract more benefits from the platform by using it beyond the platform boundaries, and the best way to do so is by embedding the Pinterest boards on website.

Many social media aggregators help you collect the Pinterest boards for your website and then display them beautifully to add grace to your website.

Besides simplifying the embedding of the process, these tools also provide various features such as curation, customization, moderation, and more, making them ideal marketing tools.

Talking about embedding the Pinterest boards on your website to convince you this blog describes this strategy’s amazing benefits. So without any further ado, let’s dive into the topic.

5 Reasons to Embed Pinterest Boards on the Website

Pinterest is known for its visual-based content; Pinterest users often post images that help them spread and explain their message better. Not only users, but it also helps brands attract customers and market their products better because visual content creates a great impact and stays fresh in the mind of the visitors.

1. Brings liveliness to your website

Brands with dull and flat websites often fail to attract customers and attain sales, as in this digital age, a lively website needs an hour. And what can be a better way of enhancing the visual of the website than images and videos?

Images and videos often bring liveliness to the website and add vibrancy to it. But people are scared to use images and videos on their websites as they occasionally slow down the website traffic, which eventually hampers the brand reputation. And this is where Pinterest boards come in handy. Pinterest boards provide images, videos, and other vibrant content to the website. And if you are using social media aggregators, then these boards do not affect your website’s speed as well.

2. Enhances visitor engagement

Pinterest users often create content that keeps the viewers hooked for hours. Also, these contents bring out the vibe that attracts people to view the content.

You can bring the same vibe to your website by embedding the Pinterest boards on the website. The user-generated content from the platform can hold the audience on your website and, at the same time educate visitors about your brand and product.

And we all know, as visitors stay more on your website and learn more about your product, it will increase the chance of attaining sales.

3. Increases website traffic

Website traffic is one of the basic needs for any online business website, as there will be more traffic, people will get to know more about the brand and products, which eventually helps attain more sales.

After embedding the Pinterest boards on the website, you will have an engaging and attractive website that will attract more audiences and eventually increase your website traffic. Moreover, as visitors will be viewing the content on your website, it will decrease the bounce rate.

How does it help? – Increased website traffic and decreased bounce rate helps your website to get a better search engine ranking. It means whenever people will search for anything related to your business on search engines. Due to better ranking, the search engine will suggest your website and hence, it will increase your brand recognition.

4. Boosts UGC

User-generated contents are a boon for marketers. It helps build a strong customer-brand relationship and boosts the brand’s reach beyond geographical boundaries.

Hence, it is important to boost user-generated content, and embedding them on the website is one of the smartest ways to do so. A user feels respected when a brand considers their content and features them on the website. It encourages other users as well to produce content related to your brand and eventually increases brand recognition.

5. Helps in conversion

People often use social media websites to post pictures of the product they recently purchased or provide ‘how-to’ videos/images. These types of content educate audiences on the usage of the product and work as social proof.

Social proofs and reviews highly influence people, and they always look for these before making a purchase decision. So social proofs have the potential to convert your potential customers into customers. And by embedding Pinterest boards related to your business, you can use social proofs beyond the platform limits.

By looking at the social proofs, your visitors can convert into a customer, increasing your conversion rate virtually.

Summing It Up

No one can deny the fact that Pinterest is a highly influential social media platform. People often visit the platform to look for ideas and products. Hence, including Pinterest for your social media marketing strategy, you can provide a boost to your business. At the same time, embedding Pinterest boards on your website can provide you an opportunity to attain more audience and get an edge over your competitors.

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