Have Features Every Business Website Should Have

8 Must-Have Features Every Business Website Should Have

You can’t survive your online business without a website. It not only represents your business but also tells your audience about your identity, vision, mission and purpose. But with the ever-growing competition, it’s impossible to win the leads unless your website has certain features and is transparent enough to deliver your goals.

So, if you have a website but it’s not helping you to draw results, you might be missing some essential features of the website. Let’s find out what they are. 

1. Optimized and Quality Web Content

What’s the first thing that catches the attention of your website visitors? The headlines! It attracts the visitors in the first impression and lets them stay more on your website. And when they scroll further, the other headings play an important role. So, that’s why content is an integral part of your website. Now, by the means of content, I didn’t mean long paragraphs which can turn off your visitors but instead the content which is divided into headings and bullet points. The content which is structured and well-formatted also appeals to search engines and helps in ranking your content better. So, the first thing you need to check whether you have the quality content on your website or not.

About Us Page

About Us page is the must-have page of your website which tells who you are and the purpose your website serves. Having an About Us page increases your authenticity, credibility and helps your audiences in knowing more about you. Google also gives preference to the website with an About Us page. So, you should never miss going live without an About Us page. Plus, on this page, you should clearly define your business and also your team members. If you share your business story such as how you started, it will give people the real perception of your business and they can connect more with you.

Updated Blog Content

Content is the core of every marketing strategy. If you’re worried about growing your online business then you should think of having a blog section on your website. Regular blogging not only grows your website traffic but also boosts your credibility in the search results. And do you know Google likes the website which is updated regularly and consider it for ranking? So, it’s important that you should consider blogging for your online business website. In addition, blogging also helps to build customer engagement towards your online business. It’s one of the best SEO strategies to boost your website traffic.

Social Media Icons

Icons are a small thing on your website but they play an important part on your website. The social icons portray that you have a social presence on the mentioned platforms. Plus, the number of followers on your social sites adds to your credibility and helps the audience to follow you more. A lot of traffic also comes from Facebook and Instagram so having your business account on these social sites can be highly beneficial for you. It gives people an easy mode to connect with you and also increases your referral traffic. Do you have social icons on your website?

Contact Details

If the customer is impressed with your product or services on your website, where he will head to contact you? Here comes the importance of a Contact Us page. You shouldn’t ever miss it on your website. Other than that, having contact details shows the audience that you’re authentic and aren’t faking up the website. If you have an office address, do mention it as it will increase your search results and will be good for Website SEO. When Google knows that you’re real and your contact details and office address exists, you’ll stay more under the search engine’s attention.

Real Images Instead of Stock Images

There are over a million websites on the Internet which have levelled up the competition among all niches. The trend of stock photos is gradually declining as people are getting attracted to the real-life concept. That’s the reason the website with real-life images and stories caught more attention than the ones who use stock photos. So, if you want to make up the most of your website, don’t hesitate to show the real ‘You’ and your business.

Minimal Design

Bells and whistles seem nice on paper but dare to put them on your website and you will lose the charm of it. The best websites in the modern era are the one which has neat and clean designs and are overwhelmed with graphics. The purpose of a website is to draw your customers attention and make them stay long so the higher clarity you’ll have on your website, the better you can convey the message. 

Responsive Design

60 percent of the website traffic comes from smart devices. If your business website isn’t optimized for mobiles then you might miss major leads coming to your site. That’s the reason your website should be optimized across all the screen sizes, be it mobile, tablets, or desktops. Having a responsive site shows the visitors and search engines that you care about the user experience. So, it should never go missing from your site. Do you have all these features on your website? If not, then I’ll recommend you to add them on first because these features will drive leads to your business and will improve your website’s ranking in the search engines.

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