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13 Proven Tactics to Increase Your Blog Traffic

This blog covers about 13 proven tactics to increase your blog traffic, this will help you to gain more traffic on your website. It is very frustrating how much ever you focus on the blog content and did not receive traffic, to solve this problem we have provided a solution that helps to increase the traffic for your website.

1. Promotion Through Social Media

The use of social media has increased in everyone’s life, it is a great platform to promote any product or blog. Social media calendar helps to schedule promotions once you post content on your website. There is no limit to post your blog until you reach the highest traffic for the site. Your friends also can promote for your website if they feel the content is extraordinary, also you can use guest blogging

2. Sharing Icons For The Blog

There are many widgets that are available, in that you can use icons of your choice to share about your blog content. Some websites provide managed WordPress hosting that offers free plugins and 24*7 customer support. The social media icons that are popular are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

3. Website Marketing

The website can be promoted through social media, newsletters, advertisements, you can find your performance and set a goal to achieve the same. Always keeping a milestone for every month or quarter will help to motivate and achieve the target. Track your performance and know which needs to be improved to achieve more traffic.

4. Create Content using Keywords

There are many websites that are available to know the keywords that are ranked higher, use the keywords and create content depending on it. This will help to achieve rank, you can also find keyword question and create content with the answer. You can publish it to achieve more traffic.

5. Make Your Blog Simpler

People always come to the website that is easier to reach and get information that they are looking for. When website is difficult to reach then you will lose traffic for the blog, it is always necessary to ensure that people get attracted to your website and come back again.

6. Look At Load Time

When a user enters your website and the website takes more time to load the information then he will lose his patience and leave the site. This will increase the bounce rate for the website which in turn affects the ranking position. There is a survey that shows 40{00f8deaa7e5c3f14ed5fcf11f7d431e87f0a00aae05803948cff5e0335f57804} of people leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Google PageSpeed Insight helps to identify the speed of the website and you can improve when needed.

7. Maintain a Sequence

Always follow a sequence of times to post in your blog, always fix a standard time and interval for posting content. Following the time that you have fixed to post information, this will create trust about your blog and make users come back at the time you post. Do not post content under a short period of time or do not take more time.

8. Know Your Success

Once you receive more traffic to the blog and attained ranking then you need to look at which reason has made you achieve success. Some tools like Google Analytics helps to find the performance and use the same tactic to retain success.

9. Use Collaborations

Collaborating your website with others helps to gain more traffic and offer exposure to a new set of people. You can ask other bloggers to write a guest post for you and promote it through social media.

10. Answer in Quora

Quora is a website that provides an answer for anything, you want to know. You can provide an answer to the question and easily gain more organic traffic on the website. They help to promote your website and offer to rank. Provide information that creates trust among people.

11. Monitor Your Website

The website should not have too many advertisements or irrelevant content. People always visit your website to gain information, to know about something, hence it is always necessary to make your blog to have balanced contents and advertisements.

12. Use of Subscriptions

Instead of promoting your website in social media and wait for users, you can simply make visitors become subscribers. Once the user subscribes to your website then you can send an email once you post in the blog and offer blog updates.

14. Make Yourself Available

When you start receiving more traffic in the blog, your website will become popular among bloggers, journalists, and influencers. Hence to make them know about you, it is necessary to share information about and your blog. It can be either through text or video, provide testimony that helps to build trust over you.


In this blog we have discussed 13 proven tactics to increase your blog traffic, you can use it to improve the website traffic. These factors help you create a blog that is informative and derives more traffic.

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