Can Technology Help You Investment Better?

It is a well-known fact that technology has been helping us do our work in a more efficient and controlled manner. We love it because it has made our life better as a consequence.

Since technological innovations know no bounds, it would keep getting better, and we are going to love it.

The latest entry of technology into the world of investment is another dimension of this concept that the users appreciate and look forward to using and gaining a fortune.

I am one such user. I always that investing meant that the investor had to be physically present when he made the actual investment, but that isn’t the case.

You can invest on your own within the confines of your home, or if you like, you can hire a broker who could do it for you. The broker can also be found online.

Do you not find this impressive? I do, and I made use of everything that technology can help me achieve in this domain.

I am not a technophile, more like technophobe, so my story isn’t going to have any sorts of the algorithm that can probably change the world.

My story is pretty simple, and the way I entered into investment is also not that complicated. Read to find out.

The Prologue

It is in human nature to try new things, especially if the things are in trend, and people everywhere around you are indulging in the same.

In my case, this was an investment, my friend, cousins and even the majority of the colleagues were into investing. When they used to talk government bonds and how secure they are, I couldn’t participate in the conversation.

When my best friend bought a brand new Dodge Challenger because his bond matured was the last straw, and I knew that my investing journey would begin soon.

The Preparation

Henceforth, the preparation began. The time it takes from being clueless about investments to being a somewhat expert on this topic isn’t that long.

Google helped me in clearing every doubt that I had about investment and also in getting the process started.

The first step was to set a financial goal for which I was investing. This aim of investment would be to fulfil this goal.

The second step was to make an investment plan, so that is what I did. This plan would set the course of my future in investment.

This plan would decide where and how much should I invest.

So, my financial goal was to buy a home that I could call my own. I had been living on rent for years. Now, it was starting to feel as if I was playing house like a baby; calling something my own, even when it wasn’t.

The investment could help me achieve the same, and I hoped that I could be successful.

The Research

My research was concentrated on the different categories of investment. I learnt about all of them, their profitability and risk included.

I had to be sure and avoid a loss at cost. My risk endurance was as weak as it could get, I know I shouldn’t have been investing, but I needed to.

My findings included;

  • Stocks were the most lucrative in terms of rewards; a person could double his investment through this option. However, it was also the riskiest with the highest volatility. So, this wasn’t the right option for me, despite it being profitable.

  • Then there was property. Real estate has made people millionaires, someone who owned a property in the outskirts of Dublin in the 90s would have sold the same for hundreds of thousands in the 2010s. I couldn’t take it up, because it requires more money than I had, and also my financial goal was to buy the property.

  • The last option that I thought might be the right one for me was bonds. The bond market had just the right mix of profits and risks; you don’t stand to lose as much as you gain because they are secure. The interest on a bond is the income that you get.

The Process

So I found an online investment firm, which could help me invest with ease. I knew what I wanted, and I knew how I wanted it, I just needed an anchor to fall back on if things didn’t work out for me.

I wasn’t naïve enough to think that my money would be secure, the investment could go the wrong way, and nobody can stop that.

An expert in the investment field could, however, help lessen the risk a little more. I invested in government bonds for 5 years. I had taken on zero-coupon bonds, what this means is that I will not get any income during the tenure of the bond. Instead, I would receive the interest as a lump sum along with the principal at the end.

So, I took the final step over the rail of the investing and jumped, ready for a freefall. I hope that I would come out of it unscathed and triumphant.

Winding Up

I still have 3 years left until the bond matures. I cannot wait to get home. I have even started to think about decorations, a gigantic TV in the bedroom is on top of the list. All of this was only possible because of technology, and I cannot thank Google and its creators enough.

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