What Is ORM

What Is ORM? Why It Is Important for Online Business?

We are living in a digital era, where 80% of individuals use search engines for getting information about businesses. And, judges a company’s product & service based on their google reviews & online reputation. If you’re striving to boost your online business. What is ORM? Why online reputation is important for your online business is something extremely important for you to know.

Before you dive into the objective of online reputation management. Let me explain what is online reputation management?

objective of online reputation management

What is ORM?

Online reputation management is a crucial part of online business that helps to protect a brand from negative exposure on search engines & social media.

We all know how much brand reputation matters for business. Nobody buys from a brand with a bad reputation no matter how good the product or services are. One negative comment or hearsay is enough to dissuade us from purchasing from a particular brand. Isn’t it?

If your business is not thriving online. You also need to implement ORM strategies in your business to improve your online reputation that gives wings to your business. Now the question is how? There are lots of ORM software available you can use to identify online threatening comments & and learn ORM strategies through a digital marketing course that helps you to manage ORM better.

So, let’s get ahead to learn the benefits of online reputation management.

Why Online Reputation Management Is Important For Online Business

Swift digitalization is leveraging business to bloom online in less time & investment than ever before. But, as competition is rising high it’s quite easy for jealous competitors to spoil your brand image by fake negative comments & spreading rumors online.

Therefore, executing online reputation management strategies is extremely crucial for any business that wants to bloom online and maintain a positive image.

So, let me walk you through to get acquainted with the importance of ORM in depth.

1.   Build Credibility & Trust

Don’t we purchase from the brands we trust the most? According to the studies, 97% of individuals read reviews of local businesses & brands online before buying from them.

Build Credibility & Trust

It’s not a small percentage of people we can ignore. Negative reviews have the potential to make or break a brand reputation. Through ORM practices you can identify negative comments on social media platforms and build your brand’s authenticity to increase trust in your audience.

2.   Analyze Your Customers Needs

How do you know if your products & services are helping your customers or the improvement they want? Feedback is critical for every business. Because business is all about solving the customer’s problems and providing them the best product & services.

Analyze Your Customers Needs

And, ORM execution helps to identify the downfalls in your brand’s product and services through negative comments & complaints online. After identifying the problems you can improve your products & services as your customers want and escalate your business revenue sky high.

3.   Maintains Thought Leadership

However, users are not only influenced by what others say about your brand but also what you say about your brand through your blogs, social media posts, and even comments.

Maintains Thought Leadership

So make sure your content is not pointing to any sensitive issue, religion, or politics that can make your audience against you and destroy your brand’s reputation aggressively.

4.   Improve Ranking On SERP

The better your perception as a brand on search engines the higher your ranking will be. Yes! negative reviews give adverse signals to search engines, and as result, search engine algorithms dial down your ranking. This affects your brand awareness & business exceedingly.

Improve Ranking On SERP

I’m sure now you have understood what is ORM? Why online reputation management is important for online business. So, set out to check out your google ranking and comments right away. And if you find negative comments & lower-ranking seek an ORM expert for providing a solution initially.

5.   Put On Brand’s Best Image Forward

Not every customer can get satisfied with your brand’s product & services no matter how good your brand’s products & services are. And, also for brands, it’s not possible to make their product & services up to each & every customer. Even though, brands always try to do the best they can to retain their customers.

Put On Brand’s Best Image Forward

Online Reputation management helps to bring the best image of your brand to the customers to build credibility. And you already know only trustworthy brands get the most sales.

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6.   Increase Sales

Sales are the most fundamental part of every business. Whole business activities rely on sales. And, your reputation of business impacts highly on sales as well.

Increase Sales

The better your reputation will be online the more conversions you are going to get. On the other hand, a negative reputation of a brand can even dissuade a high intent customer and you can lose your loyal customers drastically.

7.   Boost Revenue

Most people choose quality over price. No matter how much discount you are offering to your customer’s on your products. A bad online reputation will only allow you to generate revenue to get by. And, for the long term, it’s hard for any business to survive.

Boost Revenue

Features of online reputation management help businesses to instill credibility in customers, rank higher on SERP and provide people good things to say about your business that accelerate your sales, and revenue as well.

8.   Ignites Word Of Mouth Marketing

There is no surprise to tell, the word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing. The reason being, the majority of individuals discuss their experiences of a brand’s product and service with family & friends. And 90% of folks are much more likely to buy from the brand if they get good recommendations from their acquaintances.

Ignites Word Of Mouth Marketing

On the other hand, 26% of people never buy from a brand they hear any negative experience from anyone. So, this is how great word-of-mouth marketing affects your overall business. It’s time to plan out ORM strategies and create a breakthrough path for your business to scale online.


The reputation of your brand online has the power to make or break your business. Therefore, In this article, I made you aware of what is ORM? Why online reputation management is important for online business. So, that you will set out to execute effective online reputation management strategies to protect your business from envious competitors’ attacks, negative comments & insanely false negative rumors about your brand online.

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