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VPS Hosting Singapore: An Affordable Alternative of Dedicated Server

Every business whether big or small starts looking for an alternative once their website outgrows their shared hosting services. No doubt dedicated hosting is the best alternative, but its costs are unaffordable for the average user. To cope up with this pricing issue, VPS Hosting Singapore brings you a budget-friendly hosting solution that gives you all the benefits of dedicated hosting at the fraction of the price of a dedicated server.

In this article, you will further read What is Virtual Private Server, Its benefits and lastly will recommend you the best VPS Hosting Singapore provider to help you make a wise decision.

VPS Hosting: What is it?

VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server, which is also known as a mini-dedicated server. On a one physical machine, many small virtual machines are created using a virtualization technology to serve multiple users with dedicated private resources and space. This is why VPS is considered as the affordable alternative option of dedicated servers.

Compared to large businesses, small and medium enterprises need fewer resources, therefore Virtual Private Servers are the best choice for them.

What benefits of a Dedicated Server you get with VPS Hosting Singapore?

benefits of a Dedicated Server

Once you finish reading the definition of VPS Hosting, it’s time to learn about what benefits VPS Singapore offers that resemble a dedicated server.

1.    Independent Resources

The Singapore VPS Server’s independent resources mean that the user will get fully independent CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, storage, etc with their VPS package. These resources will not be shared by any website hosted on the same server. Thus, your website will be the sole owner and user of all these resources.

2.    Root Level Control

With the VPS Hosting in Singapore, you get complete root access to your server. Basically, root access gives you the power to do anything you want on your server. Unlike the standard user, the Root user on the server can perform much more tasks such as:

  • Application installation for the entire server
  • Set up server-wide applications like Apache or MySQL
  • You can edit any file on the server
  • You can grant or remove permission to a different account (which affects whether they are able to read, write, or execute files).

3.    Advanced Security

Whether you are a blogger or run a business website, security is a top most priority. Increasing technology advancements have made websites more vulnerable to cybercrime. To cope up with this issue, VPS hosting in Singapore offers DDoS protection, end to end encryption, custom security software installation option, firewall, malware scan and removal, SSL certificate and much more. Connecting with Singapore VPS Server will give the highest protection to your website and your visitors surely admire that.

4.    No Influence of Neighbors

VPS Singapore offers private resources and space, so your neighbours (other websites hosted on the same server) will not have any effect on your website. Like shared hosting, where if one website gets hacked or receives high traffic, it affects the performance and security of other websites. VPS on the other hand, doesn’t get affected by all these things as it works like a mini dedicated server for each user.

5.    Superfast Speed and Performance

Due to dedicated resources, you get a super fast speed which enhances the performance of your website. With fast speed your website does not face either slow loading times or server errors which help your visitors stay connected with you for a longer period of time.

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6.    Easy Upgradation and Scalability of Resources

The purchase of a dedicated server is pointless if you already know that these resources will not be fully utilized. If you own a small or medium-sized business, a dedicated server will not only be a costly option, but also useless.

On the other hand, VPS Singapore gives an easy upgradation plan using which you can scale or upgrade your plan  anytime, your website hits high traffic or requires you to install more custom applications or software on your server. This process will hardly give any downtime to your server. So, you will have no regrets if you decide to host your website on a Singapore VPS Server.

7.    Excellent CustomerSupport

When you host your website on a shared server, you will realise that no matter what your hosting company says, you will always receive late responses via your customer support.

On the other hand, since VPS promises dedicated private resources therefore it offers dedicated customer support as well. Whatever problem you face with your vps server singapore, you will get the solution in no time.

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Get Started with Wisesolution’s VPS Singapore for an affordable price

Wisesolution’s VPS Singapore

Wisesolution is an Indian web hosting company with a relatively large market share. It offers a wide range of hosting services and is capable of serving almost any requirement. Its VPS Hosting Singapore plans are not only affordable but consist of all the necessary and updated technology hardware that will help your website to perform well.

In addition to Singapore, the company provides its VPS Hosting services in 25 other locations. Each plan, whether a starter plan or enterprise level plan, consists of 2 types of VPS Hosting Singapore, named Linux VPS Singapore and Windows VPS Singapore.

Unique Features of Wisesolution VPS Singapore:

  • 99.99% Uptime commitment
  • Free server set up
  • 7 Days money-back guarantee
  • Instant deployment
  • Dedicated IP
  • 20x faster speed


Rather than a dedicated server, VPS Singapore is an ideal solution for businesses that have outgrown shared hosting. In addition to large storage capacity, VPS hosting Singapore offers highest speed and performance, exceptional reliability, flexibility and advanced security which are well suited to the needs of many small to mid-sized businesses. These features of VPS are far more affordable in comparison to dedicated servers. Check out Wisesolution’s Linux VPS and Windows VPS Singapore packages if you’re thinking of upgrading to VPS hosting for your website.

Happy Hosting!

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