How to upload your listing video on Youtube

How to upload your listing video on YouTube?

With time, the world of business and service is increasing day by day. And with the introduction of technology and digitalization, people are moving more towards online businesses. This is so because, with the help of online business, people can get quick service.

With these, the many professionals have broken the old traditions. They have connected with the emerging technology to reach out to many people who might be interested in property dealing. The fluctuating market, legal pressure, and improving competition has led to massive pressure on real estate professionals to make the information related to a property more detailed and open online.

Nowadays, service providers consult listings to create successful business deals. Their decision arises from the growing participation of companies in listing their projects. Now, let’s understand why the business listing is essential for every business.

Why are YouTube listings necessary?

If you had just started your career or business, then youtube promotion is essential for you. It is mainly because of the truth that a youtube video helps in providing detailed information of your business or service.

Videos add value to your credibility and amuse the curiosity of the interested clients. This could be explained better with an example- let’s say if a buyer visits the page and likes the displayed listing, he will feel secure and confident in approaching the website’s services. 

YouTube listings necessary

Social media is the most preferred, profitable, and healthy source when it comes to real estate listings. However, many other sources of getting listings such as realtors can get listings through their strong networks, getting in touch with their community, and strategic targeting.

With the help of all these factors, realtors can quickly generate their leads and grow their business. As a businessman, you have got up your website, and you need to post on social media regularly. But above all these, video marketing is becoming more popular in the market because it offers a unique experience to audiences, leading to their higher engagement.

According to studies, it is concluded that around 75 percent of people are more likely to list agents who use video. And with 50 percent of the users using YouTube as their primary source of video research. So, it becomes necessary for every business to focus on video listings, and for that, YouTube is the best source. 

Why use YouTube?

More than 1.5 billion users sign in and watch videos on YouTube every month. This is the primary reason why crafting videos on YouTube can be a profitable experience. With YouTube videos, you cannot only reach its viewers, but as a video platform, you have the chance to integrate it with your social media, blogs, and website to attract more customers. 

Furthermore, YouTube also allows you to be creative. Using video listing through YouTube, you can get many options to share information about your brand and listings. Listing videos gives your clients a unique showcase of your listings with an intimate video of the property, which will save your time and prove to be a great tool to promote current and new listings. It also provides prospective buyers with a unique insight into neighborhood and local areas to decide on purchasing the property. 

Creating a YouTube channel:

Follow these steps to create a YouTube channel-

  • Visit
  • Log in or setup a new google account
  • In the upper right-hand corner, click your user icon. You will see a drop-down menu, where you need to click on settings.
  • Under “additional features,” click on “create a new channel.”
  • Then customize your new brand YouTube channel.

How to upload a video to YouTube?

  • Getting started- The first thing you are required is to log in to your YouTube account.
  • Choosing a file- After logging into YouTube, choose the upload arrow button from the page’s upper right-hand corner. From there, you can reach the upload page.
  • Privacy settings- On your YouTube channel, different types of videos have different types of privacy. Before uploading any video, it is essential to set the privacy whether you want to make the video public or visible on your channel. Once you are done choosing the privacy, click on the big arrow button and choose the video you want to transfer from your files or you can drag and drop the file. 
  • Uploading- While the video transfers to your channel, you can observe its status on a status bar. Once uploaded, the video then starts to process.
  • Title, tags, and description- Your title is the most crucial thing of information you will provide about your video. You need to make sure that your video’s title should be relevant, and you need to remember what people might be looking for. The title is what Google values the most when ranking your video on the search results page. It is also necessary to add descriptions and tags to your videos. You need to include the keyword in the report to help your video rank higher in search results. 
  • Thumbnails- You Tube three options of thumbnail images for you. The thumbnail image can be seen on your channel, playlists, suggested video previews, and anywhere your video is fixed. 
  • Your video’s page on YouTube- Now that you have uploaded your video, you can get to its dedicated YouTube page. Your video now has its URL, where users can like, comment, and share your video. You can also access settings, audio, annotations, and closed captions from the video’s page. You can also see the video analytics or go to your channel video manager from this page.


Every video listing works better and effectively when attracting existing clients and generating new leads. YouTube is a valuable source that can help to achieve your targeted audience in a better way. Let’s take an example of a real estate listing from which they try to reach targeted buyers and sell more properties. 

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