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Choose VPS Colombia by Serverwala to Skyrocket your Online Business

Have you already landed in the world of online marketing? That’s amazing! It would be now easy for you to reach out to your targeted audience located in different countries, states, or anywhere worldwide. But if you want your global website visitors to convert into customers you need to cater to them the best user experience. However, if your website is using Shared Hosting then you might face problems of insufficient storage, unavailability of resources, and poor network connection which may degrade your website’s reputation. Hence, the one-stop and ideal solution for your business is VPS Colombia.

This is because VPS lets your online business grow exponentially by catering you to a wide range of reliable resources and services. This includes solid-state drives, greater server control, customization, scalability, seamless performance, fast speed, high data transfer rate, and, most crucial is the cheapest plans.

With VPS Hosting Colombia, you can host as many websites as you can operate. Also, it gives you plenty of reasons and services to grow your online business. Further, you will get to know why you should choose Serverwala as your web host through this guide. Let’s get started!

Why VPS Hosting Colombia is the Best Solution For your Business?

VPS(Virtual Private Servers) Hosting is a hybrid hosting that mimics the resources of a dedicated server and industry-leading services at the lowest price. It depends on the OpenViz technology, i.e., Virtualization, to break down a large server into multiple virtual servers. Each server is associated with its independent package of resources. These resources include Random Access Memory, massive storage, unlimited bandwidth, etc., that you won’t need to share with anyone. Furthermore, you get a broad list of services that gives you the reasons to consider the VPS Colombia Hosting the best solution for your online business. Such as:

Increased Performance

In a Shared Hosting plan where the website’s physical resources and webspace are shared with another website, can possibly affect the neighboring websites and may downgrade your website performance. Whereas, VPS ensures you an independent platform along with the dedicated resources to upgrade your website performance. Therefore by using the Colombia VPS Hosting, your site functions very well and gives you optimized performance.

Greater Control

This is one of the most common issues that occur when you are using shared hosting. This is because shared software is dictated by your web host. With VPS Colombia Hosting, you get the highest level of server access, so you can make any configurations and modifications on your own. Also, you can install and remove any applications and software from your server and do much more configurations.


If you want to run a small-scale business and have no more planning to expand it, then you may get an idea of the amount of traffic that your website can receive. However, if you are looking to skyrocket your online business. In that case, there may be more chances that your website gets the highest numbers of traffic with increment in the customer base. So, you will need a robust server that accomplishes your website requirements. Unlike shared hosting that limits your scalability option, VPS Hosting in Colombia gives you the flexibility to scale up your resources. So, you can easily scale up your resources efficiently and quickly with VPS.

Low Cost

Most businesses opt for shared hosting because of its low cost. For shared hosting users, VPS may be quite an expensive plan. But with the advancement in technologies, the cost of VPS Colombia Hosting has gradually decreased. That decreased cost enables you to employ the higher benefits at a low cost to grow your online business.

Customer Services

When problems and technical issues are confronted with any hosting services, then it may create a stressful environment. After all, the maintenance of your business completely depends on these servers. Therefore, with VPS Server in Colombia, you get dedicated customer support by experienced and highly skilled service representatives who will stay 24*7 active to support you and resolve your technical problems.

These Resources prove why the VPS Colombia Server is the best solution for your online business. It can exponentially increase your business growth if you choose the right and reliable VPS provider in Colombia. Let’s check whether the company Serverwala fits your online business needs.

Know About Serverwala

Serverwala Cloud Data Center is a leading and renowned Hosting provider that caters to its various web hosting services on all the prime locations of Colombia. The Company was established in 2015 and has been exponentially growing with the passing time. Also, it has been awarded for rendering the various hosting services globally. These services include Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Colocation Server, Cluster Servers, etc. Further, it gives the potential users a wide variety of resources and tech-oriented services to accommodate their online business requirements such as dedicated storage, customization, Server access, scalability, and consistent customer support. Because of these services, the company serverwala has gained the trust of more than 10,000 users across the globe. It also provides an array of key features and affordable plans that we discussed below in this post.

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Key Attributes of Serverwala’s Colombia VPS Plans

Serverwalas Colombia VPS Plans

Free Domain Registration

With VPS Colombia Hosting, you get the Free Domain Registration. So, you won’t need to hassle about anything. If in between, you are stuck somewhere then our customer executives will help you.

Operating System Choice

VPS Colombia Hosting allows you to select the most user-friendly operating system with your hosting. Generally, the Operating system has two types: Windows and Linux(Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, etc.). So, according to your budget and preference, you can pick any of them with Serverwala’s VPS Hosting.

Control Panel Options

The most amazing feature of choosing the VPS Colombia hosting is you get the chance to select your choice of the control panel. It depends on the type of operating system you have opted for, such as. If you have chosen the Windows VPS Hosting, you can select the cPanel, and with Linux VPS Hosting, you can choose either cPanel or Linux control panel options.

Secure Email Accounts

All the Emails from your clients to the server and vice versa are entirely secure with the VPS Colombia hosting. So, you can freely create several email accounts and use them without any worry with the VPS hosting.

Instant Account Setup

Generally, VPS setup will take an hour to get ready to work. But our experts try their best to give instant VPS account setup once you finally proceed with the last stage of your order i.e. payment process. As soon as you make the payment, you get the VPS set up in the next one hour.

Cloud-Powered VPS

VPS Colombia gives you the cloud-powered VPS Hosting that gives you the complete Cloud server environment at the lowest price. So, you can enjoy the benefits of cloud hosting with the VPS Server without investing in Cloud Hosting.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard

This feature of VPS Colombia Hosting enables you to monitor every task and function performed on your server, such as CPU usage, memory usages, etc. You can also reboot your VPS server without letting your website down.

Malware Scan and Removal

With the highest level of security, VPS Colombia Hosting provides you best and powerful cyber securities. This includes DDoS protection, Denial of Service Attacks, End to End encryption, SSL Security, malware protection, Antiviruses, and much that would protect your website’s valuable data from unauthorized access and attacks.

Final Words you need to know.

Serverwala is an industry-leading web hosting provider that gives you a Cheap VPS Hosting Colombia-based server. Along with this, it is best to deliver 24*7 endless support, enterprise-grade services, 99.99% uptime, real-time server monitoring and maintenance services, and reliability. This means you get more resources, so you can ensure more resource availability to sustain the performance and speed of your website. Therefore, this sustainability attracts more visitors to your websites, which would substantially grow your online business.

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