Video Content In Your Marketing Tactics

Primary Reasons You Need Video Content in Your Marketing Tactics

Video marketing has become one of the top contributors to digital marketing strategies. In a study conducted during 2019, more than 60% of the brands had used video content as their primary asset in online advertisement. Another study revealed that more than 78% of marketers and businesses had made video content their top priority in marketing budgets.

That is why it is not only one of the most vital things available in the content of any kind, it is one of the most sought-out as well. There is little doubt regarding its success and abilities. However, in order to understand why it is important, one needs to examine the benefits that it offers. Therefore, let us look at the reasons why you need it.

Most Engaging Out Of All

Content marketing utilizes various types of content to convey an idea towards the audience. While the primary sort would always be text, aka blogs and other kinds, video is slowly taking over as the most beneficial. One of the main reasons behind that is that it has more engaging properties than text. For instance, imagine a landing page of a business website filled with complex lines of text. Now compare it with a website that features animated content that does not only simplify the text we talked about, it also provides entertaining benefits.

Now, imagine a social media page with text or boring content featuring images that nobody wants to see. Now think of an Instagram feed filled with quality video content that conveys the same information in 30 seconds in a much more entertaining way. According to experts at Video Animation Company , the primary aspect that allures companies towards video content is its entertaining nature.

Multiple Uses

One of the top reasons many marketers and businesses lean towards video content is because it has a wide implementation. From social media networks to websites and blogs, it can be used anywhere and everywhere. Moreover, recent times have seen a spike in brands making their own channels on YouTube. That is when video content steps in and provides numerous benefits to brands and marketers.

If that is not convincing enough, then think of the last mobile phone application you used. Chances are, its splash screen featured some sort of animation. If it did, then the app makers realize the importance of video in digital marketing.

Best In ROI

One of the main concerns of anyone who invests money in marketing ventures is how much it would yield back. That worry is easily forgotten in the case of video marketing as some claim its ROI generation capability being a whopping 120%. For instance, if you spent 80 dollars on video production, it would help your company yield 200$ in return on investment. That is what makes video content one of the most beneficial aspects as it costs less and yields more.

Customer Loyalty

May sound a bit strange at first, but the effects video content has on increasing customer loyalty are immense. Not only does it engage them at first contact i.e. through landing pages, but visual content also makes a customer want to go back to certain brands. A study suggested that buyers made a purchase from the same brand more than once if they feature video content.

Improved Conversions & Sales

Since it increases engagement rates and ROI, this is a simple equation that increases conversions and sales. It turns leads into customers and turns them into sales without having to go through much trouble. In other words, the engaging and entertaining nature of video content directly affects sales.

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