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5 Shopify Tricks You Wish You Had Known Sooner

In the current scenario of COVID-19, when the world can fit into a palm-sized device, which is owned by an individual, everyone tries to have everything on their doorstep. Be it medical facilities, house services, parlor services, or even shopping. One can get groceries delivered through food websites, watch newly released movies on streaming platforms, download content from 4Hub, reach out to their loved ones instantly, and get all their fashion needs to be satisfied through online shopping.

Shopping plays a vital role in the life of an individual. It is not only an act of buying needy stuff but a lot more than that. It is a result of human craze towards shopping that not only physical stores but there are a lot of online stores as well. People are so much into online shopping that they end up opening the shopping apps on their smartphones at least 4 to 5 times a day.

Well, that should be noted. Can anyone imagine a person visiting showrooms 4 to 5 times daily? Not at all. This is a general nature among people, and they always tend to go back or stay at the places where they are cared for, attended, and, most importantly, understood.

Most of the Shopify tricks keep these human psychology perspectives as their objectives or principles.

Some of the Shopify tricks that never let their customers show them their back are-

1.  Techniques To Hold Customers While The Page Loads

Just a circle rotating on the screen when the connectivity is low, or it is taking time to search for the needs or wants of the customer, is what no customers like, but a trick introduced which can hold on its customers is adopted by the applications like Myntra.

When it takes time to respond, they show some fashion quotes, methods, etc. And the customer reads them, by the time the required results get loaded. So, they get to hold on to customers. The loading page may also show interesting captions and images to keep the shopper’s focus on the loading page itself, so that they do not leave.

These tricks need not be complicated and long, since they only need to grasp the buyer’s attention for a few seconds. It may be something as simple as an image of a cute puppy, but even that has proven that customers don’t log off.

2.  Wishlist

Can you imagine going to the mall, finding all the stuff you wish to buy, and tell the storekeeper to keep your cart of selected items aside to fill the time you feel like purchasing either one, few or all of them? Not at all.

But the online stores allow you to do that, even with additional features, such as telling you if the item in your cart has some offers on it, is it about to go out of stock and others which are some relevant. These help in slimming down the choices for the buyer, and they can always come back to the product and purchase it, once put in the wishlist.

3.  Customization

The pleasure of owning a thing is incomparable, but when you can hold items with your names, photographs over it, in the way you want them to be, it gives the buyer the feel that it is made just for them.

Many online stores on Instagram have adopted these tricks of attracting customers. The customers enjoy watches, lamp covers, cushion covers, etc. With their photographs or whatever they want on them.

This also applies when the sites show the products that the customers like, according to their past purchases or searches in the site. This makes the site a personalised store, just for the buyer, with products, offers, and recommendations all unique to their tastes.

These were some of the tricks adopted by the sellers to gain customers and hold them. But the customers now are no less smart. They very well know the best time to shop with the best deals available.

Money is essential for every segment of the population. While shopping, everyone wants to get the best deals at the lowest price. The regular shoppers know this art very well. Some of these are:

1.  Make The Sellers Know What You Want To Buy

Many of my shopaholic friends have told me about this trick of making the sellers know what you want to buy so that you either get some offers, can use more gained coins, or experience a price drop. This can be done by adding the product that you want in your wishlist for some time.

It has been observed that if one puts an item in the cart or the wishlist, and keeps it there for a while, the seller will eventually start sending emails and notifications of offers being attached to those products, to lure the buyer to buy it.

2.  Buying More Products In Bulk

If you try shopping for groceries on apps like spencers, amazon, etc. they give the hamper of related products in the price, which is lesser than the sum of MRP of all the items in the basket. This happens due to sellers wanting to balance out their stock for sale and the stock on hold. They would rather want the shopper to purchase in bulk for a lower profit for themselves, than have the product laying around in the warehouse.

For example: There are mostly hampers available of Harpic+Lizol+Bathroom Cleaner. The customer gets benefited by these kinds of deals.

The deals are also available on similar products. For example- The cost of 1 packet of Parle-G is Rupees 5, but if we buy the full pack of 24 packages, the charge is 100 instead of 120 Rupees.

Thus one can assume that the other four packets are for free, while the seller is delighted as more of their items are sold. It is a win-win situation for both.


The conclusion to the above passage is that shopping sites or online stores do not only perform selling but marketing as well. Selling ends once the customer receives the package or item, and the payments are complete.

But marketing is a never-ending process that deals with taking customer feedback on services, articles, etc. and informing them about the future best deals. It is more of maintaining relationships with customers. From the customer’s end, the customer’s value services, quality, and best deals which they receive. Shopify tricks work from both ends for the betterment of anyone or both of them.

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