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Seven and a Half Very Simple Things You Can Do to Save Mobile SEO

By definition, mobile SEO is the optimization of websites to enable their compatibility and flawless view in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

A mobile SEO service ensures that the visitors of a website get to enjoy a seamless user experience on mobile devices. It optimizes the site’s content to acquire top ranking for your web pages over Search engine result pages (SERP). Consequently, the organic traffic is enhanced on your website owing to the mobile-first Indexing.

In this guide, we are going to shed light on seven and a half simple things that need your attention to up your mobile SEO game-(SEO Trends).

1.    Site’s Loading Time

Your website’s loading time and speed are crucial aspects that influence a user’s experience. There’s an inverse relationship between page’s loading speed and bounce rate.

Optimizing the page’s speed requires more than just images and content optimization. If you’re not much into coding and tech, you could hire any mobile SEO service.

Professionals can fix all of the hardware and connectivity glitches by minifying code, leverage browser caching, and reducing redirects.

The Google Page Speed Insights is an effective tool that provides you with relevant information and ways to enhance the site’s speed for mobile devices. Furthermore, it also tells you about your site’s performance and the areas that need improvement.

2.    Responsive Design and Layout

The website’s design and layout must be responsive to mobile devices for better user experience and the site’s adaptability. If that’s not so, users will switch to other sites. Try accessing the desktop version of your website on any mobile device; only then you could understand the pain your users go through.

The desktop version of your site is crowded and unreadable, and you need to zoom in and zoom out continuously to grasp the content, and that is a huge setback!

The mobile SEO service integrates the responsive design and layout of a website. It focuses on reducing pop-ups, designing the page buttons exactly in the path of fingers to avoid accidental clicks, and using the HTML5 to create special effects since plug-ins are mostly unavailable on mobile devices.

3.    JavaScript, CSS and Image Files

Gone are the times when mobile devices did not support JavaScript, CSS, image files, and other elements. Today, things are changing. It will be a huge mistake if you block all these elements. Why?

Firstly, these are critical elements that depict your site’s responsiveness or adaptability to Google. Secondly, Smartphone Google Bot is capable of witnessing and classifying the content from a user’s perspective.

Instead of hiding these elements, a Mobile SEO service keeps such files detectable to search engine’s crawlers. In this regard, you must proceed with the following steps:

  • Enable “Fetch as Google” via Google Webmaster tools to ensure that your site’s JavaScript, CSS and Image files are absolutely crawlable.
  • Make sure that redirects to separate URLs function properly in accordance with mobile devices.
  • Inspect robots.txt to make sure that your pages aren’t hidden from Google.

4.    Website’s Local Optimization

Local optimization of mobile content is quite essential for locally operating businesses.

A mobile SEO service optimizes your website’s mobile content locally by incorporating your business name; it’s location, contact, and geographical details in the site’s metadata.

Another strategy to adapt to local searches is using local keywords or search terms to appear among local search results. For example, Google Near Me Searches is the most frequent search queries.

Besides, you should write blogs and articles featuring local events, happenings, stories. You can also request for reviews and feedback from your local customers.

Building backlinks from authoritative and authentic third-party websites and creating Google My Business profile also contribute effectively towards local search engine optimization.

5.    Voice Search

According to surveys, more than half of the smartphone users are actively using Voice Search Technology. Also, it seems that Voice Search is soon going to take over!

The queries made via Voice Search are mostly short and require relevant brief answers. Google prioritizes ranking sites which deliver complete, accurate, and relevant answers of appropriate length.

You could improve your mobile SEO by optimizing your site’s content by incorporating answer boxes, featured snippets, lists or tables, and questions as subheadings in the article.

6.    Structured Data

In 2011, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex drew up a mutual agreement to support a standardized list of entities and attributes, which is known as This is termed as “Structured Data.”

It enables your site to open a series of communication with different search engines. It depicts the clear meaning of all the diverse elements present on your site.

If implemented correctly, search engines use this data to present highlighted search results or rich snippets, thus helping your site to stand out amidst the crowd.

Structured data enables you to present search results in different ways, thus producing mobile-optimized snippets which are attractive to tap and enhances your site’s visibility and organic traffic.

7.    Separate Mobile URL

Creating a separate mobile URL provides customized content for your smartphone visitors. Mostly, parallel mobile sites use an “m” sub domain as to avoid any confusion. It appears as or

But parallel mobile sites aren’t as successful as dynamic serving sites which automatically sends the visitors to the right version. However, separate URLs enhance website’s adaptability to mobile devices.

7 ½. Better User Experience

All of the tactics mentioned above have proved to provide users with a quality experience. However, you still need to work on some other factors to ensure enhanced user experience. Following are those factors that need your attention to level up your Mobile SEO:

  • The content of your website must ensure users’ compliance and accordance.
  • The Mobile version of your site must be valuable and enjoyable.
  • Appropriate font size
  • Page buttons must be thumb-friendly
  • The CTAs (Call to Action buttons) must be easy to find and should stand out on the webpage as CTAs influence conversions. The CTAs should be spot on the page in a blink and should be thumb-friendly.
  • All the elements like phone number, submenu, etc. must be clickable to make user’s experience convenient.

There is no denying there; optimizing your website for mobile devices is a necessity. By not doing so, you are depriving your business of the continuous stream of traffic of visitors that surf online using their smartphones. If you want to enhance your digital visibility and boost your traffic, make sure you hire a professional mobile SEO service provider.

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