Tips to save money on web hosting

Awesome Tips to save money on web hosting

Web hosting is an important aspect of making an online presence. Why people want to invest in web hosting. It becomes critical that you invest in an effective way for a web hosting platform.

It will make your online presence and company succeeding. There are many hosting firms that charge far too much even though a customer doesn’t use any of their resources. In this article let’s look at how you can save money on web hosting. 

Most hosting services offer a free domain also on hosting order so if you don’t get a domain through your hosting company so you can go along with Go daddy, Name cheap. Afterward, you should alter the hosting name list. Following are the few ways:-

  • Go for a Shared Hosting Plan

Numerous website owners using a shared hosting contract at the entry-level continue to complain regarding low performance. They also suffer from restricted capacity and insufficient disc space.

But normally when you host the high-traffic and material-rich website on a public server, it does occur. If you launch a blog, then shared hosting would be a nice deal to you.

Therefore, as per, if your new website and blog aren’t going to get lots of traffic, you wouldn’t need a big server space.

In simple, this less costly hosting solution helps you to launch your blogging journey with no hesitation. The nice thing about it is shared hosting as you can switch to a premium package anytime you want.

It is worth noting that if the platform is well-optimized, a paid shared hosting service will accommodate up to 20 K users per day. So the point is, you should not go for any comprehensive hosting service like VPS hosting and dedicated hosting and at the start.

  • Downgrade

Save-on-web-hosting, it might appear like an alternative that would restrict your hosting options. Some of the options in your hosting kit are probably the least you need.

Why do you have to pay for unnecessary features once you’re short of money? Usually, the hosting account comes with multiple additional functions such as logging, SMS alerts, etc.

You may use your hosting account and create a list of what you basically need and get rid of unused ones. Often, if the resource consumption is poor it is a smart choice of using a VPS rather than a dedicated server. Thus it is a good way as to how you can save money on web hosting.

  • Use a free host

When your site is still in its early phase and attracts less traffic then it’s the time to go for a free host. There are several free web hosting facilities available and therefore when you go for free web hosting you need to be really patient. Don’t forget that the archive is also backed up. Also, several hosts give newcomers a simple free hosting package. It is really a good option for beginners.

  • Promotional codes

Right before you register for the hosting services account, search for new users when they have any vouchers. Hosting Discount coupons will help you save more on hosting. You can also get them through friends and from other sites and websites.

Promotional offers are available all over the internet. If your expenditure is poor they are a great help; so keep a close eye out though them. Ask for Trials as well to check if the discounted product is working or not. Like you can Try Semrush guru Free and it gives you 7-14 days to understand the product.

  • Try to get a referral bonus

Nearly every hosting company has a scheme for referral incentives. If your buddies join a host through your referral account, you would be granted free credits and incentives, easy as that. You may also put an affiliation banner to your website to obtain further referrals.

You could also use social networks to introduce your hosts to people, that work like the charms. These are a powerful way of spending on your hosting costs.

  • Buy Hosting for Longer Period

Most Web servers do not offer any subscription discounts. For e.g., you buy one more year Hostgator hosting of a 25 percent discount. You have to upgrade your Web host in one year. You likely won’t use any offer at the time and get a discount.

That involves paying the standard price. But on the other hand, when you buy hosting over longer periods of time (say, 3 years), you can earn a massive discount on the overall cost. The longer you chose the time, the more you earn.

  • Become an Affiliate

Have you ever considered making money out of hosting rather than paying? Yeah, it can be. I have been doing it for a time. You will do the same by entering or supporting partner web hosting programs.

What you have to do is ask your buddies or others to use your referral to buy the hosting. It’s not that easy. I wouldn’t really recommend you, but you should only try your luck.

  • Wait for Special Day Offers

Web hosting providers offer special-day mad offers including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and so forth. Unless you think you should wait for some special occasions so at that time purchase web hosting.

They usually offer discounts of 50 to 70 percent, often much more. To get updated on Web Hosting offers, you can access our newsletters.

  • Dropping Extra Services

Hosting companies provide some additional features such as Site lock, Archive, SEO, etc. with their bundles. Which aren’t really free programs? Unless you think you’re not going to use these resources so clearly remove those programs.

Team suggests that, you can take these programs up later. Thus always try to cut short the services according to your requirements.


Thus, if you find these tips helpful, please do share them to help people to know as to how you can save money on web hosting. By taking care of the above points one can not only save the money but can also achieve success in their business. If you have some other tips on hosting services that would save money you could also post in the comments thread below and that we will update that article appropriately.

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