Repurpose Your Old Content

6 Effective Tricks That Will Let You Repurpose Your Old Content

One of the main troubles in the life of a content writer is to continuously come up with new content. However, it is the very talent of a content writer to make use of old content in new ways by making different kinds of changes. Another reason why an old content might be used again is due to the high traffic it received, which can be brought back by adding updated info.  And it goes without saying that an up-to-date content receives more views and shares. In this blog, we will be talking about a few such tricks that serve to make old content new and use them again for online promotions.

But before we start talking about our topic, let us agree on the point that it is better to hire a copywriter or an internet marketing agency that offers content writers rather than doing it by one’s self. A copywriter is trained and experienced to provide engaging content based on a business’s requirements. Moreover, experience in various industries makes them better for the job. However, if you are a content writer yourself, it does help you know how to recreate content.There are many reasons to recreate old content including accuracy, new audience, change of opinion, insufficiency and more.

Here are 6 great tricks that will help you recreate your old content:

  1. Add text: This can be said to be the most-used trick by content writers. Simple and effective, all that needs to be done is to add the new information to spark the interest of the readers. For this, it is suggested to choose that content which had once received great positive reactions and views from users. For example, if you have an old content about ‘content writing tips’, you will know that such tips change their forms with time, new ones come into effect and old ones become obsolete. So, you can add or make the changes accordingly and use the content again. This increases the chances of Google showing it in its search results big time.

However, if you have content that you want to re-use for your website, you can opt for an agency that provides content writing services which will give you a totally recreated version of your content while keeping its originality intact.

  • Change the Heading: A continuation of the previous point, this is also a great innovative way to recreate content. A new headline is the first step towards a new content that has the potential of going viral. For example, if you have a blogwith the heading “The Best Magazines about Cars You Need To Get Your hands On”, you can easily turn it into “Top 5Magazines about Cars That You Will Love” or “Top 5Magazines about Cars in 2020”. There is no end to improvising headings. All you have to do is incorporate variety by either making the topic narrower or even broader. Hire a copywriter or contact an agency of website content writing services to get yourself great headlines, and for that matter, great content that it engaging and viral-worthy.
  • Create an Infographic: With the advent of social media, images have found a whole new platform for engagement, especially infographics. All you have to do is take your old content, and turn it into an image carrying the basics of the content along with pictures. It is a great way to attract audience, and not to forget, images are retained for a longer period of time in our minds. There are many online tools today like Canva where you can easily create such infographics. Certainly, too many words will get anyone bored whereas an image gives the person a wrap-up of the whole thing in a simpler manner.
  • Create videos: Next in line, just like infographics, are videos. This is much more useful and effective for tutorial posts like ‘How to’s, etc. While recreating the old content with some added texts, create a video that shows how it is done. For example, if your content is on “Ways to hang posters without frames”, create a video where the different types of frames are shown to be made. Moreover, it does not always need to show how the thing is done. You can simply choose the content, add some new information, and say the points in front of a camera all by yourself. Crack a few jokes if you can to make it more interesting. Videos are the latest thing in online marketing with thousands of people making money from vlogs only.
  • Create several posts from a single one: If you are recreating posts, a great way to do is by making them more precise. Take for anexample; you have a post that deals with “How to recreate content”. You can make it more precise by saying “How to recreate content-change the heading”, or “How to recreate content- use infographics”, etc. The main idea behind this is that when a person searches “How to recreate content” on Google, he or she will come across all these posts of yours. Add link to the other posts to further encourage engagement and thus conversions. Handing over such work to content writing servicesassures better posts and thus greater traffic rather than doing it yourself. After all, it is not your personal page, it is your business and in any online business, content is king.
  • Adding Reports: This requires creating a new post. If you have written reviews or carried out a survey of some kind or an experiment earlier, you can bring it up again. For example, take this: “The service: Do people still prefer it?” or “The service: Is it still relevant?” This takes the attention of people to the earlier post, thereby increasing its traffic. It is a very simple yet effective way to use content, however, applicable only if you have the necessary reports.

These 6 tricks show how you can recreate content for your business while maintaining originality. For all of these, rather trying your hand, it is strongly suggested to hire a copywriter or a digital marketing agency that will provide you with both recreated and new content as per your needs, whether it be long-term or short-term based on the resources you require. This will ensure higher engagement and traffic to your website pertaining to higher searches, especially those organic without having a pull at your wallet.

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