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How far will AR take e-Commerce?

Augmented Reality has taken over and moved to a newer parameter creating better possibilities in almost every industry. As per a survey published in “Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management,” online shoppers return 70 percent of the clothing they order, it’s more than any other category of purchase.

While there are bulk returns and fluctuations in customer satisfaction, online shoppers require a better way to look for their clothing and the e-commerce sellers require a unique way to get their customers exactly what they need! AR is an accurate solution to both, how? Let’s breakdown the why and how of AR Commerce-

Why do you need AR for your e-Commerce Business?

With the rising challenges in the e-commerce industry, AR has the power to elevate the entire process of how e-commerce works and aids the gaps between online shopping for customers driving more sales altogether.

  • Better Customer Engagement

Better services build better customer engagement. As a pillar to e-commerce success, customer engagement comes in many possible forms. Exceptional service, personalized offers, and branding which contributes to foster an engaged and loyal audience. In this case, augmented reality unlocks a new dimension to customer engagement. Being highly interactive in nature, AR enables brands to deliver innovative & creative digital experiences. Well, not just that, the technology can create context-driven personal recommendations and interactive tours, adding an extra option of gamification making the online shopping process better than ever.

  • Boost Conversion Rates

Online shopping is convenient and swift, but does that lead to better conversion rates? While shopping through your favorite websites can be fun but it has a major drawback which restricts the users from converting into customers. The reason being, without actually looking to the product physically present or trying on the same, there is less probability of buying it. Augmented Reality can, therefore, make a difference! With the help of a 3D object presentation, AR encourages the users to see the smallest of the details and help in selecting a product to how it will perform in the real environment. Having an augmented reality software in action is not just a benefit for the business owners but a perfect solution for the customers too!

  • Extend Reachability

Reaching new customers is easier when you have a technology backing up! Incorporating AR into your marketing strategy can be a win-win situation helping your brand to think futuristic and attract digital natives. Considering the e-commerce giants Amazon has launched an AR View to let the users find various products and experience each of them virtually sitting at their homes. Instagram has also introduced similar functionality to let users shop with the help of augmented reality technology. There can be extended reachability to the customers and better purchasing options to let them shop hassle-free at the convenience of their homes.

  • Easy Customer Acquisitions

Various online businesses struggle to acquire new customers and retain the old ones as well! Augmented Reality can help in dealing with the issue of customer acquisition. By enabling the consumers to experience your products or services in the AR environment, businesses are the potential to overcome many stress points and hinder the purchases. With the help of technology, shoppers are able to interact with the products and services in augmented reality and able to complete the purchase process conveniently.

How to integrate Augmented Reality in the e-commerce strategy?

AR-powered catalog applications help the brands in bringing their product alive. For instance, the brands that do not have specific showrooms, virtual trying options seem the best choice to allow the customers to not only look at the products but also have an option to customize their preferences and imagine themselves  wearing or implementing the product where it is required to be placed.

Imagine trying a sofa in different colors and you can decide which one looks the best. An augmented reality software development company can help you in taking the steps to design your home and find the best-suited products. You can enhance an AR-Driven e-commerce app with the machine learning capabilities in order to analyze the user’s environment and get the tailored recommendations based on the customizations entered and previous purchase history.

  • Virtual Fitting Rooms

AR-powered mobile applications can help you try clothes, jewelry, accessories, and makeup virtually. Being a plus for your customers boosting brand recognition and better experiences, business owners can always stay at the top of their profits and growth. Thinking about the sizing help? Yes, AR empowered applications to capture the user’s measurements and customize the fit, wherein a user can adjust their sizing until they find the perfect for themselves.

  • Interactive User Manuals

Augmented reality can be a boon in nurturing relationships with your customers even after the sales are completed. You can provide them with an AR-enhanced product manual with an interactive guided tour for the users sorting the complex installation and maintenance processes, further helping them to understand how the explained feature works for them. These kinds of convincing demonstrations through AR animations enable the customers in getting most of their purchases while improving the overall shopping experience.

  • Preview Placement

Exactly like the virtual try-on solutions, preview placement is another game-changer for the retailers who’re dealing in furnishings and home décor options. AR is powerful, allowing a shopper to visualize how a product will be looking if placed in their homes at the exact place where they wanted. The features bring a unique experience for the shoppers giving an elevated sense of ownership with no physical store plus, it saves a lot of time for the customers willing to buy after long research of the options around them. For instance, IKEA and Amazon are the leading brands to introduce preview products in their preferred settings which can be accessed by the customers through a simple mobile application in their smartphone. The process is simple—a user should open the application, use the camera, and select the products from the store’s catalog to check out how the particular item will appear in their homes. Well, it isn’t limited to this feature, a user has an option to rotate items in a live camera view mode and fix it as they need it to be, resulting in more customer satisfaction and higher customer engagement.

5 Interesting Stats which prove that Augmented Reality in e-commerce is the best recommendation!

The augmented reality market is projected to generate $70 to $75 billion in revenue worldwide by the end of 2023. According to a study conducted by Boston Consulting Group, it is estimated that more than 80 million people in the US will engage with AR at least once a month, while the revolutionary technology primarily attracts millennials (ages between 19 to 34).

  • 63% of customers say augmented reality would improve their shopping experience.
  • 77% of customers prefer to use augmented reality capabilities to preview product variations such as color or style differences.
  • 78% of people who have experienced augmented reality actively prefer these virtual experiences over the video content.
  • 70% of consumers are expected to be more loyal to the brands incorporating augmented reality as part of their shopping experience.
  • 73% of mobile augmented reality users reported either high or extremely high satisfaction with mobile augmented reality experiences.

The Bottom Line

Augmented Reality is a revolutionizing way to not just interact with the customers but build a connection with the environment too! The technology offers a new dimension in order to explore with digital content and physical surroundings. For the question How much AR-VR App development cost, the answer could be according to the additional features you wish to include along with other specifications to be added.

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