Redefining Digital Advertising

How Technology Is Redefining Digital Advertising?

Digital technology has taken over almost every field, Redefining Digital Advertising and its boundaries and opening up limitless possibilities. Marketing and sales are no exception. Technology has enabled digital advertising to replace the conventional methods of advertisements owing to its multiple uses.

Among the numerous benefits, it offers the potential to create out-of-the-box strategies that help in gaining more customers. It also helps target the right audience.

Technological advancements and digitalization are prompting companies to use online platforms for marketing their business. Companies need to stay updated with the latest trends in the market to keep going and stay ahead of the competition.

With the boom in the use of digital devices, consumers are also getting online and using online platforms more. Advertisements on TV and radio are no longer trending in the market; instead, social media has become the new arena that digital marketers can use to gain leads and increase sales.

Video making is one such digitized way of marketing with immense potential. A specialized video editor refines the video created for marketing so that the customers can get attracted, and the video can create maximum impact.

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Technology is Redefining Digital Advertising

Let us delve deeper into the numerous benefits of technology and how it can redefine digital advertising.

*Increased efficiency:

The effect of automation has reached every industry. Digital advertising, it has come as marketing automation. Marketing automation is the use of emerging and new technologies to improve the efficiency of digital advertising.

With marketing automation in place, the repetition of mundane tasks gets reduced. Businesses can save time, resources, and effort with automation. It also helps in fetching the relevant market insights that further help in decision-making. Several tools are available to implement marketing automation for seamless management.

*Identifying the right target audience: Digital advertising works out strategies to identify the right target audience. Technology helps marketers zero in on the target segments by filtering the audience based on geographical region, demography, behavior, and interests.

For instance, ads manager tools have several options that help in profiling the target audience. Technology also helps in curating the kind of content that potential customers would like to watch. SEMrush and BuzzSumo are the two main tools that help understand the behavior of the target audience and exclude the audience not coming within the business’s target. You may follow reflection models.

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*Measuring ROI:

Digital advertising is an improvement over the traditional modes as it helps track and measure the ROI with precision in real-time. It also helps marketers follow the right course of action and update the already existing campaigns to get the desired results.

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data have brilliant analytics and tracking abilities that help in making quick decisions and increasing sales. Machine learning can analyze infinite data points and facilitate a deep understanding of customer touchpoints. Marketers are making use of predictive analysis that helps in the identification of patterns, thus influencing customer behavior.


Personalization is another essential thing that marketers use in their digital advertising strategy. A fast-growing business needs a customer-centric approach. Personalization helps with this by staying connected with the target audience and then customizing brand strategies depending upon the customer profiles.

Numerous email marketing tools such as Google Forms, Mailchimp, and others are available to help you stay connected with the target audience and incorporate suggestions to make the customers feel valued. For instance, Amazon assistant recommends products beyond their website and offers them a personalized browsing experience. Thus, personalization helps in giving customers the best experience.

*Improved customer experience:

Voice search and video marketing have given new definitions to the audience experience and recreated the relationship of brands with their customers. We all are aware of the popularity gained by YouTube in the past few years.

People not only watch videos but also share them with their friends. That apart, wearable technology, augmented reality, and virtual reality has created several opportunities to provide the best experience to customers and keep them engaged. As an example, Snapchat photo filters and Instagram Reels have the ability to draw the attention of the audiences because of the entertainment and fun they offer.

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*Customer retention:

By offering excellent customer experience and personalization, marketers can help gain and retain customers. Marketers not only target to gain customers but also retain the existing ones, and technology helps them in achieving their objectives.

Digital advertising includes remarketing strategy that helps customers stay connected, relight purchase intent, and trigger purchase repetition. Hence, remarketing has become a crucial part of the marketing funnel. Remarketing helps set the brand loyalists that assist by recommending the brand with the help of social media and digital media platforms.

*Influencing business outcomes:

Technology is offering multiple benefits to businesses, such as widening customer base, increased sales, improved efficiency, and impact business outcomes. In addition to that, technology has also aided brands by adopting the digital-first approach and seizing omnichannel marketing strategy targeting different customer profiles.

Video Making is one such technique that businesses follow as a part of digitalization to target the audience online and get maximum benefits from them.

*Promote Innovation:

Technology encourages creativity and promotes innovation. Brands are coming up with disruptive campaigns that make creativity and innovation stand out of the box. For example, Campbell’s Soup Tube ad has used the Vogon technology of Google and created a pre-roll campaign on YouTube targeting a total of 1,700 customers.

The tool, which aids in customizing creativity for different audiences, has increased the total views to 1.5 million. It has also increased the sale of Cambell’s Simply Soup by 55%.


Technology has come up as the universal cure for brands that influence business outcomes in a positive way and maintain competency. Personalization and storytelling are the two main components of the digital advertising campaign, and technology is the tool facilitating these.

It also has another side that includes cybercrime risks, users’ privacy concerns, making redundant job roles, and more. The key benefit of technology can be gained by figuring out the right blend and using it wisely.

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