Perfect Explainer Video Script

Steps to Write A Perfect Explainer Video Script

Videos have now become the central and the deciding factor for any marketing campaign. The idea for using videos in marketing campaigns is not recent, but their importance on social platforms has risen to incredible heights in recent times, and this has made them integral towards the success of any marketing campaign.

Among the kind of videos that are being leverage by brands in today’s hyper competitive marketing landscape are explainer videos.

Explainer videos have become essential for the promotion of any brand, and if you have not created one yet, you are most likely falling behind and losing out on time to create one. In this article, we will discuss the things you must keep in mind to create a killer explainer video script, but first, let us talk briefly to give you an idea of what explainer videos are.

What Are Explainer Videos?

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are small bits of video contents, usually around a minute or two in length, which capture the essence of your services or brand and explain it to the audience in an engaging manner. They do not just attract customers towards you, but they are so much than that. These videos tell a convincing story about your services and brands to the audience within a brief period of an average of 60 seconds. Sounds incredible, right? Well, that’s not all; about 83% of the people believe that explainer videos about a product on the internet help them make a purchase decision.

If your explainer video, apart from being informative, is also fun to watch, then it will convert your audience into customers in no time. Now, let us tell you how to make a great explainer video script that helps you boost conversion rates.

How to Write A Perfect Explainer Video Script?

Preparing a great and useful explainer video script is often a daunting task, as it requires a very well thought out process. You have to convey a compelling message within a brief period in a manner that is fun to watch, relatable to the audience, and informative at the same time. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind before writing a script for your explainer video.

Plan Your Video Project First

Planning is always the first thing you need to do before starting a video project. It is still good to write a short creative brief of your project before writing the script for the explainer video. Think about these questions while you plan the script as they are the base and backbone of your explainer video.

  • What is the problem that your product or service will solve?
  • How is your service or product going to solve the problem?
  • What makes your service or products better than alternative solutions?
  • What do you want your customers to do after watching the video?

This will help you trim down your message to the most compelling points or the right kind of basics. Remember, your entire video’s success depends upon answering these questions in the right manner so it is important not to slip out from them as you have minimal time.

Keep the Script Short

You must remember that the audience watching your video has a lot of other engagement options as well. The only way your video will be useful to them is if they can get value from it if they watch it till the end. Make sure that you make a script that is not too lengthy but also compelling, to hold the audience’s attention till the end.

Build Your Story around a Structure

For a video with a length of a minute or two, a three-act structure works the best. Build your story around these 3 acts to make it look relevant and compelling.

  • Highlight what the problem is to your audience.
  • Explain how your services or product is going to solve that problem for them.
  • Explain how your services or product is unique or why should they choose you instead of the alternatives.

This three-act structure divides your explainer video script into three useful sections and makes it easier for you to write.

Tell Them a Great Story About Your Product

Data helps support your video, but technically, it is the story that grabs the viewer’s attention. Storytelling is the hottest part of the content in your explainer videos. It would be best if you tried to use real people with their actual experiences as much as possible to make your video more compelling.

Focus More on What You Are Explaining

Do not forget that you are making a video to explain your product, and this must be your top priority. You will have to highlight the problem, but the bulk of your content should be focused more on the solution itself. In simpler words, in an explainer video, you have to highlight the problem only, and the rest of the video should be focused on explaining how you can solve the situation better than the others.

Add an Emotional Touch

You are more likely to succeed in your audience can relate to what’s happening in the video. Injecting an emotional touch to your video will always give you an edge over others who do not. For example, let’s take an interview with a man whose home was affected by a storm. The audience is more willing to make donations for him as it lights up a feeling of empathy within them. On the contrary, the audience is more likely to ignore a statistical report representing the damage done by the storm. Remember, the more emotionally you connect with your audience, the more chances you will convert them into consumers.

One or two minute’s video to explain a product or service might not sound like enough time, but it is. If you keep the above-discussed tips in your mind while writing a script for your explainer video, you are most likely to end up getting a killer explainer video script.

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