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Six Leading UI Design Trends To Follow In 2022

The modern digital era introduced a new branch of science that studies user experience. This allows designers to understand what influences a person’s emotions and behavior when he or she uses a product or service. Today, UX design has a key role in the creation of high-quality products. Because it allows almost any company to ensure that their system meets all the requirements for effective operation. It is difficult to say how this trend will manifest itself but there are some UI Design Trends already emerging – vivid colors and shades, clear imagery, successful application of animation technologies.

Mark Leading UI Design Trends

So what is so special about these six trends? Let’s find out!

1. Emotional Design

The digital space is considered an emotional territory where interactions must be built not only on rational needs. But also with consideration for emotions and the human psyche. This approach introduces new elements into interface development – emotions, empathy, messages generated by users’ brains.

Emotional UI Design
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These factors will play a huge role in 2022 when technology will grow more sensitive to the user’s feelings. Of course, this isn’t something that can happen overnight. Many UX researchers are studying these processes now, creating tests and surveys. Which they aim to discover how people feel about certain sites or interactives.

As a  result, interface designers will be able to predict users’ reactions and create interfaces that respond to those emotions more accurately.

2. Meta Verse

In 2022, many virtual worlds will have been created from movies or video games. In this world, there are no limits to what you can do and how you look like! The one thing stopping you from living in this world may be real-life commitments such as work or school. What if your life passed by without fully experiencing something that could have been fun? We may only be able to explore this wonderful world when we retire in our 70s or 80s.

Meta Verse Ui design
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To make this possible now, some companies are developing virtual reality (VR) headsets that will bring the metaverse into your hands. VR is currently being used in industry but has not yet hit mainstream society. Still, it is something to look forward to since VR allows people who love each other living on different continents to meet and interact just like they would if they were together. You will be able to enjoy games without having to sit at the computer anymore!

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3. Split-Screen Design

In 2022, multi-tasking will be taken one step further: screens split down the middle. The focus has shifted from mobile versus desktop and multiple windows to mobile and desktop in split-screen mode. The app design will reflect that shift, enabling users to launch apps side by side for multitasking without having to open several separate windows or switching between screens.

Split-Screen Design
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Fusion between our digital and real worlds is continuing to grow at a pace which means split screen designs are becoming increasingly popular. This’ll either be where you create different sections for your page or an app that can be accessed by splitting the page into sections (similar to opening up an email inbox). Or it will definitely be something we see more of in 2022 – cross polling/pops etc.

Imagine scrolling through a page on your mobile device and being able to pull out certain elements (such as widgets or message windows) on demand.

4. Storytelling

As the generation who have grown up with tablets, smartphones, and laptops enter adulthood we can expect more websites/apps to tell us a story rather than expecting the user to find their own. This will be done in various ways such as having animations that show off features, users following a journey, and more interactivity with media like video and sound.

Interactivity is at the very core of storytelling and this has been seen growing in popularity over recent years; we only need to look at apps like Zomato which allow you to follow your food from farm to fork by bringing together different videos and pictures etc. Or even something like Netflix allowing users to follow certain shows from start to finish.

Storytelling Ui design
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In 2022, voice recognition will be the norm which creates a new challenge for designers: How do I communicate with you when you don’t have your eyes glued to your screen? The answer is storytelling through motion graphics and providing visual cues so users can understand what they need to know through motion rather than static words on a page.

It’s also important that no matter how many different ways information is presented it has a cohesive storyline. Content creators are telling more stories through not only text but also videos or images. This storytelling includes emotions captured by the creator that makes the reader feel involved in what they are reading.

5. Thumb-Friendly Mobile Navigation

One-handed operation is becoming more and more popular therefore designers are starting to take note of this by designing with thumbs online in mind. Having navigation that is obviously reachable for most people with average-sized hands makes it easier for them to get around your site which means they’ll spend more time on it!

You can do this through clever design, perhaps sticking less important sidebar items down further down your page or having your main links on the top left.

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Navigation Ui design
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Users are spending more time on their mobile devices and as a result, designers will need to pay close attention to the thumb zone. In 2022, hit targets for buttons on a mobile device will be about 2–3mm wide. This means less horizontal scrolling because users won’t want to reach as far across the screen with their thumbs.

Motion is going to play a big role in navigation as well since people spend more time swiping through content vs clicking. Designers are creating interfaces that are easier for users to get around on their phones by prioritizing design elements based on how easy it is for people to tap/click them accurately with one hand while holding their device.

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6. Dynamic Color Palettes

Colors play a big role in UI Design Trends and increasingly we’re seeing more fluid color changes taking place within websites and apps alike. What does this mean? Well, basically designers and developers are creating apps and websites that change the color palette throughout use. For example, this could mean a website or app changes color to help users navigate easier, adapt to your preferences, or give the user more information in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Dynamic Color Palettes Ui design
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Colors change over time, designers are creating color palettes that change based on the time of day or year. This is appealing to users because it helps them determine when something happened in their lives at a glance without having to think too much about things like date/time stamps.

In 2022 colors on digital screens will be adjusted according to three factors: your position, your fingerprint, and what’s happening outside of the screen. If you’re sitting down at night it’ll automatically dim or invert. When in the morning it’ll brighten up again. While this is happening, screens will also be able to sense your finger and predict your actions without you even clicking on anything (e.g., when scrolling through an article).


In this fast-paced industry, UI Design Trends is key to success.

But there are always new trends and changes coming along that will shape the way we work for years to come! The UIs of 2022 could look like this: it’s important you stay on top or else your job might become obsolete quickly with all these different things happening every day!

Pay attention especially if designing websites relying heavily upon aesthetic appeal while also being user-friendly UI Design Trends because those 2 qualities set apart successful digital products from their counterparts relying solely upon content alone. Web developers are an essential part of any project, especially if you want a site that looks professional and functions well.

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