7 Laptops with Cool and Interesting Features

Whether you are going to college or doing work in an office or handling your own work, you need a great laptop, which can handle all your needs. If you just want some entertainment this laptop buying guide will help identify the best Laptops with Cool and Interesting Features and you will know every great feature of any laptop, that’ special and unique.

We will identify these laptops that are super cool and give you unique features. These laptops are designed with a difference in mind and can give you a superior perspective. You will be amazed to check out these laptops. We will be telling you how to choose the best laptop in this series. Let’s start. 

7 Laptops with Cool and Interesting Features

One of the best Laptops with Cool and Interesting Features also that are unique with the best features. 

1. Asus Zenbook Duo Pro

Asus Zenbook Duo Pro
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Acer launched the Zenbook Duo Pro as The ‘Laptop of tomorrow”. The Laptop was called the “Laptop of tomorrow’ for a reason. It has a screen. Every laptop has a screen! No, it has a screen, that’s above the keyboard. A Second screen that is half the size of the main screen of your main laptop screen. This screen is amazing in ways and how it works. 

This laptop is slim too. The thickness of the whole laptop is just 1.9 mm thick and not heavy at all. The laptop just weighs 1.6 KG. With an Intel Core i7 and above and 8 or 16GB Ram, this laptop is powerful too. 

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2. MICROSOFT Surface Laptop 3

MICROSOFT Surface Laptop 3
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Yes, a Laptop from Microsoft. Built with a fully metallic body and great ergonomics, this laptop from Microsoft is a great-looking and greatly designed laptop. Not only that, the Microsoft Surface Laptop has a full touch screen. You can touch the screen and work with it. Speaking of the screen, this laptop comes with a 2K display or quad HD display. A beautiful display for all the entertainment you need. 

Plus you can also use styles with this laptop, as the display supports stylus too. With support from Microsoft, this can be a great laptop for daily use. Although it only comes with Ryzen 5 and 8 GB ram. Other versions can go even higher in specs too. 

3. Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14 

Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14
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A “Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14” Laptop from Xiaomi or Mi. Yes, it’s a great laptop that has a great price and will give you the most features and high specs for a low price. The Laptop comes with a full HD display, that’s an advantage. Plus the weight of the laptop is just 1.35 KG and lightweight. It’s not a heavy laptop and comes in a sleek design. 

Around the price of 53K, nobody is offering Intel Core i7 11th gen. That’s a great key point for this laptop. Plus you get a 512 GB SSD with this laptop. 

4. DELL Inspiron Core i5 11th Gen

DELL Inspiron Core i5 11th Gen
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Why did we keep this laptop in our series? DELL Inspiron Core i5 11th Gen – It’s a laptop, in which you can rotate the screen to showcase this laptop as an entertainment machine, or to showcase your presentations and other stuff. Its hinge can rotate to 200 degrees and this is considered as a 2 in 1 laptop where it can be used just like a tablet. 

This laptop also comes with stylus support and you can draw or create with a stylus on this device. The specs of this device are Intel Core i5 11 Gen with 8 GB Ram and other versions can go even higher. These are the key features of key features for your laptop and can be used for daily use. 

5. MSI Stealth 15M

MSI Stealth 15M
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Want a laptop that’s super stealthy and black looking with power that’s on power on the level of a gaming laptop, then you need MSI Stealth 15M. This laptop comes with the portability of normal but with the specs of a gaming laptop. 

Every laptop has average speakers. But with MSI Stealth 15M, you can get studio-grade speakers. Plus the speakers are beside the keyboard, which means, you will hear the sound directly. Most of the laptop speakers are under the laptop and they sound from the downward position. 

This laptop comes with Intel Core i7 and Nvidia RTX 3060 and a screen that has a refresh rate of 144 Hz, but it’s only Full HD. This laptop with all these heavy specs just has a weight of 1.7 KG. 

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6. MSI Alpha 15

MSI Alpha 15
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Want a gaming laptop that’s well-optimized, then look at MSI Alpha 15. Why is it special or exclusive? Well, it is what is called an AMD advantage. It comes with AMD Ryzen 7 octa-core CPU and an AMD Radeon RX6600M graphics card.

When AMD CPUs are paired with AMD Radeon graphics cards, AMD can really optimize your system for optimal performance. This laptop comes with a Full HD screen that has a 144HZ refresh rate. 

7. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14
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With the performance and price and looks, this laptop is amazing. From the full metal body to the ergonomics, Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is a gaming laptop that comes in a very handy size. This laptop has a weight of 1.6 KG. 

The main feature laptop of this laptop is an ACTIVE MATRIX LED that is on the back of its screen. You can play any animation through these LEDs or write and display these messages and display this to anywhere and anyone. This is a great feature for this laptop.

Plus, this laptop is powerful too and has great performance due to its great specs and services. The best laptops come with AMD CPUs and they perform really well. This laptop specs start from Ryzen 9 with NVIDIA 1650 and go to NVIDIA RTX 3060 for Active Matrix LED.  Now you know how to choose the best laptop based on some of these 7 laptops with cool and unique features. This is the laptop buying guide through which you can choose the best laptops and can get laptop that suits your needs according to you. These laptops have special features and great performance specs, through which you can do heavy tasks.

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