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Digital Marketing: Five Ways to Increase Google Rankings

With the rapid advancement of digital technologies, societies have drastically transformed. The surge of online platforms and tools has enhanced connectivity, developed financial inclusion, increased access to trade and public services. Similarly, there is a boom in the digital marketing sector ever since numerous online tools and campaigns have emerged in e-commerce. The evolution of technology has paved the way to merge the masses; in the pursuit of businesses to attract leads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has helped the online business to transcend all boundaries and enhance outreach. It functions primarily on Google rankings to get an edge over its competitors in the digital marketing scenario.

Your site’s SEO performance including, impressions, Click Through Rate (CTR), and average positions on keyword-level, determine your rankings. These aspects of a website encompass an exhaustive SEO list, ranging from Technical SEO, On-page SEO, Link-building, and Tracking, eventually drawing a growth plan strategy for businesses.

We have compiled a list of FIVE ways you should focus on to escalate your Google Rankings.

1 Mobile-Friendly Website Design With Quick Navigation

Your website design and mobile optimization should make it suitable for all to access it anywhere they want. The website must meet the technical requirements of modern search engines concerning organic rankings. These are Technical ranking factors for SEO since they make it convenient for prospective clients to navigate through pages via their mobiles. Therefore, beginners in the digital marketing industry must learn the technical SEO tools to make it user-friendly and upgrade their Google rankings. Most people often use search engines on their phones rather than on any other device. According to Pew Research, more than half of smartphone owners have used their mobiles for research purposes. Moreover, Google offers preferential treatment in search results page rankings to sites that display technical characteristics.
Moreover, in this fast-paced world, a slow-speed internet or a hanging site is an incredible turn-off. People do not waste their time on any site; due to the intense competition in the digital marketing world. Speed is also a technical ranking factor of SEO; therefore, the time invested in reaching a particular location or page must be brief. That is one of the metrics of convenience a company provides to its clients.

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2 Embedded Videos

Homepage video is a high-ranking factor of SEO as it leads to a two-fold increase in your SERP. Videos are an effective technique for successful SEO performance. They keep people engaged, convey the message seamlessly. Embedding videos eventually enhance the Google ranking of your site. Furthermore, Youtube is Google’s preferred video channel; therefore, there is a higher probability for sites using this medium to rank high.

3 Quality Content

Google is on the lookout for quality content that is well-researched and relevant. It plays a significant role in attracting the audience to your site; therefore, your content game must always be strong. Your site should consist of fresh and original material to convert your potential consumers into valuable leads. Guest Blogging, Reverse Guest Blogging and Live blogging are three ways to shape your content marketing strategy and generate organic traffic. It will eventually affect your online visibility.

Moreover, it would help if you integrated relevant anchor texts, engaging titles, and keywords within meta descriptions to enhance the quality and make it more relatable. Further, if you think there is a chance of duplicate content on your site, use canonical tags to direct Google towards the original version of the text. It is an On-Page ranking factor for SEO, and high-quality content is one of the priorities of Google.

4 Relevant Link-Building

Link building is yet another process to enhance traffic on the website. It includes attaining hyperlinks from other sites. The acquired links must be relevant to your niche’s content and according to the interests of the target audience. They must be naturally incorporated in the seasonal content so that the potential consumers can relate to them. Inbound links lead to a 55 percent increase in site visitors, a study reveals.

5 Active Social Presence

The social presence of any business has become a necessity in these times of digital media influence. They help your site to climb the ladder of Google ranks, particularly Facebook. The likes, shares, and comments on Facebook engage customers the most since this leads to the mass interaction and sharing activity of any business. Hence, you should create high-quality, shareable content according to the social media requirements. Also, be wary of keywords, headlines, and calls to action while formulating your digital marketing campaign since it reflects on your Google ranking. In addition to creating socially accepted content, you should be active on social media sites including, Facebook, Linkedin & Pinterest, since they are highly correlated with the rankings on Google.


In a nutshell, SEO is the heart of the digital marketing industry that involves various tools and techniques. These were some ways to increase your site’s Google ranking and achieve a successful SEO campaign. It would be best to consider multiple factors to drive your site’s position high on the search engine results page. From the Technical SEOs to On-page SEO and Link-building, we have provided a comprehensive detail of the features associated with Google ranks. It is an all-inclusive compilation of the critical factors that influence your site’s SERPs, finally giving you an edge over others in online marketing rivalry.

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