Gamification Plugins for WooCommerce

Top 3 Gamification Plugins for WooCommerce

Gamification is a useful technique that enables you to transit complex tasks on your website or store in the most remarkable and intuitive ones. The gamification technique has become quite popular in the last few years. The top way to get engaged and encourage your users is to take action and get involved in your website, known as gamification. Furthermore, the concept can be elaborated further with the emergence of next-level Gamification Plugins for WooCommerce store.

Hence, some of these websites are blog posts, social media communities, eCommerce sites, affiliate marketing sites, and vice versa. Precisely, you can use ‘gamification’ as per your requirements and needs on your WooCommerce site. Although, you need to understand the actual gamification and how it can be used on your website.

Benefits of Gamification

Using gamification on your WooCommerce site is an intuitive way to make your visitors engaged for a longer time duration on your site and retain them for the future. The foremost aspect of gamification applies to a wide variety of areas in the WooCommerce platform. Here are some of the benefits of gamification due to which we would recommend you to deploy it on your website that includes:

  • Leverages the productivity of your website
  • Increases the motivation among the users
  • Inducement of creativity and innovation
  • Strengthens the communication processes
  • Increases user engagement and interaction
  • Promotes growth and development
  • Builds brand awareness

Gamification Plugins for WooCommerce

Here are some of the benefits of the five best Gamification for WooCommerce that you can use to improve the look and feel of the website that leverages user experience.

1)  Gamification for WooCommerce

Gamification for WooCommerce plugin helps you to create a rewarding system for your WooCommerce store customers. With the gamification tactics, you can easily attract new customers while retaining the existing customers by keeping them engaged and motivated.

You can simply reward discount coupons to the WooCommerce store, the customers when they achieve a higher rank, or unlock a new badge. Using Gamification for WooCommerce, customers can simply pay a payment in parts on WooCommerce checkout using their gamification points and the remaining amount via the activated payment gateway.

Gamification for WooCommerce simply facilitates initial referral promotion via rewarding referrers and the referred with points on successful product purchase completion.

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Here are some of the key features of gamification for woocommerce that include:

  • Sends automatically generated discount coupons to the users who achieve a higher rank or unlock a new badge.
  • Controls the accessibility of products by restricting the visibility of products for a specific rank or a badge.
  • The partial payment feature allows customers to pay a specific part of their order via myCred points. The remaining amount can be easily paid using one of the active payment gateways.
  • Displays WooCommerce rewards on your website’s product, cart, and checkout page.
  • Rewards points to referrers and the referred users after every successful transaction.
  • Allows customers to convert their points into a fixed amount coupon.
  • Allows users to generate and share their referral links on emails and social media platforms.
  • Points History feature highlights a points log on each customer’s my account page.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Subscription – Enables users to buy subscriptions products and services on a WooCommerce store via using their myCred points.

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2) Spin Wheel for WooCommerce

Spin Wheel for WooCommerce is a WooCommerce plugin that helps convert your visitors into potential customers by implementing a “wheel of fortune” to your WooCommerce store or website. Using this marketing tool, users can retain potential customers and increase sales by offering results-driven and seamless discounts.

The customizable wheel provides you complete control over the text and the color options that match your site’s theme. Do you want to make it more fun and engaging than add more wheel slices, along with different prizes?


Spin Wheel for WooCommerce constitutes of the following features:

  • Pop-up Window
  • Unlimited Wheel Slices
  • Completely Customized
  • Instant Preview
  • Display Wheel Analytics
  • Target Specific Pages or Post Types
  • Choose Time Duration for Spin Wheel Display
  • Enable/disable Sound
  • Enable/disable snowfall animation
  • Adjust display to the exit intent
  • Adjust the duration of the coupon
  • Set explanation text
  • Set the winning text and title
  • Hide/disable popup after multiple spins
  • Triggers Spin Wheel for both desktop & mobile platforms
  • Instant WooCommerce coupons
  • Completely Responsive
  • Open-Source / Free Downloadable

3) WP Optin Wheel

WP Optin Wheel is a WordPress-WooCommerce integrated plugin that enables you to effectively leverage your email list and increase sales. It performs the overall operations by offering your website visitors a chance to win a prize, a coupon, or relevant discounts that they can apply towards the sustainability of your products and services.

The Optin Wheel plugin offers you a spin-to-wheel marketing option for your website. It acts as a fun element integrated in gaming mechanics that familiarizes most of the visitors. You can also use it to have a visitor opt-in for an email list or use it to simply try and leverage sales.

After installation, the plugin gives you everything you need to build a spin-to-win wheel on your WordPress or WooCommerce website. The prices, coupons, and other offers are provided by you (the business or website owner) and then displayed on the front-end screen of the website.


WP Optin Wheel comprises of the following features:

  • Builtin Themes
  • Email Optin for MailChimp
  • Configure the Overall Slices
  • Create multiple wheels
  • Separately configure all wheels
  • Control when to display popup
  • Add Losing Slices
  • Discount Slices
  • Product Links
  • Highly Customizable and Configurable
  • Ability to Log Wins and Losses
  • GDPR Compliant

Wrapping Up

Hence, the plugins mentioned above help you gamify your WooCommerce store and enable you to gain experience and the advantages of gamification. Picking up the best Gamification Plugins for WooCommerce requires an enormous amount of tasks and criteria to adapt to the challenging needs of the user. Thus, the plugins discussed in this article provide you in-depth know-how to pick the suitable gamification plugin for your woocommerce store.

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