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Best 10 Food Apps in India That Satisfy Your Hunger

It is a very well-known fact that food delivery apps in India are booming. The customer can make their cuisine selection from their home, and many apps offer fantastic deals that help customers save pennies while enjoying their meal. The food apps in India are easily accessible and provide you an opportunity to try new cuisine at your home. 

New companies are launching every day, so it does not show any signs of slowing down. However, finding the best food apps isn’t easy, so we compiled the list of food apps in India to help you narrow your choice. 

10 Best Food Delivery Apps in India:

1 Zomato

Over 100 million downloads with excellent ratings and undoubtedly one of the best online food apps of all time. Zomato was earlier known as ‘Foodiebay’ in 2008. It is an online delivery app that gives an option to select from the best restaurants around you.

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Zomato is a restaurant and food delivery service available in more than 500 cities across India. They give you all list of restaurants with detailed descriptions, images of dishes, offers, contact numbers, and reviews from customers. It makes it easy for you to search for any cuisine you crave for your meal. 

2 Swiggy

Swiggy is an online food delivery app that provides a tasty food menu. It is the most significant food apps in India, and at present, this hyper-local food app has its operation in 100 cities and has 40,000 restaurants around the world.

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Swiggy Genie features allow a company that enables customers to order anything from groceries to shampoo. Swiggy Money helped the customers to load their Swiggy Wallet and pay immediately with ease. Swiggy Super, where you can get free delivery and a fantastic discount from top restaurants in your city. 

3 Uber Eats 

Uber Eats is the most demanding and selecting food delivery app in India. It is available in big cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, and many more. It is the subsidiary of Uber technologies that owns the famous taxi service provider Uber.

Uber Eats
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The food app is operating in 1000+ metro cities and multiple countries around the world. The app enables customers to select favorite food from nearby restaurants and deliver it to the spot quickly. Uber eats in a short time becomes a formidable competitor for another food apps like Swiggy and Zomoto.

4 Supple App

The Supple app is life-saving in times of pandemics, and the app helps you get readily available your essentials from restaurants and stores. It is an Indian company based in Gurgaon, Haryana, and it deals in fruits and vegetables and presently working in Delhi NCR.

supple app
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We are giving fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers directly to retailers. It is India’s largest online low price supermarket that provides foods and vegetables. You can select a time and delivery slot and deliver fruits and vegetables to your doorstep, but they offer their services only in Gurgaon.

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5 Food Panda

Food Panda is also a great food app in India; it was discovered in 2012 and served in more than 40 countries, and then it was established in India in 2013. There are 1000+ restaurants listed on this Food Panda app. Besides any food delivery app, it also gives offers and deals to customers.

Food Panda
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You can order your food via net banking, UPI, debit, or credit card, or the COD option is available. This food app aims to provide delicious food at a fantastic price and fast delivery for its users.     

6 Travel Khana

If you are traveling by train or have craved something delicious? Then Travel Khana is savoir food app in India. Currently, Travel Khana is catering to more than 25 stations and more than 4000 trains with online app.

Travel Khana
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For taking these services, you need to provide your train/PNR details, berth number station at which you need food, and OTP for online payment. It is a unique food delivery app in India that is specially designed for train passengers.

7 Scootsy

scootsy app
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Scootsy is Mumbai based intra- city delivery service that delivers food, sweets, bakes, and gifts from the best restaurants, food stores, and many others. But now, Swiggy has acquired and integrated its premium food delivery service with Scootsy. The significant earning of Scootsy business is comes from food delivery orders, and it also provides special deals like the choice of pre-order meal or gift by selecting day and time slot. 

8 Dunzo

Dunzo app does not only deliver food but groceries and pet food products. It works for 24×7 and deliverers’ food within 45 minutes that is their maximum time. The other feature of this Dunzo is that there is no minimum order quantity option.

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Also, there are no location barriers inside the city. Its offers and amazing discounts make the Dunzo app stand out in the industry. The customer can order anything they require from their favorite restaurant in the city at any time. 

9 Box 8 

If you are a desi food, then in Delhi, India’s Box 8 food app will help you t eat desi food online at your doorstep. Box 8 has something unique facility with a quick delivery option. The company is locally based in Delhi and can serve food over 120 million in a month. 

Box 8
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From its startup, they provide food at low prices and offer free delivery above orders of Rs. 350. 

10 Fassos

Fassos is an Indian online food delivery company that takes online orders and delivers to their customer at their doorstep. The Fassos app is involved with EatSure. Its main headquarters are in Pune, but it operates in more than 15 big metro cities of India. It is India’s only vertically unified food business and works at all three stages of the ‘food on demand’ business.

The stages are ordering, distribution, and order fulfillment. With a wide variety of restaurants, Fassos helps the customers to eat good food. Passos has a premium version that gives you a promise about free food if delivery is not made in 30 minutes. 


Good restaurants selection at your fingertips also helps you to create of eating healthy food.  The above listing of 10 food apps in India must have something for everyone. Online Food Delivery Services is an excellent opportunity to dine-in because it discounts customers and can provide excellent food in minutes! Whether you’re seeking out Indian cuisine, pizzas, desi meals, or different dishes from across the world – we’ve been given it all covered!

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