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Festive Marketing: How To Win Influencer Marketing Like A Pro?

During this season every brand is focusing on festive marketing. Well, it’s that season starting at now when brands and customers together get psyched completely.

On one hand, brands hustle for a share of the consumer’s wallet (in sync with digital festival trends) and on the opposite , consumers are quick to pin down brands that try too hard. So, how can you place your brand just about perfect in the flooded festive scenario with the perfect festive marketing plan?              

The hack lies in knowing what the audience relates to and how that can be delivered to them most animatedly.

Influencer Marketing is about to be one among the highest choices for businesses to reinforce the brand value if carefully planned, with the country gradually heading to the unlock phase and the festive season right around the corner.

Every business, agency, and consumer has a gala time for all sorts of reasons, during the festive time. The swarming festive season will be strikingly different this year notwithstanding that, companies also expect to jack up production levels to meet the demands of the festive season.

The fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and FMCG sectors were expected to witness flat growth, toward the start of the year, following extreme and broadened lockdowns, limitations on assembling units, social distancing norms, and store closures.

This however led to the rise of Influencer Marketing as consumers were stuck inside their homes and spent more time online mainly. Eventually, this led to an expansion in creating customer acquisition during the festive seasons in the October-December quarter, while the July-September quarter has also witnessed some growth.

Confluencr.com, an influencer marketing agency is here to tell you how you can win influencer marketing during the festive season like a pro. Their campaigns drive brand visibility, create consumer loyalty, and positively impact revenue.

Grip creative storytelling through Influencer Marketing

Who likes to watch long ads with a twisted story today? Hardly anyone! Nowadays our attention spans have become shorter, therefore advertisers need to tell enthralling stories through short-form thumb-stoppers and leverage ever-growing formats like Instagram Stories and Interactive Ads. 

Brands should leverage influencers as credible voices, across marketing tasks like new launches, brand-building, and driving sales. Facebook and Instagram have become an organic home for partnerships between people, influencers, and brands to come to being.

Brands need to leverage innovations like Augmented Reality to bring into life the in-store experience creatively and help consumers in their purchase decisions, with continued social distancing.

New creative strategies for marketers and creative heads

The growth of mobile-users gives marketers and creative teams new ways to bring storytelling into life, making it more appealing and more efficacious for the audience. It helps marketers to leverage mobile marketing better.

Recount better brand stories, to connect with buyers better on the stages on which they invest the most energy, to drive commerce, and to build magical brand experiences, to reach out to newer customers. The devices and platforms on which audiences are consuming content are changing. Hence we might as well change the way we tell stories!

Change the innovative standards to connect with customers in this digitally-influenced festive season

Remodeling simple digital communication principles that make it easy to counter swiftly and yet build on-brand work, connect with the consumer, and leverage the best the platforms have to offer through Influencer Marketing.

Being true to the platform, engaging with the right audience, building successful and unvarying visual language, understanding what is the most crucial product a consumer needs, and working towards fulfilling what is required and more are certain aspects that can be accomplished through Influencer Marketing.

Discounts have transcended into consumer-financing!

The absolute level of discounts is not as critical as offering financing alternatives, for example, EMIs on cell phones, part initial installments on enormous machines, repurchase ensures on vehicles, etc. 

Advertisers need to turn part financiers to upgrade their benefits alongside the upper hand before the requesting customer. Online business players like Amazon and Flipkart have climbed new highs of deals, somewhat due to being industry pioneers in buyer financing.

Audience Engagement and Opportunities

Similarly as with all showcasing, happy promoting is at last an apparatus to assist organizations with selling more during the Christmas season.

While the most obvious form of audience engagement with a marketing campaign would be a boost in sales, crowds are more unpredictable than their wallets, and frequently need to feel a genuine feeling of association with an organization at Christmas.

If social media and digital marketing are more in line with your company, running competitions are excellent for the festive season – and great for giving away examples of your products and services.

Consider exercises individuals normally do at Christmas and how you could fuse it – a Santa cap selfie with companions, a ‘most lovely Christmas tree’ rivalry, a ‘pets in festive style outfits’ hashtag.

Consider what you’d be slanted to do at Christmas, and ordinarily exceptionally active season, and think about how best to include your crowd without taking a lot of their time. Keep any exercises integrated with your theme and branding for maximum impact.

Craft Influencer Marketing strategies with current times

Being conscious of the current and upcoming Influencer Marketing trends supports you to strategize an effective plan that helps your business reach out to the right audience and generate ROI. The best thing about Influencer Marketing is that the ROI can be measured and tracked to scrutinize the success of any influencer-driven campaign.

So, you were looking for ways to enhance your influencer marketing during festive times and here you got it all. It might feel like festive marketing waits on, but carefully crafted campaigns and their lovely visuals are greeted each year wholeheartedly and a feeling of expectation for what the stand-apart mission will be this year.

We wish all the luck and happiness for you and your amazing business. Enjoy to the fullest and make the most of it. Stay safe!

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