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5 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2020

Who else wants to know the latest digital marketing trends news in 2020? First of all, it’s evident that if you’re in any business these days, you need to market online. More than half of the world’s population is using the Internet and having a strong web presence is the most efficient way to boost your sales. 

The best part is that the options to make your brand visible are quite limitless. Anyone can find the channels that work best for their company’s needs. For example, a Book of Ra online casino may benefit most from focusing on Facebook ads, whereas a shoe company gets the most significant value from Instagram promotions. Sounds easy enough. But here’s the problem: digital marketing trends and tasks are changing all the time. What worked just last year can be entirely useless today. How do you know which digital marketing trends in 2020 are still relevant? 

This article is here to help you make the choices. We’re going to cover the five most important digital marketing trends for 2020 to bring you up to date with the latest developments. Ready? 

1. The Rise of Voice Search 

We’ll kick off our digital marketing trends list with the voice search. Remember when Google first introduced it in 2010? The function seemed to be too fantastical to last long. But flash forward ten years, and voice commands have become an increasingly popular way to search for information. In fact, according to Adobe’s survey, nearly 50% of general web searches are already done using voice. And what does this mean to your business? Here’s the most important part: the keywords you use in your content should not only include the phrases people search by typing. To rank high on Google (still super relevant in 2020), you need to start adding voice-search-relevant keywords to your texts. 

A simple rule of thumb is this: when people search using voice instead of typing, they’ll use keywords that sound more conversational. Sounds obvious, right? So instead of typing in “best shoe shop near me,” they might ask “where’s the best shoe shop here?”

2. Yes, Content Still Is The King

Content remains an essential part of digital marketing in 2020. But there’s one small catch: Google is getting better at understanding the online content or online marketing strategies and will prefer current, relevant, and comprehensive texts. What this means is that creating valuable and super targeted content for your audience is now more important than the technical SEO hacks from past years.

So take the extra time to polish your content and make sure it addresses your target audience’s most essential needs. Do that, and you’ll increase the chances of finding your site on the first page of search results in 2020. 

3. Marketing Trends After COVID-19 – Hello, Chatbots!

Oddly enough, chatbot software’s been around even before the Internet. But it wasn’t until 2009 that WeChat created a new, more advanced version. Ever since then, chatbots have been increasingly useful in helping customers complete their shopping goals. At the beginning of 2020, the chatbots were in everybody’s lists of the biggest marketing trends, and during coronavirus, their importance only grew. And the reason is simple. An unexpected occurrence like a lockdown can keep your whole staff from being able to do their job correctly. But quarantine rules do not affect a chatbot’s work. It can still provide 24H answers to any customer queries. 

4. Personalized Emails

Email marketing in 2020 is still working effectively. You can call it one of the best methods of attracting new customers today. Check this out: the potential ROI of Email marketing is over 4000%. How insane is that? But here’s the thing: the time of generic emails is long gone. Now customers are expecting only highly personalized emails from their beloved brands. This means that you should go beyond simply stating the recipient’s name at the beginning. Maybe someone was browsing a certain product on your website. Here’s an effective personalized approach: send the prospect a follow-up email with the product’s demo video. 

 5. Video Content 

Video marketing is a powerful way to sell your products and services. Quite simply, a video just packs a lot of information in an easily consumable form. People love watching videos and enjoy learning about brands through videos from their mobile screens. The best part is that videos can easily be shared. In other words, an entertaining and enjoyable clip will do its own marketing. 

By now, you’ll have realized what a marketing trends’ main tendency in 2020 is. It’s increased engagement with the target audience. And here’s a way to boost your videos’ impact and make them even more engaging: stream live. Featuring a social media influencer in your live video who interacts with the viewers is a great way to attract a new audience.  


Why are marketing trends important to understand in 2020? The simple answer is that the world changed a lot this year. Marketing trends for the COVID-19-ravaged world are going towards increased personalization, more engagement, and using artificial intelligence to communicate with customers. So make sure to include an aspect of all the main trends in your company’s marketing plan and make the best of 2020. It’s your business, and it deserves the best.  Are there any major trends we missed? What’s in your marketing plans for 2020? Leave a comment below, and we’d love to hear from you. 

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