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Is “How Far” of Humanity Still “Too Far” from Now?

Humanity is very proud of having covered a lot of areas. Apart from the point to be proud, humanity has indeed covered the distance that ancestral generations couldn’t. Today, the analyst, scientists, and strategists ask the question about How Far. This question is perhaps its own interpretation. This question is perhaps its own answer. The answer to How Far is Too Far. There is a Too Far in front of humanity that still needs to be unveiled by scientists. This no easy job. But the future of humanity is associated with it. The humanity better starts the journey now to get along with this Too Far notion. Because the quest for the unknown is always there to thrive in humanity. It always will.

Technological Revolution.

Machine Learning was a dream back then proposed by Alan Turing. He made it possible for the first time in the history of mankind by inventing Christopher. It was for the time a human being had created such an intelligent machine. This machine helped the allied forces to shorten and win the war. It was for the first time when something greater of this magnitude had happened during the times of crisis. That was but a major apprehension of excellence by humanity. This apprehension is expanding its dimensions into the larger interests of humanity. Machine learning of that time and machine learning of this age are totally different. Today, machine learning is contributing to scientists to achieve Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning is being used for an Artificial Brain System. Machine learning is being used for Neuron Network that is also artificial in nature. This is a technological revolution for the scientists who are working day and night on these aspects. This is a technological revolution for the scientist who has been facing failures in this regard for decades. Now is the time to evaluate all these things in larger interests of humanity.

Wonders of Space Exploration.

Scientists no longer use Safety Glasses to watch the faraway objects in the space. Today credible telescopes are efficient enough to give the amazing exposure of the cosmos. That’s not the destination of humanity. Humanity is focusing beyond just watching. Even telescopes aren’t enough for the job. What is the job in the first place? The job is to find the age of the universe. The job is to locate the nearest habitant plane for humanity. The job is to understand the dark matter. The job is to understand the cosmos. The job is also to travel as far as the human can. The job is to go as deep into space as humanity can. All these things cannot be simply attained by the Telescopes. It needs intelligent tools. It needs intelligent space missions. It also needs a deep space exploration. These are the wonders that humanity is trying to achieve. These are the wonders that humanity is looking forward to. Without these things, it seems totally impossible for humanity to accomplish that ancestral generations couldn’t.

Next-Generation Technologies.

Tech-embedded Glasses have made it to the world. Next Generation supercomputers have made it to the world. Next-generation vehicles have made it to the world. Next generations Deep Space Missions have made it to the world. Next Generation living standards have been introduced in the world. Why the word “Next Generation” is so important? It reflects humanity as gone level up. It reflects that humanity is ready to go further into the future with a better understanding of the future. Everything is hidden under the thumb. WileyX Glasses under the thumb. Education online under the thumb. Journey online under the thumb. Everything online under the thumb. Next-generation tools are coming into the world for the next generation of humanity. The present generation was once the next generation for the ancestors.

All-Inclusive Digitalization.

It took centuries for covering the distance from writing to the printing press. That distance has been a great deal for humanity for years. It took a hundred years to cover the distance from Printing press to PowerPoint. This distance is quite short but has more excellence as compared to the excellence attained in centuries. Because today’s era is surrounded by the concept of Artificial Intelligence. Because today’s era is surrounded by digitalization. It is a very rare aspect of this plane. Because the 21st century has become an age of digitalization. It has become a digital book for future generations to read in the best way possible. Today, we are struggling to find traces of the past. What happened in the past? What disasters took place in the past? Humanity is stuck in the halls of extinction at the moment. But if you want to preserve the present for future generations, you can it with a single USB. Because when digitalization is involved, things are way too predictable and way too containable. Piles of details and data can be stored into a single disk. The credit would indeed go the digitalization of the globe.

Hope for a New Home.

One thing has depended on the genes of scientists all over the globe. They are constantly looking for the opportunity that can give rise to hope for a new home.  A new home means a new planet to start all the things over again. Not from scratch this time but from a better node than that of the previous times. This time, a new home wouldn’t take centuries to reach excellence. This time it would take only decades to achieve what humanity on this planet has taken centuries to achieve. There is always hope for a new home. Because that’s what humanity has learned from Stephen Hawking. This is the only chance the humanity possesses after it runs short on resources of life. Eventually, humanity will have to find a new home in the quest for excellence of great survival. A new home can guarantee great survival for humanity. And it would be the greatest day when humanity lands on another planet in the universe.

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