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What features make the Diet & Nutrition mobile app stand apart?

In recent times, mobile development has been increasing in every sector. Whether you want to entertain yourself or buy some essential things, there are numerous apps for almost everything. These apps are quite beneficial for humankind. They provide a new solution for the problem, find a unique way of doing something, and make our life easier in every aspect. There are a lot of apps available for the health sector too.

According to the report estimated by Statista, the total global mHealth market is predicted to reach nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 from around 21 billion dollars in 2016. They also stated that 26 percentage of people respondents of 18 to 20 are regularly used the app to track their nutrition.

Stats about Diet & Nutrition Mobile App – professional mobile app development company

Here, we have some of the following stats that shows the demand for Diet and Nutrition App:

  • According to the flurry analytics, more than 70% of users open health and fitness app (like MyFitnessPal) at least twice a week.
  • Approximately 25% of fitness addict’s users use the health and fitness app over 10-times a week.
  • According to the Statista, MyFitnessPal, the leading health and fitness app recorded a revenue of $1.24 million all across the globe in March 2020.

These days, people are so much conscious to live healthy lives. More people are eager about using diet and nutrition apps.

This article is definitely for you if you are planning to create your diet and nutrition app. Here, in this article, we will discuss the top features that you must include in your Diet and Nutrition App:

Personal account and registration

Personalization and registration is the most important feature that requires in every diet and nutrition app. Make sure your app has a registration feature where all the essential information of users will get stored easily.

Essential information includes the user’s age, height, weight, goals desired weight, food allergies, eating habits, level of physical activity, and so on. Moreover, you can also include a sign-up option via email, Facebook, Twitter, or manually.

Dashboard and food logging

The essential feature that can give your app an instant success is your dashboard and food logging feature. The more appealing and interactive your dashboard, the more successful app would be.

After the registration, the first thing that users see on the screen is a dashboard where they can find the essential information, including progress reports, health and fitness tips, calorie intake, hydration meter, and so on.

Make sure you invest a lot of your time and money in the UI/UX and customization of this feature.

Push notification

Push notification is one of the top features in almost every smartphone apps. If you are creating a nutritional and diet app, make sure you include this feature.

This feature helps users to remind them about their upcoming meal schedule, physical activity, and so on. It allows users to achieve their health and nutrition goals. Sometimes, the frequency of notification can annoy users, so try to notify users only when required.

Fitness tracker

No wonders, integrating fitness tracker in nutrition and diet app is one of the most refreshing ideas. According to the report, there are approximately 593 million wearable connected in 2018, and this figure will jump to 929 million in 2021.

Wearable records the user’s vital information, including blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse automatically. This helps the users to track their own pace and encourage them to achieve more.

Diet plan or user’s goals

One of the essential functions of the nutrition and diet app is to motivate its users and give them the necessary guidelines to achieve their fitness goals.

Make sure your app suggest a proper diet according to the body requirement of the users.

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Here, in this article, we have discussed the top five features that you must include in your nutrition and diet apps. These easy features and tips can easily make your app an instant hit among the users. No wonders, to keep yourself fit and healthy is the need of the hour, and we can’t afford to take it lightly anymore.

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