Digital Marketing Professions Demand Most

Digital Marketing Professions Demand Most

Business communication is changing and with it comes the need for new professionals specialized in digital marketing. If before the brands focused all their strategies on the offline, now these must be combined with the online to not lose opportunities.

Articles in blogs and social networks are leaving aside traditional press releases, thus changing the functions of communication departments.

This is why professional profiles are in the process of transformation, as well as, managers have seen the need to recycle for communication and marketing 2.0.

That is why companies different companies require professionals capable of carrying out the different tasks of the online environment and that they master the new techniques and, above all, that they are aware of any innovation that happens.

On the Internet, it is essential to anticipate changes to stand out against other companies.


The online professions with the highest demand

1 # Digital Manager

The profile of the Digital Manager may be similar to that of the Project Manager, however, it manages everything related to the digital scope of a company that already has a presence on the network or intends to have it.

In addition, it is a professional profile that not only has what is related to online marketing under its command, but also performs the tasks of the director of communication, web graphic design, and management of online databases, among others.

Therefore, its main function is to direct all tasks related to the internet or internal networks.

2 # Digital Communication Director

Currently, social networks have become the main marketing tool for brands. Thanks to the new digital platforms, the ROI is higher and the filtration through niches when it comes to campaigning causes efficiency to be triggered.

All procedures have become so simple that a single person could reach millions of “goals” with a few clicks. This is known as Digital Communication Director. Currently, it is one of the most demanded jobs by large companies and communication agencies specializing in digital environments.

3 # Digital Transformation Project Manager

When we talk about a Digital Transformation Project Manager, we refer to that professional profile responsible for carrying out the entire digitalization process of a company. Have you never heard the phrase, if you are not in the networks you do not exist? This is one of the most demanded profiles in those companies where the digital presence is still scarce, and they want to renew as a competitive advantage.

4 # Digital Marketing Manager

This professional is responsible for designing, developing and managing the communication and digital marketing policy of a company or organization.

In addition, it coordinates specialists in SEO, SEM, Communication, writing, etc. This is one of the most versatile professions since they adapt to the digital needs of companies. Nursing Assignment Writing Service recently hired different high profiles to improve ranking and branding.

5 # Inbound Marketing Specialist

The Inbound Marketing is directly related to the profession of the Digital Manager, and sometimes even their tasks, they can become similar or the same.

Currently, Inbound Marketing has become essential to carry out less intrusive actions than conventional marketing, in order to get more visits and / or sales through the various digital channels.

For this, Inbound Marketing professionals turn to SEO, web analytics, lead capture and, above all, the generation of content to position in the search results and increase the authority of a website.

The Inbound Marketing professional is essential to have knowledge in online advertising.

6 # SEM and SEO specialist

Appearing in the top positions in different search engines has become essential for companies, but to achieve this, a professional in SEM and SEO is necessary.

When we talk about SEM we mean the advertising services offered by search engines and the ability to know how to manage these campaigns, in order to optimize the company’s economic resources.

As regards SEO, we refer to organic positioning, that is, to the search results for which “it has not been paid”. Therefore, it is essential to optimize the website and develop a deep link building campaign.

7 # SEO Specialist

SEO specialists are the marketing professionals who have one of the most delicate jobs, since the number of visits and sales depends on their work, as well as the reputation of the company or organization.

Therefore, to work as SEO it is essential to have a global vision of the project and a high management capacity.

8 # Social CRM Manager

The CRM is the system that allows you to manage everything related to customers from the same site, such as sales history, trends, reminders, etc.

The main function of the Social CRM Manager is to manage all the previous information taking into account the opportunities offered by the internet.

In addition, you must analyze all customer parameters and manage communication with them in a digital context and working should go hand in hand with the Community Manager and the Marketing and Sales department. It is one of the current profiles with more demand.

9 # RTB Manager

“RTB” stands for Real Time Bidding. This is the live bidding system used by social networks and search engines to set the price of advertising and other formats.

Therefore, the RTB Manager is responsible for optimizing the capital allocated to SEM campaigns. We could say that it is like an “ad broker”.

Sometimes, this work is carried out by the SEM specialist, however, in large companies and communication agencies they can be at the forefront of the optimized campaign design, where the SEMs will execute day to day.

10 # Traffic Manager

The Traffic Manager is the analyst in charge of evaluating the trends of the traffic received and of proposing different strategies around these trends, to enhance and achieve the established objectives, either with the increase in sales, visits, interactions, among others.

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