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50 KVA Diesel Generator: How long you Can Store Diesel

Do you have a 50KVA diesel generator or are thinking of getting a diesel generator? The main part of a 50KVA diesel generator is the diesel used in it. Like, people buy generators to avoid the problem of a sudden power outage so that when there is a power outage, they can keep their work running with the help of a backup generator. Similarly, for 50 kva silent generator price in India, diesel is also stored with backup. But sometimes happened to you too, you kept your diesel in store and when you need it, you see that something has gone wrong with your diesel. Poor diesel fuel can also cause your generator engine to shut down.

You will keep a diesel fuel backup for your diesel generator. But it must have happened to you that your diesel has gone bad and then you are wondering how to keep the diesel fuel?

If you are careless in storage tips for diesel, then your diesel will be spoiled and you will not be able to work. You will not let your money go waste like this. In this post, we have given some diesel storage tips that will help you in diesel storage.

The storage life of diesel fuel it depends on the conditions of how you’re storing fuel.

As soon as the diesel starts oxidizing, the diesel turns into a bad diesel that can damage your backup diesel generator. Diesel fuel is kept at a cool temperature (below 70 ° F) to avoid the oxidation process, diesel fuel usually only lasts 6 to 12 months.

Why Diesel Goes Bad?

If you are using 50KVA DG Set and want to store diesel for a long time you have to know what reason for diesel goes bad. The biggest reason is:

  1. Water
  2. Heat
  3. Microbial activities( bacteria and fungus growth)
  4. Contact with zinc or copper

Diesel is an ignitable liquid and is critical if it is not handled and stored properly. The storage tank should be in a safe place to avoid accidents to children and pets. Access to tanks should be limited to only those who need access to refueling or maintenance of tanks. Fuel requirement is stored in a separate area away from the residence.

Water can cause rust in metal containers and encourage the growth of bacteria on containers. It is also necessary to control and manage the fuel storage tank. Due to dehydration, the water accumulates and then drops over diesel fuel. Water is a major thing for bacteria growth, which can cause premature deterioration of diesel fuel.

It is most essential to keep fuel away from ignition sources. Diesel has this flammability. Smoking should be not allowed within 50 to 100 Feet of the storage area.

Symptoms of Diesel Fuel Go Bad

# Gelling or sludge

When fuel starts coming from its liquid form to the gelling form, then it should be understood that diesel goes bad diesel fuel.

# Darker Color

When the color of diesel is darker than its actual color, it means that the diesel has deteriorated.

# Poor Fuel Efficiency

When fuel is deteriorated, the efficiency of fuel is reduced.  

# Damaged Fuel Pump

Deteriorated fuel is damage the generator’s fuel pump and breaks the process off generator proper working.

# A Black Smoke

A black smoke character of bad fuel. Black smoke shows that the fuel has deteriorated. 

# Rotten Smell

When the fuel is bad, the fuel smell becomes rotten smell.

Useful Tips for Diesel Storing for a Long Time

●     Well Covered the tank from weather

 If the storage tank is above the ground, it is advisable to make some cover form around the tank to shield it from the weather. The shield will keep it from getting hot and flammable from the light coming from the sun.

●     Keep the storage full

The presence of water allows the growth of bacteria and fungi in diesel that produce organic acids that destabilize the fuel. It is advisable to keep the tank full so that water can condense and reduce corrosion in the upper half of the empty tank. If the fuel storage tank is full when condensation chance is very low

●     Drain storage tank regularly

Water should be drained from the storage tank at least once a month. The rate of which water collects will also depend on the climate in the region.   

●     Keep out Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt include trace factors such as zinc and copper, so when diesel fuel is opened to dust and dirt, these elements quickly react with the diesel fuel to form unstable mixtures that can make the fuel unstable. A regular maintenance schedule should be established to make sure dirt is removed from the storage tanks.

●     Prevent contact with reactive metal

it is essential to make sure that the fuel is not in contact with any surfaces which contain copper or zinc. If this happens to be so, a metal deactivation additive should be used to prevent the metals from reacting with the fuel.

●     Tank fuel samples for regular testing

Fuel testing is an important part of storing diesel. If you use a bulk fuel tank to hold diesel for a long time, it is important to test the samples at regular time intervals to monitor the fuel condition.

●     By Using a Fuel Treatment that Separates Water  from the Fuel

By using a fuel water separator filter, which is helping to prevent diesel from the water.

●     Check Fuel Tank Regularly

Check the fuel tank regularly schedules because it is a very important activity. And you require discharging water on top of the tank.

●     Use Underground Fuel Storage Tank

The underground storage tank is more secure.


In this blog, we talk about how long time you can store diesel of your DG Set. With the help of reading this, you know how to store diesel safely and its tips. I hope this blog good and helpful for you. With the help of the following tips, you can safely store your diesel fuel for a long time. If you want to hire the best diesel generator in India, you can contact with EO Energy team. EO Energy generators service provides the best diesel generator in Delhi.

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