best Content That Ranks In Google 2020

How to Write Best Content That Ranks in Google 2020

The year 2020 is here, and Search Engine Optimization continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Gone are the days when you focused on publishing a wafer-thin, high volume of low-quality content and waiting for top ranking on SERPs. Today, the SEO landscape keeps on changing to keep pace with the new algorithm updates by Google. Digital marketers and content writers are required to understand the ranking factors and prioritize to publish valuable, searcher intent and high-quality web content that adhere to Google’s algorithms. Here you will find some of the SEO friendly content writing tips that can help improvise your ranking in Google 2020.

At the core, SEO is all about creating quality content that is better than your competitors and uses technical SEO and on-page optimization with the help of SEO services company in Gurgaon for better ranking.

Understanding Ranking Factors of Search Engine

Before outperforming your competitors, it is necessary to know the foundational signals used by major search engines to rank and evaluate web content. Site structure, links, content and HTML tags are the crucial ranking factors. 

  • Content – After Panda update back in 2011, Google prioritized content as the major ranking factor. So, when you publish content, whether it is a pillar page, webpage or blog, it must cover specific topics clearly and in-depth, while providing value to the searchers and readers. The most crucial content ranking factors are quality, research, freshness, keywords, answers, multimedia, and depth. Try to understand the meaning of these factors and the best method to apply them to stay ahead in the competitive edge. 
  • Links, Site Structure and HTML Tags – Apart from content, the other most important ranking factors are links, HTML tags and site structure. These are the non-content factors that are used by search engines to index and crawl sites. Keyword usages in tags, page loading speed, URL structure, outbound and inbound links, and time on page are factors that help search engines understand what the site is all about and how to rank it on SEPs.  

Using best practices of site structure, linking, and HTML tags within web content can make it simple for search engines to index and crawl the content. The better it indexes and crawls your content, the faster and higher traffic and ranking your site achieves. 

Right Usages of Keywords

Keyword research is not dead; it is still the pivotal part of SEO in 2020. With keyword research one can:

  • Identify the search volumes of any specific topic
  • Learn about the topics people are discussing online
  • Understand the complications and challenges to rank higher for any given topic 

Any crawlable content created by digital marketers must have unique and primary keyword targets, and it must have Latent Semantic Indexing keywords across the content. Before creating content on any given topic, you must know the buyer’s intent and conduct keyword research to determine the ultimate ranking opportunity. 

Blogging topics or contents must have the mid-to-low volume or low-competition long-tail keywords, while pillar pages must focus on using shorter-tail seed keywords with high competition and volume. 

Determine and Understand Search Intent

After discovering the feasible primary keyword target, evaluate and decide how to write about the keywords by digging deep into the searcher intent. It will help you if you find out what searchers are looking for when typing any query into the search box. Try to cover the topic uniquely so that it meets the needs of searchers directly. The four categories of searcher intent according to search evaluation quality guidelines of Google are:

  • Do: The searchers desire to gain knowledge on how to take a specific action
  • Know: The searchers desire to learn more on a specific topic to answer a question
  • Visit in Person: The searchers desire to find a location to visit in person
  • Website: The searchers desire to discover specific resources  

Before writing content, you have to determine the right category for your primary keywords and then validate it by checking the content that is ranking at the top for the keyword. Check the top-ranking content’s structure and ensure to write your content similarly and in a better way possible. 

Optimization of Content to Achieve Featured Snippets

Google Featured Snippet is the new feature, and it aims to answer user’s questions instantly. To rank higher, you must optimize your content uniquely so that it has a better chance to get Google Featured Snippets. Follow the below tips to do it in a better way.

  • Use SERP analysis tools to know if any featured snippets are available for the keyword you are targeting to use. 
  • Learn how to structure the featured snippets in the best way possible. Whether to include it in a paragraph, table or list?
  • Ask questions that your snippets answer in subheadings of one blog post
  • Answer the questions instantly after subheadings. Try to provide a precise answer, which is best than the existing one in featured snippets. Maintain a similar structure as existing snippets.   

Make Use of Skyscraper Method

Skyscraper Method is the process of determining the online content that you want to outrank and produce some unique and better content to outperform. Skyscraper Method is both link building and content writing strategy, but for a blog post, you must only focus on executing the method for content writing. 

  • It would be best if you find out why Google has prioritized the content in the SERPs. The top-ranking contents are comprehensive and in-depth while providing high value to readers. So, understand why it is performing online to create your content in the same way and take it to the next level and succeed. 
  • Create better content than the top-ranking articles. It can be done by adding freshness, depth, length, and improvising the user experience. 

It would be best if you were intentional and strategic about the improvement that you want to make in your content. Any content you write must add value. So, start executing the best and SEO-friendly content strategy today by partnering with the reputed company that specializes in SEO services in India. Request a consultation today and start creating your content marketing strategy efficiently to rank on Google 2020.

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