First of all the question arises, that why it is important to have a top ranking on the google page. Top ranking mostly gives rise to the term that ranking on the first page of google. It is most common between SEOs that if you have to hide something, even a dead body, hide it on google the second page. This is since only 0.78% of all the people searching through google, go on the second page regarding their research. For all these factors, get ranking on the first page is of quite an importance.

But how to get that ranking? Are you also confused about this? Are you also frustrated about your content being on top ranking? Every SEO is keen to know about those facts that can give their content the first ranking. They all put their efforts to make their content readable and SEO content.

What are the ways by which your content can get top rankings on search engines? Some of those factors are elaborated below:

1. Clear and Secure Content:

Your content should have very good clarity. It must not be vague. Your content should use words, phrases, and sentences very clear in their meaning. They must elaborate on the true essence of your content. 

Secondly, your content must be secure. Your content must use a secure protocol for the search engine. You may be familiar with the protocol HTTP and HTTPS. A website using HTTPS protocol is more secure than a website using HTTP. Therefore, your content may use the HTTPS protocol. 

2. Easy To Use and Understandable:

The link given for content on the website should be to use. Think of the point, that when a user opens a content, he wants the content very easy and understandable. A user may get frustrated by complicated links. So the link your content is using should be very easy to use. 

The content must be very understandable and should give the required information. The information, the content is delivering, should be very comprehensive. 

3. Rapidly loading and mobile-friendly:

The user always prefers the content that is quick loading. The sites or links which take too long to load are not preferred. You’re always comfortable by using the quick loading sites. 

Along with this, content must be mobile-friendly. As you all know that in this modern era, many users don’t bother to search content while using computers or laptops. Users want everything highly accessible. They just open their search engines on their mobile phones and search for the required content. So your content may have the features that support the use of cellular phones.

4. Well Structured And Free From SEO Technical Issues:

The content must be well structured. It must contain the true essence of the required content. For example, an article must have the proper structure. It should be written in the way that it deserves to be. Like, it must have headings, sub-headings, and points, etc. Using the SERP Ranker SEO plugin we can optimize all these technical issues.

 Content must also be free from SEO technical issues. Few are:

  1. Site index must be done correctly
  2. No site stamps should be involved like XML
  3. Incorrect or missing robot’s text file
  4. Broken links, etc

These points elaborate on some of the technical issues for SEO.

5. Using an Adequate Keyword:

For SEO, content must contain an optimum keyword. Every time, a user is searching for some article or content, he writes a keyword in search engine. So your content must use a keyword. 

6. Idea About Competition:

It’s the way to understand your competitors. Type the keyword, your content is using, and have a look upon the first page. The brands or links displayed on the first page, are your great competitors. You have to create your content that is way more attractive than your competitors’ content.

7. Creating A Page that Aligns with Search Intent:

Search intent shows the intention of the searcher that whether he is looking for information or he wants to purchase something. You must create or choose a page that is aligned with search intent.

8. Fully delivering content:

Your content should fully deliver information regarding the keywords. To make your content SEO, it must be completely conveying as well as informative.

9. Using Back-Links And Internal Links:

Backlinks will support while making your content suitable for search engine optimization. Backlinks are the external links to your website that helps in the transition from one web page to another. While internal links used are linked to some word or phrase, etc. they are used to elaborate on those terms or to give you more information about those terms.

10. Have Some Patience:

Last but not the least point is to have some patience. You can’t see your web site or web page right on the front page at your beginning. It requires some time but it’s not impossible.

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