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8 Little Things Which Will Inspire You to Create a Perfect Logo

8 Little Things which Will Inspire You to Create a Perfect Logo

Logo are the core of any brand, and its creation is one of the most daunting marketing tasks. It can’t be any easy to create something original and engaging with so many logos out there and many more being created every day.

So it is understandable if you suffer from a designer’s block sometimes and need some extra resources to inspire you to create a logo for your client.

But where to find inspiration without being tempted to copy someone else’s logo?

This is the challenge that you might be facing at the moment or from time to time. Good news is that there are several sources of inspiration available, ready to solve your problem. Here they are.

# 1 – Analyze the product itself

Most of the time, the product itself is your best source of inspiration.

Look at its design, from colours to shape. What does it remind you of? Is there any particularity that stands out? Is there anything that you can relate to?

The product was probably created having the company values and goals in mind, so you can’t go wrong with this one.

And if you are creating a product for the company, you still can pick one or more than one of their products to serve as your inspiration.

# 2 – Search on Pinterest

Among the social media networks, Pinterest is one of a few that can provide you with inspiration for your logos.

There you will find available tonnes of images about any industry so you can bombard your imagination with colours, photos, shapes, and more.

All that you need to do is search for the right keywords, e.g. Harry Potter, Lob Hair, EssayRepublic, Iceland, Small Tattoos, Vegan ets. related to the industry that you are working at the moment, and voilá – you will get so many results back that you will have to narrow it down several times until you find something more specific, or you might spend several days just on it.

# 3 – Have a look at your client’s photo album

If your client has a company’s photo album, either online or offline, ask to see it.

There you will find several images that will show you the true nature of their business, which can help you to figure out the best logo for them.

And they don’t need to be professional photos. Those awkward company parties’ pictures can be all that you need to get inspired. So have a look at their intranet as well.

# 4 – Visit the company’s office

When you go for a meeting at your client’s office, have a good look around. Take photos if they allow you. The way that the rooms have been designed and decorated might give you some really cool ideas.

Are the rooms small or large? Is there plenty of sunlight? Is it a crowded and noisy place? Consider anything that will help you to connect to them visually so to trigger your imagination while you are still there.

Also, pay special attention to objects as they might reflect the style of the business. And don’t forget to take notes.

# 5 – Watch some YouTube videos

If the company has any videos available, TV commercials included, great, they are a perfect starting point. But you don’t need to get stuck only with them. Any videos can help you to trigger your inspiration.

But to avoid that you just start watching random stuff, go for things that can give you the elements that you need. So if you are hoping to create a funny logo, watch a funny video, and so on.

You should also watch anything related to their industry and target audience with catch-up content as it will provide you with the visual resources that make more sense to both of them.

# 6 – Listen to some music

Another great source of inspiration is music. It seems to have some kind of effect on us, one that can connect us to some forgotten parts of our minds and wake up our imagination.

So you certainly should try to listen to some music while you are looking for some inspiration. The genre will vary according to your taste, of course, because listening to a song that you don’t like can’t be helpful to anybody.

But if you are more flexible, one idea is trying to listen to songs that your client’s target audience would rather choose. It will help you to connect with them and make the most of it.

# 7 – Go doodling

Nothing better than an absent mind to come up with some creative ideas. And one of the best ways to trigger it by doodling away.

Grab a piece of paper and a pencil or a pen, and start scribbling or drawing. All those random (or not so random) lines and shapes are believed to have the cognitive power to grab our attention and help us to focus better – no wonder way some people do it while they are trying to deal with a boring meeting.

It will also be the starting point where you will connect your ideas to a visual representation. That is to say that you might find yourself drawing your logo right there.

# 8 – Try some mind mapping

But, if you are the kind of person who needs to organize your ideas before doing anything, you should try some mind mapping.

It can unleash your brain and set your creativity free in a much more organized way compared to doodling. The principle is also to create visual representations, but here they should be directly connected to what you are thinking and intentionally created all the time.

This way you might end up putting together the elements that you need so to create a perfect logo for your client.

In Conclusion

Don’t panic if you lose your inspiration. There are many ways to bring it back to you, such as those eight sources that we listed above. And getting stressed certainly won’t help you in any way, just make things worse.

And if nothing helps, just stop what you are doing for a while and go for a walk. Sometimes we need to turn off our brains for a couple of hours so it can restart refreshed and ready for new ideas.

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