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The 10 Best News Apps for Your Android Device

The internet has completely reshaped how we stay updated on all the happenings around the world. We have technological advancements to thank for that as everything is just a single tap away. But, despite that, keeping track of reliable news isn’t as easy as one might think. Several websites provide news where the source isn’t reliable enough, and this is how fake news spreads around. It is one of the primary reasons why people are inclining towards news apps to stay updated. But you must stay connected with Best News Apps which stay updated with breaking news.

Companies have recognized the importance of these apps and incorporated Android app company to build such high-performance apps. These apps have all kinds of news under one roof. You want to make sure you don’t miss out on important updates as well as stories that are related to your interests; these news apps are designed to fulfill their purpose by doing so. Listed below are the top 10 Android news apps to help you stay in the loop on everything.

1. Google News

Google News

Google News is the most popular app for delivering reliable news. AI techniques that help gather real-time news from trustworthy sources that would suit your expertise and interests as well. You can also give a thumbs up or thumbs down on stories that you like or dislike; this will allow Google news to update you with relevant stories the next time you open up the app. It also highlights relevant tweets, posts, videos, and a timeline of all the events that unfolded leading up to the story.

2. Microsoft News

Microsoft News

Microsoft News offers in-depth news stories from all around the world categorized by country. Because of its minimalistic UI, Microsoft News provides a personalized news feed, which makes it easier for a user to navigate. You can even save articles you want to read for later as well. With news editions from 20 or more countries, the app will curate the most interesting and trending news by partnering with trustworthy news providers.

3. BBC News

BBC News

BBC News has been one of the most popular news broadcasting companies because of its unbiased and non-opinionated news pieces. You have the freedom to change the news feed layout anytime you want, and the app categorizes every piece of news for your convenience. You even have the chance to live stream the news in the app itself while you’re on the go. The best thing about this app is that you have full control over the data that is shared by the app, which isn’t very common with apps found on the Android platform.

4. Smart News

Smart News

Smart News app is designed to analyze thousands of articles simultaneously and categorize them topic-wise for the user. It’s a platform that gathers organizes content from more than 300 publishers globally. Through their user-friendly interface, you can also select an interval time at which you’d want to receive headline stories. This app enables offline news reading as well, which isn’t the case with other news apps.

5. Feedly


Feedly collects and organizes all reliable sources onto a single platform. Content from sources such as bloggers, publications, newspapers, research projects, Twitter feeds, and YouTube, is easily accessible under one roof. This app lets you create your very own newsfeed with your favorite sources from the 40 million sources it has partnered with.

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6. Reddit


Reddit combines news sources, social media, and communication platforms to create an interactive, user-friendly experience for the readers. Just like the website, the content that trends on the Reddit app is entirely based on factors such as popularity, engagement, sensitivity, controversy, and more. You can subscribe to a subreddit and post, engage, or discuss content with other subscribers. The variety of content you’ll find on Reddit is incredible.

7. Flipboard


Flipboard is the best news app in terms of aesthetics and style. This app features a unique magazine-style layout. The UI of the app makes navigation very easy for the user. You can create your own ‘magazine’ and add news articles to it. It allows the app to customize the news feed according to your interests.

8. Scribd


Scribd is quite popular for being a vast digital library. It offers users access to various magazines, eBooks, audiobooks, comics, and more. This app delivers top-class news articles from several magazines, which feeds the reader’s interest.

9. Inshorts


Inshorts should be your go-to app for when you have no time to read a whole article. This app fetches the latest updates and news stories from multiple sources and summarizes it into 60 words or less, in English and Hindi. These 60 words summaries contain only facts and zero opinions. It is one of the top platforms to keep you updated with the latest information in an instant.

10. AP News

AP News

AP News app is fast, efficient, and ad-free. It offers a whole platform of interesting topics that many journalists work on. You can always rely on AP News for real-time coverage in multiple languages.

Final Words

With the right apps on your phone, you’re only a single tap away from catching up with everything that is going around the world.

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