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Social Media Aggregator: What is It & Its Uses for Marketing Benefits

Social media platforms offer a plethora of opportunities for marketers to interact, engage, and attract new audiences. Social media has become a daily life platform for information about daily news, updates, getting in touch with friends, reviewing products, etc. It offers dynamic creative content generated by the users.

The platforms have a versatile audience niche for any brands to leverage the benefits of getting potential customers. Moreover, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are offering features/services to generate leads for your business. As a marketer, we know the importance of content creation that engages the audience, boost trust, and builds relationships. Also check violet summers to understand the concept.

Businesses are investing huge money to generate content that attracts users towards their services. However, marketing strategies have changed from creating branded content to utilizing user-generated content (UGC). As people are more likely to trust other consumer reviews or feedbacks before making any purchase decision.

UGC helps in creating brand awareness, influencing users, and building trust around your brand. Thus, for any brand, it’s important to find means by which they can gather authentic UGC from various social media platforms. And here, comes the role of social media aggregator tools.

In this blog, we will understand how you can leverage UGC for your marketing strategies.

What is Social Media Aggregator?

Just as the name suggests, it’s a tool by which you can collect, curate, and display user-generated content from various social media platforms. Later, you can display the created social feeds on various marketing touchpoints like events, websites, digital signages, concerts, conferences, etc.

The social media aggregator tool offers you to moderate the content to display UGC which helps in building trust, brand awareness, boost user engagement, and increase conversions. It aggregates content with the help of hashtags, keywords, locations, mentions, etc.from social media platforms.

You can repurpose the generated social media feeds according to your marketing requirements. The tools offer you to customize, personalize, and moderate the content to get the best results out of your marketing efforts.

Different Marketing Benefits of Social Media Aggregator Tools

  1. Embed Social Media Feeds on Website

Displaying user-generated content on your website boosts user engagement, enhance presentability with attractive visual content, boost users’ trust, and brings value to your business. Website visitors search for authentic content when they land to your website pages, they look for testimonials, reviews, or real-life experiences shared by your users.

When you display user-generated content on your website, visitors trust more on your brand presence and adds credibility to the quality of the services you provide. Moreover, social media feeds increases dwell time on your website and bring social media traffic to your website. It also indirectly creates a positive impact on your SERP ranking.

  1. Display Social Media Feeds in Events, Concerts, and Conferences

To engage large audiences at any event the perfect solution is to run a live hashtag campaign on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter and then display the feeds on the event screens. This will boost audience engagement and build brand awareness among the gathered users. You can also run a campaign before the event to engage more audience at your event.

Moreover, the second benefit of running a hashtag campaign in a live event is that, once your event gets over, you can aggregate these feeds and display them on your website or on social media platforms to brag about the success of your event. Running hashtag campaigns before and during the live events or concert boost engagement by 3x times.

  1. Display On Digital Signages

In-store screens are the best examples of digital signage. We all have visited the big malls or stores of our favorite brands and have encountered these big screens right in front of our eyes. But have as a brand have you ever wondered how best you can use these big screens as a to promote your products or services.

Displaying your users’ stories on screens creates brand trust and boost sales at your stores. This adds to the reliability that your consumers love your products. Showing social media feeds to your customers influences them to make a purchase at your store.

Digital signages are also used to create brand awareness and promote your new products or services. Thus, using them to display your UGC is an effective way to engage more customers.

  1. Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media feeds can be used to create ad campaigns that display users’ stories. You can repurpose the aggregated UGC to create multiple marketing campaigns to boost engagement, build trust, and spread awareness around your brand. It’s a fact that social media campaigns with UGC-centric ad copies notice a higher engagement rate and generate more leads.

  1. Use UGC for E-commerce

The users always wonder how the product will look in real life, will it solve the purpose they are buying for. Social media aggregators tools help you to aggregate the UGC which features your product and then allows you to repurpose them for e-commerce marketing.

The tools come with additional features like tagging your product in the image, add a description, price, discount, etc. and then display them on a website or on your social media pages. You can easily turn social media feeds into shoppable UGC by adding landing pages, customer reviews, etc.


From the above discussion, it’s very much clear that social media aggregators are useful tools in today’s competitive market. Displaying UGC is the only way to build trust around your business as people don’t trust branded content. Thus, it becomes important to change marketing strategies and opt for UGC marketing to get the maximum potential of marketing campaigns. Investing in social media aggregator tools is a smart investment to create an effective marketing strategy.

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