Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Reviews

Check for Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Reviews

Samsung phones for the last few months they made Samsung Galaxy S21 5G and Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G. Here we are sharing Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Reviews. I think the phone is ridiculous for its value but was given a mediocre build so the most expensive ultra can shine today we’re reviewing.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Reviews

Here below are the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Reviews to find the best compatibility usage for yourself or others.

Physical overview:

let’s start with a design Samsung releases four color options for this phone and I thought that the phantom black was the best looking it isn’t super dark but professional looking while maintaining the teenage vibe to it let’s start with the elephant in the room.

It has a plastic back like google pixel 5 .it isn’t the most premium feel but if you’re someone who drops the phone all the time you will appreciate the plastic build more than the glass .on one side you will have the power and volume button on the top you will have the microphone.

You have nothing on the other side and sim card 3 charging port microphone and speakers at the bottom. The front glass is protected by the latest gorilla glass victus and the back house is that stop light looking camera module all in all it isn’t the most premium feel.


What new in performance this phone is using two types of processors depending on your region us and china get the snapdragon 888 while the rest of the world gets  2.9GHz Exynos 2100. Our review unit is using snapdragon 888 with 8 GB of ram if I will describe my experience with this phone its overkill.

Samsung Galaxy S21 performance

I can play heavy gaming like mobile legends call of duty and GTA with high to ultra-settings and light gaming such as subway surfer and temple run is blazing fast I have no issue opening apps streaming services and using it for phone calls text and camera use

It has a generous 128GB to 256GB of storage that is perfect for 4k and 8k camera recording. It also has the fast ufs 3.1 storage for faster read and writes this is simply one of the fastest phones in the price range.


This year next is the screen the screen is a large 6.2-inch dynamic AMOLED 2x with 120hz refresh rate and hdr 10 plus compliant the colors are punchy saturated and have deep blacks you don’t have screen bleeding on the side and it’s just a joy to watch videos and play games.

On this phone, the screen is super responsive to touches and you will enjoy this phone in gaming. It has a tall 20 by 9 aspect ratio and that aspect ratio is good for reading multi-window and full-screen videos.

It also has 1300 nits of max brightness that is just super bright for outdoors you will see everything on the screen in direct sunlight although Samsung downgraded a display from galaxy s20 to s21 with the company switching to a low-resolution full HD screen from a quad HD of last year’s s20 still a great screen and no complaints about it.

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The battery life of this phone is solid. It has a 4000mAH lithium-ion battery that will last you a full day of use. I was able to play three hours of solid gaming one Netflix movie 2 hours of music another hour for social media and occasional use for calls text and camera use and still have more or less 20 at the end of the day.

The battery can easily last you two days of moderate usage. This phone supports fast-charging up to 25 watts but sadly didn’t come with a charger hopefully you have a spare charger from your old phone with 25 watts. I was able to charge the phone from zero to 50 in 30 minutes it supports wireless charging and reverses wireless charging and saving.


The camera is a triple camera setup of 12-megapixel main 64-megapixel telephoto and 12 megapixels ultra-wide. The galaxy s21 camera hardware hasn’t changed from last year’s s20 and also the camera software experience this phone produces excellent punchy and saturated photos it is also good in managing flair.

Samsung Galaxy S21 camera

Lighting up the shadows you will love the photos that are coming out of this phone especially the portrait shots Samsung has perfected that edited look some people might not like it but most of us do I’m currently doing a lot of camera comparison tests between this phone and other phones. It can record 8k at fps 4k at 60 fps and 1080 at 240 fps with gyro eis or electronic image stabilization videos are excellent but shaky on super active condition

Sound quality:

The sound quality is great it’s a typical downward-facing stereo speaker from Samsung. It is stereo quality loud rich and has great bass you will enjoy it.

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SO Conclusion:

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is an awesome phone with a 2.9GHz Exynos 2100 octa-core processor chipset. It is escapable as other flagships of this year it is a solid gaming phone and everyday productivity and entertainment companion. It is a cutting-edge phone while cutting some corners in its plastic bag design low-resolution screen.

No charger package but because of these cuts they were able to deliver a snapdragon 888 fantastic camera and all the bells and whistles you will see on the flagship phone for an affordable price I will not recommend this if you’re already using the Samsung s20 stay with your phone and wait for next year but I will recommend this to anyone who uses the older Samsung phones or wanted to try Samsung’s 2021 flagship that’s more affordable.

It is as capable as any flagship phones today if you’re putting a case like mine plastic back won’t even matter and the battery of this phone is somehow benefiting from the low-resolution screen because it doesn’t need to power too many pixels Samsung s21 might have received mediocre build quality and low-resolution screen but it is an excellent ridiculous and affordable phone.

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