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How to Accept Recurring Payments in WordPress? Best 4 Methods

It’s a common knowledge that WordPress has gained a wider fan-base among commercial sites. Commercial sites and virtual enterprises all over the world are using the platform for their varied activities. The existence of different WordPress template customization options has further facilitated the same.

The common usage of WordPress CMS is to create various portals and sites needing recurring payments month after month. After a while tracking and keeping all the analogues becomes a bit hectic and tiresome.

How about I tell you that your content management site covers it as well?

Yes, you guessed it right, seek a little help from our side, and hire a WordPress developer for initiation and simple site or portal is good to go.

Anyone who works in this field understands the ease that comes with recurring payments. Recurring billings make it easy to remind customers as well as the owners regarding the payments due date. You can further set this limit, extend it, modify or just update the payment credentials. Though this may sound like a great undertaking, WordPress makes it as easy as possible.

Let’s take a quick glance over what these WordPress template customizationsoptions could do to your good old recurring billing method.

  • Enable the automation of the entire billing procedure at one go. You don’t have to create separate excel formats for everything.
  • Invoicing becomes easy and less burdensome. Feed the necessary information and the add-ons would fetch data accordingly.
  • Allows regular cash flows with minimal errors thus reducing the delay and complexities.
  • Easier for customers too, as they work as a reminder and payment methods both.


Add the recurring billings can be done using different methods. Although these methods are quite easy and can be utilized by the site owner too. I’d suggest to hire a WordPress developer to secure the procedure all over again. Payment methods and verifications require encryption and full-on privacy, hence only a professional with in-depth knowledge of the platform would be able to set things straight.

Here are the four prime methods using which you can add the feature with assistance from your professional friend:

WP Simple Say Via Stripe Payment Method

If wider eCommerce functions are not your thing and requirement, this is perhaps the easiest option for you. Stripe, a well-known payment dominion goes suitably with WP Simple Say allowing “simple” means of payment. The payment gateway when combined with the streamlined interface of WP Simple Say makes it quite easy for the user to avail payment options. This is the best way for small scale users or even the bigger ones to put their payment procedure in an automated zone.

Woo Commerce Plugin

Nothing beats a premium WordPress plugin for any function. Woo Commerce is a fully functioning commercial plugin allowing different commerce stores to have a multi-branched yet leveled up payment method. From invoicing to generating automated texts, the plugins cover it all. All the user needs to do is subscribe to the free core Woo Commerce software and then enable the plugin option.

Paypal for WordPress

 WordPress Paypal is another easy method to work quickly with the simplified payment procedure. The interface is very easy and wok as good as a regular PayPal interface but with direct relation to your commercial site. You just need to have the app and fill in all the major details using email encryption. It is advised to use your business mail for such subscription.

Given below is the example of short-code for allowing this method to access your payment procedure options:

[wp_paypal button=”subscribe” name=”My product” amount=”1.00″ recurrence=”1″ period=”M” src=”1″]

Full eCommerce WordPress Add-on

Such add-on unlike Woo Commerce have more intricate and broader gateways, interface and functionality. Using this particular add-on facility you can also sell products and create short codes leading to their recurring payments.

It’s also comparatively more lightweight and streamlined in terms of handling and processing. Use it first on the free basis and once it expires buy the extended pass to avail the service in the long run. Although it does comes with one shortcoming. The options here focus more on digital products instead of the overall Woo Commerce extension.


Micromanaging your payments and having recurring billing methods to smooth the process out can be very beneficial to the site owners. Try and get in touch with the technicalities involved in the process as soon as you can and make the best usage of the ease it provides. And, in case you have a tough time dealing with everything, visit your trusted professional help as soon as you can.

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